Finding rest

Finding rest

A harmless dove
Wise like a serpent
Strength of a thousand eagles
The chaser of ten thousands with a 
Sheer display of synergy in motion
That's who I am

Before the kings and governors I stand
Mouth mutes in agreement
No shame, no worry, no fear
Heart opens as heaven weighs in
Mouth opens in line with instructions
Undenying and resolute amid persecutions.

Persecution molted his skin as the years
pass by
He gets bigger daily
He could read the signs of time
Momentum is on his side 
He relishes wearing the black crumbled 
gown with the white wig
He will slam the gavel with such ferocity 
on the desk
The wave of fear the sound waves would 
exert intoxicates him deriliously

They call themselves the chosen
Truly, they are the chosen
Chosen of the lamb
They will experience a part of the 
Mr. P dishing his judgment
Within a twinkle of an eye as the 
manual says
The lamb will show up in the sky
The saviour will arrive to gather his lover.

The fat lady hasn't even arrived
Surely, she won't be singing today
Hurry, there's still time!
To be associated with the saviour
Come unto me, all who labour and 
The Master will give you rest.


Triumphant entry

A colt and a donkey
On one he rode
To the famous city
A rain of praises to the eternal King.

The inanimate became alive
The stones and sands danced rhythmically 
To the tune of the hooves of the animals

The people shouted in awe of the King
Noises echoed aloud and resonated to 
inner chambers of the city where quietness 
laid still. 
A glorious day!
So beautiful, yet so close to his betrayal.

The tectonic shift has occurred
Our mode of worship changed
Davidic strings and harps
Voices lifted up to Abba Father
Numerous feet in dance and rhythms
Hands raised up with reckless abandon
Hearts in coinonia with the Spirit.

To our King, our Lord Jesus, we say thank you.