Finding The Path

Finding The Path

Finding THE PATH. PSALM 16.

I write to inspire. 
it appears an agelong desire. 
I write to fight 
Faith's good fight
Which I trust will 
Make all things right. 

I learn to write and write to learn to 
travel light. 

I write from the promptings 
Of the breath of the almighty. 

When he wants to make me able, I do 
not choose
Still I long and choose 
to be made able. 

Noon,  or night,  
He floods my heart with light.

My hands slack not. 
And write, I do like a zealot.

I write out my heart
Till I become light.

Light with praise
Lightened up by joy.
For thou shall show me the path of life. 

I long for your promptings 
To save me from me
I long for your still small voice to lift 
me up to the best of me.

My heart instructs me in the night seasons. 
For I pitched my tent with you for good reason. 
For You left not my soul in Sheol, Nor did you 
allow Your Holy One to see corruption.
But I opened my eyes to see clearly the 
Creator in creation. 

For thou shall show me! the path of life. 
The path teaching me to drop strife 
And drop them,  I do along the wayside.

Teaching me to declutter
And like a butterfly aiming only to flutter. 

Thou unfolds before me this footpath 
leading to your streams of love, 
These footprints leading to your river of life,
 calling me to wade in, urging me to dive in
Helping me to dunk in a baptism so 
refreshing as it is cleansing.

I write to show off.
To show off
Your design
Matchless before your grace, 
 the master of all show offs
I write to display your workmanship, 
in me, designed before I was formed
Your craftsmanship in divinity made 
to shape my story for your glory.

For Thou shall show me the path of life. 
And as I walk the path,
I write to prompt, and to point to the 
path of life.

Bukola Coker Samuel-Wemimo