Beauty is overrated

The Asian Vine snake is a beauty to behold

Its venom would cause death to shudder

Poison could be packaged in a beautiful bottle

And unrefined gold might look unbecoming

Beauty is a trophy

Something to draw the attention of the crowd

Something to make a statement with

Something to boast about

He was determined to have one of those

A beautiful woman

All to himself

His strategy was very simple

He would go to the village, find the most beautiful young lady

Pay her bride price and bring her to the city

She would be his exclusive property

Unlike all these loose city girls

He would have his own Helen of Troy

The queen of his world

The mother of his children

He had studied and traveled and worked so hard

He had denied himself for so long

He needed to make a statement to the world

That when you work really hard and make money

Beauty of all types would be at your beck and call

You would be celebrated and feted by all and sundry

Ladies would come naked into your office, begging you to own them

What car wouldn’t you drive at will?

What luxury wouldn’t you command?

Money answers all questions!

He went to his village that December for the first time in twenty years

Only a handful of people knew of his impending arrival

He had built a palatial mansion with the assistance of his uncle

He had deployed his resources to command attention at every level

The day he arrived at the village

The local government chairman, the local king and his entire council came to visit

Money was extremely persuasive

He found the beautiful lady he dreamt of just the way he knew he would!

He sat at his luxurious sitting room watching cable news when he saw her in the CCTV system

She came with her father and his uncle

She was 25 years old


He liked what he saw!

The girl said all the right things

She was also a virgin

He was satisfied!

Six months later he married her

He practically fed about eight villages

They moved back to the city

She was a full housewife

He got her finishing school coaches

They taught her the ethics of royalty

She had diction training and leant how to host the high and the mighty

They had three girls

All the girls looked just like her

Beauty indeed begets beauty!

They travelled to the village every December

To keep in touch with their roots

They usually stay for a maximum of two weeks

On one of such trips, his meeting with some elders ended faster than he anticipated

He decided to pay his Uncle a visit

He got to his uncle’s house

Saw his wife’s car

His Uncle’s wife came to welcome him

He asked her where his uncle was

The wife laughed and led him to his uncle’s bedroom door

“Open”, she whispered as she snuck away

He opened and saw his wife

Straddling his uncle, riding a see saw

His wife looked back, their eyes met, He fainted!

He woke up in the hospital in Lagos

He had been in a coma for seven days

He fell awkwardly and injured his head badly

The hospital closest to their village rejected him

He was taken to the nearest city

His company organized the helicopter that flew him to the capital

He had been on a machine for four days

They were planning to fly him abroad

His wife had been beside him throughout

One look at her and his memory was refreshed

She saw the look in his eyes and walked out of the hospital

One of the nurses had compassion on him

She saw that he was all alone but for a few visitors from his office!

None of his family members came

Not one!

His uncle’s wife came one morning

She explained that just before he returned to the country

His uncle was about to take a second wife because she (Uncle’s wife) had not borne any children for him in their 24 years of marriage

His uncle had come into some money which he gleaned from the contractors working on the luxurious mansion his uncle was supervising for him at the time.

When he arrived home and announced his intention to marry, his wife, who was by far the most beautiful woman in the village and the surrounding communities begged his uncle to take her to him. If he agreed to marry her, she would always be faithful to him (his uncle) and share his bed as often as possible and give birth to only his children. They swore an oath to that effect

The three children they have were his uncle’s children. He was the only one she slept with without using contraceptives

If they did DNA test, it would most likely match because they are relatives but she was sure those three girls are his uncle’s children

After the woman left, he felt sore all over!

How could people be this callous?

A month later he was discharged!

His wife and children were nowhere to be found!

The domestic staff were still on duty and his luxurious mansion and money were all intact. The only fund his wife had access to was the money in her own bank account!

He tried very hard to function but it was difficult

Pain and misery were his bed and blanket!

He couldn’t stop crying!

The nurse from the hospital came visiting the following Saturday! Even though he tried hard to mask it, she saw through his pain. She encouraged him to dress up and accompanied him to the park

The talked and talked some more

That night, she slept in the guest room and watched over him till the next day

He offered her a job, to be his private nurse at any amount she wanted

She refused!

Yet she said she stayed

She went to work from his house because he was always on her mind and she wouldn’t want it to be seen as taking advantage of him in his vulnerable state

He needed her company badly.

He healed.

It took him six months but he got back on his feet!

The nurse returned home

Everything was fine but for one thing

There was still a hollow in his heart! An emptiness!!

He called the nurse one Saturday

She was way off his specifications…

She wasn’t ugly, far from it but she was not the trophy type

She was two years shy of 40 (four years older than his ex-wife)

Yet without her, the light of his life went dim!

He proposed to her!

She said yes!

He married her a year later



PS: They have two boys

His Uncle, his former wife and three children relocated to Australia

He had not seen them since the event occurred in 2014