Got a phone call a few minutes ago.

Husband: Brother Gbenga, my wife and I have worked as a unit for the past 10 years.

I took care of my responsibilities as the head of the Home and made sure she and the children were well taken care of.

In January, her younger brother and his wife were relocating to Canada 

My wife supported them with five million Naira

I didn't even know she had that much money saved

I am happy she was able to support her family that way, and I felt very proud of her

Two days ago, my younger brother told me he and his wife had gotten their visas and would be moving to the UK.

I shared this good news with my wife and told her I would be paying for the ticket for their flight to the UK.

My wife turned red immediately.

She said I had not thought of sending her abroad for vacation, but I am sponsoring two people's tickets. She began to cry and even called me an ingrate for not appreciating all the things she does in the house to give me a conducive environment in which I have thrived and had peace.

She said other women disturb their husbands, but she had left me to do the barest minimum in the hope that I would be grateful to her.

Everything she said was shocking to me because the barest minimum she claimed I was doing included employing a chef, a driver, and a housemaid for her so that she could work in her architectural studio, which I built for her at the back of the house.

I foot all the bills for the house, including staff salaries and feeding, I pay the children's school fees, and I support her career by paying for all her professional courses both in Nigeria and abroad, including sponsoring her trips which she is now separating from "vacation."

I am really hurt by the things she said to me and her stance on helping my own younger brother, which really makes me feel she is very selfish and mean.

I am at work now, and I don't even feel like going home. I cannot believe the sum total of my worth to this woman is to serve her and turn my back on my own kin."


I  started laughing as soon as he was done


What do you think he should do?