Seeing The Lord

Seeing The Lord

I was teaching my PSSBC class 
one evening from the pneuma 
radio studio when the Lord Jesus 
walked in. I had seen him only 
three times before this particular day. 
The first time I saw him was
in a still manner, like a picture.
It was after I watched the 
testimony of a lady that shared 
how she got pregnant and things 
got complicated so badly that she 
should have died but she saw 
herself seated at the feet of 
Jesus and all the pus and sepsis 
dried up after that.

The second time was in a vision, 
I saw him walking down the 
street with some people. I knew it 
was him. I wanted to follow 
him or at least call his attention 
but I couldn't. I just stood there, 
mesmerized as he walked farther 
and farther away. I had always yearned 
for an encounter with Jesus.

I had questions, loads of them
and he is the only one positioned 
to answer them. I used to 
be like Thomas at a point 
in my faith journey. I can replicate 
what I see easily and therefore 
I depended on sight a lot for 
the things of faith. I would 
read accounts of wonders wrought 
by Benny Hinn, Kenneth Hagin, 
Andrew Wommack, Benson Idahosa, 
The Azuza Street revival, 
Charles Finney, EA Adeboye, 
Oyedepo and many others.

What I read, I'd imagine and 
then I'd attempt. It helped my 
faith a bit and brought some 
results but it was limiting because 
every time I come across a case 
I had never read about or 
seen before, I panic.

I know some of my readers 
have got it all together but our 
journeys are personal and distinct
We are all tailored by the Holy Spirit 
to grow into Christlikeness from 
wherever we were coming from before we 
met the Lord.

I also know that some of my 
older and more experienced siblings 
would point to the Holy Spirit as 
the sure guide in handling strange 
Like I said, I was growing at my pace 
and being reprogrammed step by step.
My fellowship with the Holy Spirit 
at this stage was still at
the speak in tongues, meditate, 
wait for "dreams" in the night or 
have a very strong conviction in 
my heart about what the Lord 
would have me do. I didn't 
know how to decode instructions 
by the moment at the time and 
I didn't know how to work with 
ministering spirits. I was quite 
oblivious of the fullness and the 
richness of the Kingdom of the Lord 
Jesus Christ which I had been 
brought into.

That evening, at about five minutes 
past 9 pm, I started having this 
eerie feeling as if the walls of 
the studio were moving. Even the 
chairs, tables and the computers
seemed off. Like everything including 
the rug and the floor were animated 
(Remember I was teaching online 
and I had students from all over 
the end on the zoom call)

The Lord walked in as if there 
was no door, it was not a vision 
and I was not in a trance
I fell flat on my face!
The Lord said "You're growing 
in the knowledge of the reality of men. 
Now you must learn the 
reality of my Spirit and walk 
in the fullness of my glory"
I didn't know for how long 
I was on my face
I kept remembering John 17, 
I mean it kept coming to mind 
like the flow of a river.
I didn't know when the Lord left, 
one minute I was on my face swimming 
In the glory of His presence, 
the next I was back 
in the studio. The tiles were cold 
and the walls were still.

I got on my seat and checked 
the time, it was 11:05 pm
My class was supposed to run 
from 10 to 11 pm. I sent a note 
to one of the pastors apologizing 
about the class and my inability 
to complete it. The pastor replied by 
saying "It was the best class ever. 
You taught us things we have 
never heard before. 
God bless you, sir"
I cried so much that night.
I can't explain why.

The next day I picked my Bible 
and read John 17 over and over again.
It dawned on me that Jesus might 
be the son of man before he 
was crucified but he commanded 
more than men (disciples). He met 
with Moses and Elijah at the 
Mount of Transfiguration. 
Angels ministered to 
him often and his words were 
spirit and life.

On the day of resurrection, the angels 
of Jesus were introduced to the 
disciples in the tomb. In Acts 2 the 
Holy Spirit was given to the church.
The church is not just a congregation 
of men. Hebrews 12 explained this 

That encounter changed my life forever. 
I stopped acting like a Shepherd or 
teacher of only men. 
The fullness of his glory is a realm 
that the Bible referred to as Mount Zion. 
When the Lord opens your eyes to its 
reality, you will see that 
being a Believer is much more than a 
religion or a do good mantra. 
It has nothing to do with sin 
consciousness or sin measurement.
How can you judge angels if 
you do not know or master 
how to lead or instruct them?
It is time for the citizens of Zion 
to come into the full realization of 
the glory that Jesus gave to us, 
His Church.


PS: I stopped writing supernatural 
experiences a while ago because 
I know how many of my new readers 
jump on threads and write just 
anything for the fun of it.
I do not appreciate flippant talks 
in my supernatural space.
If you have questions, 
Please reach out in my DM.
God bless you.