Disguised Blessing

Disguised Blessing

Disguised Blessing


Her husband was 12 years older than her

She studied English

He was a military man, an air force captain

They met at a traditional festival in their village

He was one of the prominent youths at the time as well as an eligible bachelor

Most parents encourage their children to marry from “Home”

They believe it will help the tribe as well as the marriage if the couple share the same values

Her husband noticed her reading a novel amidst the bustle and hustle of the festival

She was an avid reader

Whenever she was engrossed in a book, especially a novel

She loses all sense of time and space

He tapped her on the shoulder

He: I have been trying to catch your attention for a while, I envy the novel

She didn’t know what to say

She came to the festival because of him

Her mother had told her to make sure she "catch' his eye

She knew she would have to do something different to achieve her aim

The other girls were also ogling him

So she brought out her novel and ignored him

It always worked

Men who are used to being fawned over hated to be ignored

She liked him immediately

He was mature and spoke eloquently

He was also quite wealthy

They were married a year later

Things were extremely rosy from day one

She was his baby and whatever she wanted was law

They had two children

A daughter and a son

The children had their primary education at home

But the other rich military wives around her were taking their children abroad for high school and tertiary education

She flocked with them

She bought a house abroad and relocated with her children

She was gone for almost a year

In that time her husband strayed

Though he was a military man and most of them sleep around

Her husband was always a one woman’s man

But her absence opened the door for a desperate woman

She had to return home and plug the leak

This put her in a difficult spot

Her children were still too young to be left alone with a governess abroad

And she wouldn’t dare leave her home unguarded again

She decided to place the children in boarding schools abroad

She traveled to see the children whenever they were on holidays

They did well in school and made her proud

They graduated, got employed and both of them refused to get married

Every time she spoke with them she would remind them she was aging and so was their father

What was the problem?

Why were they not getting married?

At first they told her to relax, the right spouses will come…

The spouses never came

Whenever she got invited to a friend’s child’s wedding

Or she saw a friend’s grandchild

Her heart would break

Majority of their military friends who sent their children abroad didn’t regret it

She did!

Her children had become totally western in their thinking

They consider her cry for them to get married “Meddling”

And they complain she was ‘hounding’ them

Her husband didn’t think she handled it well either

But it was her innate desire to see them settled down and give her grandchildren

None of them yielded

The year she clocked 51

Her daughter got pregnant

The call came in after midnight

“Mummy, I am sorry but I am a bit confused right now”

She listened intently

The young man who got her daughter pregnant didn’t want a baby, they were planning to abort!

She told her daughter to hold on

She was airborne the following day

She insisted they should give her the baby

She would take responsibility for the child

Her daughter agreed, the young man walked away

Few months later she returned home with the baby

All hope was not lost!

She didn’t make the same mistake with the baby

She nurtured and raised him at home

They travel often to see his mother but she trained him herself

Everybody at home assumed he was her last child

The child had the advantage of her previous lapse of judgment

She sent him to the best schools and encouraged him to have good family values

On her 75th birthday

Her grandson got married to a godly girl who made him happy

A year later, his wife delivered a set of twins,

One boy and one girl

Though she was 76 and her husband was 88

It was the happiest day of their lives

They named the children Karissa and Dunamis

Her husband died two years later at the age of 90

She was happy he lived to see their grandchildren!


PS: This story was sent in by the official oldest fan of www.gbengawemimo.com website and mobile app

I pray for her that her joy will be full even over her unmarried children

I also pray that her story will help us all in our decision making as parents