Everything she heard about the antics of Mother-In-laws scared her to the narrow

Her father’s mother especially was a wicked woman

Whenever her paternal grandmother wanted to manipulate her father

She would begin to antagonize her daughter-in-law

“My own son, my son, my own son whom I carried in my womb had stopped caring for me! Ever since he brought home that strange girl from the gutter! Ha!! My own son had been tied to his wife’s wrapper, Chei!”

She grew up watching the drama often

If her mother cooked her grandmother some food, her mother must taste it first and sit beside her grandmother while she ate. If her mother refused to give her food, her grandmother would scream to high heavens that she was being starved to death!

There was nothing her mother could do that would ever please her grandmother!

Often times her mother would cry herself to sleep! Her father knew all the tricks and would tell her mother not to pay attention to the antics of her grandmother, but it was difficult! The woman would keep talking and talking to anybody and everybody about her heartless daughter-in-law without any shred of evidence!

Her mother tried very hard to explain to her that it was because her grandmother was an illiterate who was used to the old ways of doing things.

“By the time you marry, your mother-in-law would most likely be educated, independently wealthy and secure in the love of her family. Don’t assume this is how all mother-in-laws are! Do you think I would be behaving like this with your older brother’s wife?”

Her father’s siblings were equally rubbish!

When they come to their house, they expect her mother to step aside and be an onlooker in her own husband’s house. Her Father’s younger brothers and sisters (Some of them even younger than her mother in age) would sit down and be waiting on her mother to serve their food, clear the plates, run their baths, wash their dirty clothes and so on

Her mother was a though woman and they were determined to break her!

The other wives in the family gladly did all they demanded and more but not her mother! Her mother was well educated and enlightened.

They believed her mother to be the worst wife in the world!

Eventually her father moved from their rented apartment to his own house without telling anybody his new address

His family members were forced to see him at his office or whenever he went to the family house to see his parents

This brought some sanity to their house!

Many people rumored that her mother had cooked “spiced vegetable soup” (Used charm) for her father and she now has the remote control to his brain!

She watched all these with great interest.

As she grew, she used to pray fervently that she would never fall in love with a man whose mother was still alive

It seemed to her as if that was the foundation of peace and stability in a marriage!

One day she mentioned her prayer to her mother! Her mother got alarmed. “Do you know the lady your brother would eventually marry might be praying the same prayer right now?”

“But Mum, you are not a wicked person”

“The girl wouldn’t know that, just as you don’t know what sort of person she will be yet” replied her mother

Her older brother got married!

Her mother changed!

Her mother was never satisfied with any of her older brother’s girlfriends when he started dating. One was too lazy, one had artificial nails which indicated her disinterest in house chores, one didn’t come and celebrate with her on her birthday, one slept too much, one was too short, another was too tall…

Her mother would talk to her brother, encourage her to let the ladies sleep over so that she can observe them critically.

One day she saw her mother peeping through the key hole of her older brother’s room while she he was having sex with his girlfriend.

Her mother claimed she wanted to be sure the girl can satisfy him in bed!

Eventually, her older brother got tired of her mother’s antics and married a lady he really loved!

He took the cue from his father and limited family members to the occasional visit, but her mother would drive to his house every morning at 6 AM and scream at his gate “So and So are you awake, or has your wife killed you yet!"

She wouldn’t leave until her brother shouted “Good morning ma” in response

Whenever her elder brother called her to report her mother and her antics, she often wondered what happened to her mother

How did a timid, godly woman turn out to be a wicked mother in law all of a sudden?

Her mother said her grandmother was an illiterate and unenlightened!

Her mother was both educated and enlightened, and yet?

Maybe it was a virus!

When she got married, she was resolved to keep a good home

Her mother-in-law was educated and very pleasant

She met her husband when she was in 300 level in the University, he was four years older than her and was a lecturer

Her husband was the third son of five sons!

Her mother-in-law didn’t have a daughter and regarded her daughters-in-law as her daughters.

She was a very friendly woman

While she was still courting her husband, her mother-in-law would invite her over to spend the weekend. They would go to the market together, visit the gym, spa and cook together. They talked about everything!

Her mother-in-law did the same with all her “daughters”. She would talk to them about their husbands, how they grew up, what they liked, what didn’t like, when they changed, their friends, their grades, their former girlfriends, career choices, everything

She was a god sent!

A month after her marriage!

Her mother-in-law told her about an association she joined when she was a young wife and how the association had helped her groom perfectly good and successful “boys” all by herself (Her husband died when her last child was 6 years old)

Her two older “daughters” had joined and their marriages were sweet and pleasant.

The association builds an edge around every family and protects such from all forms of evil!

It is a voluntary thing! But she would be very displeased if her son was not adequately protected the way she had protected him with the help of the association as a son

Which association was that?

Her mother-in-law smiled and told her it was the “Mother’s Association”

Her mother in law gave her a half piece of a kola nut. “At midnight tonight eat this and you will find yourself in our meeting”

If you don’t eat it, I will assume you have said no!

She was shocked!


Her mother in law and two older sister’s in law are witches!

The two young ladies her other sons were courting would also be witches

Her mother in law was a witch recruiter!

She knew immediately she was in serious trouble

Join the witches or become the number one target of the witches for knowing their secret!

She didn’t know who turn to. How would she tell her husband the truth about his mother?

The information changed everything!

When she got home, she thought about her options

She had been backed into a corner

Wasn’t there supposed to be a way of escape?

She was not a serious Christian that was why she and her mother-in-law and sisters in law all got along very well

Her mother in law couldn’t stand religious fanatism, her sons were brought up with that mindset! They don’t practice any religion!

She was born into a Christian family but she hadn’t been in a church since she graduated from high school

She decided it was time to go to church. Seek spiritual intervention!

The problem was, churches are a Sunday thing! That day was a Friday! She had only a few hours before she became a witch or the prey of witches!

She got into her car and started driving

She had no idea where she was going, she just drove!

She drove past many churches and other religious establishments

She drove into an estate

She drove on

She saw a young man in Jeans and T-shirt alighting from a car in front of a building!

She parked

There was something about him!

She alighted from her car and approached him

She: Good afternoon sir

He: Good afternoon, how may I help you?

She: Are you a pastor sir?

He: I am a Christian brother, and you are a witch!

She stood there transfixed!

She: No sir, I am not a witch

He: Yes you are, you are not a willing witch but you have been a witch for a while. Can we go into my office?

They went into his office

She told him her dilemma

He told her the Kola nut thing was for her final initiation but she had been a witch for a while. He saw the mark on her

He asked her if she would like to become a Christian. She said yes. He led her to Christ through her confession unto righteousness

She gave him the Kola nut.

He took a cup, poured some Ribena into it.

He anointed the kola nut with oil, lifted it up to the heavens and gave thanks! Then he did the most outlandish thing!

He started quoting 1 Corinthians 11:

23For I received from the Lord what I also passed on to you: that the Lord Jesus, on the night He was betrayed, took bread, 24and when He had given thanks, He broke it and said, “This is My body,which is for you; do this in remembrance of Me.”25In the same way, after supper He took the cup, saying, “This cup is the new covenant in My blood; do this, as often as you drink it, in remembrance of Me.”

He said “This kola nut has become the body of Christ, broken for you. It is your first communion with the Holy Spirit as a believer, take and eat it”

She did

Then he gave her the wine and said “This is a the new covenant in His blood, your new covenant with the Holy Spirit, take drink it”

She did

He laid hands on her

She started praying in the spirit!


She started laughing, the laughter was coming from deep within her, uncontrollable crazy laughter!

He laughed too

It was gloriously weird!

She left

When she got home, her mother in law and her sister’s in law were waiting

She had primed herself for a showdown

She parked and walked towards them anticipatorily!

As she knelt down to greet her mother in law, her mother in law staggered backwards, her sisters-in-law also staggered, they lost their footings and fell together in a heap

She started laughing all over

Uncontrollable laughter!

She was still laughing when they stood up

Her mother–in-law walked up to her: We are sorry, please forgive us. We didn’t know!

She: Would you guys want to become like me? If you remain in darkness, my light will consume you!

One of her sisters-in-law said yes!

She looked at the other one

She also said yes!

She led them to Christ while her mother-in-law looked on

She turned to her mother in law: There is still room in this Ark of salvation, Jesus loves you

Her mother-in-law: You are their mother now and their sister. Protect my sons and grandchildren. Make sure you get everyone under the protection.

She left

The next day she took her sisters-in-law to the brother in Jeans and T-Shirt’s office

They received the baptism of the Holy Spirit

Eternal life came alive in them!


PS: Her mother-In-law is still alive and well

Her two last sons are now married

Her mother-in-law insisted that she led them to Christ and fill them with the Holy Spirit before they can marry her son

She always leaves their surroundings whenever they are praying

They are still praying for her to make up her mind and accept Christ

This event occurred in Lagos Nigeria in 2016