Ramoth Gilead

Ramoth Gilead

I have received many phone calls from people claiming a prophecy or a spoken word triggered their bad lucks
i have written so many times about our gullibility when it comes to spiritual things
I write this emphatically to born again Christians
Do what the scripture says!
"Test all spirits!"
Don't take the prophecy of your G.O as law because he was the one speaking
The scripture did not say test all spirits but that of your G.O.!
It doesn't matter if the person speaking to you lives a holy life and is as Born again as Saint Paul
Whenever that individual invades your spiritual space to say a word to you
or speak into your reality dont be quick to believe and accept the person's word as law
Put that spirit to the test!
Sometimes the person delivering a message to you may not even know he was being moved to speak by the devil,
and you knowing that such a person is a man of God would just take the message line, hook and sinker to
your own detriment!
Wisdom is profitable to direct! PLEASE
The Bible recorded that Satan Moved David to conduct a censors
David did not have a clue Satan was moving him
He was a man of God!
A man after God's own heart
As we saw in the scripture over and over
The flesh moved him
Satan moved him
God also moved him
That didn't make David a false prophet!
Look at Peter
In one breath he was moved by God to declare Jesus as the Christ
The next minute he was rebuking Jesus for declaring his mission for mankind
Jesus turned and said to Peter, “Get behind me, Satan! You are a stumbling block to me;
you do not have in mind the concerns of God, but merely human concerns.” Matthew 16:23
Jesus was not labelling Peter, he recognized the spirit speaking through Peter at that moment!
He didn't let the word sink in
He rebuked it instantly!!!
There are lying spirits all over the world, they manifest themselves in many ways and through many people
Nobody is particularly exempted from their influence
Even the strongest prophet, pastor, G.O, brother, friend, relative and especially the social media
The world has become so emboldened by deceit and lies
The truth has been placed on the scaffold and lies have been enthroned
This era was boldly proclaimed the Post Truth Era
Objective truth has practically been murdered and buried by advocates of falsehood
Perception and ideologies have been championed as the way forward for the world and human reality
The very foundation of civilization is being eroded daily by people pushing various self serving agendas
As a believer, it will be naive to assume all these things are happening around us without a spiritual basis
Imagine the Judge Kavanaugh vs. Dr Ford Case in America
Imagine how due process was ignored all in a bid to push a political agenda
Look at elections being conducted all over the world
Smear campaigns and identity politics everywhere
Lies and lies and more lies being pushed to the public in the interest of one group or the other
That is one of the manifestations of the grip of the lying spirit in our world
It has a choke hold on the political, fashion/beauty industry, sports, entertainment, and so on
Its grip on the spiritual space is more obvious than ever
The more the influence of the lying spirit spreads, the more believers have to check every spirit!
1 John 4:1-3 told us what to do and how to do it
If the spirit is not in concert with the person and the nature of Christ, it is a false spirit!
Would the person of Christ and nature of Christ seek to pull anybody down spiritually?
Would the person and nature of Christ seek to curse rather than bless?
Would the person and nature of Christ see problems without an obvious solution?
A lady reached out to me
She was happily engaged and looking forward to getting married
She noticed in the course of her relationship that she had a very short temper
She also noticed that she had a propensity for violence towards her man
She was dealing with all this prayerfully when she got a phone call
her father called her to tell her some prophets came to their house
In the course of prayer, one of them said mentioned her name and prophesied that she has a spirit husband"
And that was that!
No solution was provided!
She was not given the option of fasting, praying or doing anything about it!
The funny thing was, up until when she heard the news
Her relationship was fine and so was her fiance's business
Barely a week after she heard the news her fiance's business collapsed totally
Her life was thrown in disarray
She started worrying about how to get rid of a problem beyond her capacity
So many demons are pushing to be born into our reality
They will lodge themselves as a suggestion or an idea in the mind of somebody
And they will seek to come to life by spoken words
If you allow somebody to birth negative words into your reality, it will become your problem!
Especially if such a person is a tongue talking Christian!
Why do you think Jesus refrains from speaking negative words
The word we speak are "spirit and life"
Pay attention to that utterance! Pay attention to that prophecy! PLEASE!!!
Some of us are so careless with our utterance
We received the Holy Spirit and forgot the instruction to bless and curse not
We curse so much sometimes that we curse even ourselves!
Christian! Moved so much by events and circumstances to say negative things to his own life
Oh! How my people perish indeed for lack of knowledge
We are not to be moved by sense feelings
We are not of a type of Job or a type of Judas
We are Christ personified!
in 1 Kings 22, we see a strange story
Two kings, Ahab and Jehoshaphat were planning to go to war
Jehoshaphat insisted on seeking the counsel of God through the prophets
Ahab provided the prophets
All the prophets said "Go to the war to reclaim Ramoth-gilead"
Jehoshaphat wasn't convinced, he asked Ahab if there was another prophet they could consult
Ahab mentioned a particular prophet
But with a caveat
This prophet does not see what others see!
His name was Micaiah!
They sent for the prophet, at first he said what the others said
because he had been subtly intimidated by the messenger on the way to the palace
The King insisted on the truth and he told the King he saw Israel scattered like a sheep without a shepherd
When the king protested against the prophecy
Micaiah explained why all the previous prophets spoke in one voice
A lying spirit was at work!
The spirit does not live in the court of heaven, it came just like the devil went to God in the case of job
The spirit came to the court of heaven and deployed a strategy with which to entice Ahab to go to war and die
Zedekiah the prophet slapped (Not the spirit of Christ) Maicaiah for giving a contrary prophecy
The King decided to tempt fate and go to war
Micaiah told him he would never return home alive
The King fell for the prophecy of the lying spirit
The King died as prophesied
Though he tested the spirit, he chose the one that led to his destruction due to ego
Don't be like King Ahab!

A well known Bishop who has a global ministry told the story of how he defied every opposition to start his ministry

According to him, his wife wasn't comfortable with the idea of him leaving his job and going into full time ministry

It felt to his wife like a recipe for suffering

His wife convinced him to speak with a highly respected Reverend Doctor for direction

The reverend doctor heard him and told him to come back in three days after which he would have sought the face of god and heard clearly from God

When he got to the Reverend Doctor on the third day, the verdict was simple!

"God didn't call you! If you go into ministry your wife and children will suffer"

He listened patiently and refused to argue 

He started his ministry the following week!

He knew what God told him and he didn't allow the word of a man of God to sway him from his convictions about his life and his future

No matter how anointed that man of God is or even how loving your parents are, when they speak to you regarding your life and future!

Test that spirit!

When my wife was pregnant with my daughter
A message came into my DM on twitter
A pastor or prophet I dont know from Adam
He started writing to me about many things
He wrote about gbengawemimo.com
He wrote about ministry
He wrote about life
His prophecies were all in line with what God had already told me
And then he wrote to me and said
"The Lord said you have somebody close to you who is pregnant, i see deformity!"
I promptly wrote back to him that "That is not the plan of God for the baby!
The baby can never be deformed, It is impossible!"
The moment I wrote that, the person stopped writing!
Guess what, my baby was a perfectly normal baby
I didn't lose a minute of sleep over the prophecy
Evil wanted to be birthed but not on my watch or through my spirit!
I didn't cancel it and fast and pray and plead!
No way!
It didn't even affect my day in any way!
My reality was such that thorns and thistles have no place in it
I am a type of Christ! The blessed of the Lord!
Nobody can curse me and I cannot curse anybody
I am an offspring of love, the word of God is my Father
I carry the DNA of Jesus! I am a blessing to the world
The days of Jesus are prolonged through me
When i show up, Jesus shows up!
He is in me and I am in Him! I am from above!
Always remember Ramoth Gilead and its implications
You are your own prophet!
Your own prophecy concerning your life is far more important than the prophecy of anybody to you!

Crown yourself King by the words of your mouth and see men bow as they come to recognize your crown!

- Gbenga Samuel-Wemimo 1/31/2019