They connected as soon as they met

The older man in his late forties

The younger man in his late thirties

The older man was into road construction

He was also a believer

The “background” supporting type who preferred their deeds for the kingdom silenced

The younger man was also a believer

The evangelist with an impetus to loud everything relating to Christ

He was also a journalist

The older man was showing him the city

The younger man was visiting for the first time

They talked about churches and men of God and the strides the Kingdom is making

They talked about the ministry in general

The younger man asked the older man which church he attends

He mentioned the church


The founder of the church had gone to sleep but his impact on Christianity in Africa is unrivalled

He was the uncontested father of Pentecostalism in Africa

Inevitably they started talking about his feats

The Older man said, “My Father was suffering from a terrible headache several years ago

He was in his sitting room watching the TV

When he suddenly saw this great man of God on TV

The man of God was rebuking headaches

Instantly, my Father’s headache vanished!

My father screamed for joy

Who was this man who rebuked a headache from the television?

That was how my Father and the whole family became ardent followers and fans of this Man of God!

My Father told every member of his family about this man of God

It was his way of evangelizing

One of my uncles who had Chronic Kidney disease decided to tune the television in his hospital room to the station where the man of God was often aired

The man of God was aired about an hour after my uncle tuned in

The man of God preached

The man of God prayed

Suddenly the man of God started rebuking diseases

My uncle listened intently

As soon as the Man of God mentioned Chronic Kidney Disease

My uncle sat up from the bed and pronounced himself healed

Everybody thought it was a joke

It was not!

This happened in the early 80s

My uncle is still alive and well today!”


The older man said his entire family nuclear and extended became members of the man of God’s church afterwards

He said further that even though the man of God had slept in the Lord

The ministry he left behind had waxed stronger and stronger

Breaking new grounds and penetrating new nations

The younger man suddenly lifted up his hands and started blessing the name of the Lord

To have such a glorious testimony in the body of Christ was always a delight

The testimony encouraged him greatly

He had always prayed that If Jesus tarried, he would have carried his presence and channeled the blessings of his glory to many whose testimonies would endure just like the ones, he was listening to

He had a critical kingdom mission in the city

The older man took him to the venue

The mission took some time

It was done

The older man took him back to the airport

While waiting for his flight

A young lady called him

She was two months pregnant

She also had fibroid

The doctors told her the pregnancy had no chance

The fibroid was too big

Wasn’t he told in the morning that “A man of God” rebuked Chronic Kidney Disease from the TV?

“Lay your left hand on your womb”, he said, “I rebuke you fibroid! I command you to wither and melt this minute, DISAPPEAR!”

He told the lady to ask for another scan

She called him back in thirty minutes

The fibroid had dematerialized


The lady was dazed

The doctors were dazed

He was dazed

The lady called a friend

See what happened?

The friend collected his number

The friend had goiter

She had been scheduled for surgery

He told her to lay her left hand on the goiter

Say after me “Father, I bless your name and worship you, lord Jesus I give you glory, Holy Spirit I worship you, I come against this goiter in your name! Goiter, you have no right to grow in my body, dry up from the roots in Jesus name. Amen!”

He prayed for her afterwards and told her to watch as the goiter would flatten

It did

Two hours later she called

The goiter had vanished


“Glorious things are indeed spoken of Zion”


 Eventually, his flight was called

He boarded the plane

He saw three passengers seating in front of him

They were busy with their phones

The airline crew members were about to announce that every phone and electromic gadgets be switched off

He heard them talking

One said “Do you know gbengawemimo.com”

“I am reading stories on it now”, replied the other

“Which story?” One asked

“The Encounter” replied the other

“I also have the mobile app” One said

“Oh, so there is a mobile app?” asked the other

They started talking about the story

One said “I wish to know the Holy Spirit that intimately one day”

The other said “We will get there, let us persist in our fellowship with him”


He resisted the urge to talk to them

Tell them he knew the writer like the back of his own hands

The Captain welcomed them on board

“This was 11:17 pm

Flight from Port-Harcourt to Lagos

Blah blah blah”

The cabin crew got to their routine

He saw one of them, a well-known face

He called him

“Brother so and so…”

The brother took a second to remember his face

The brother came to him


They chatted for a bit

The Holy Spirit said “I am keeping a secret from him”


He knew the brother and his wife were eager to start a family

He was sure that was what God was referring to

Duty took the brother away

Later during the flight, the brother brought him a gift to give his children

He got home around 1 AM

The next morning, he called the brother and his wife to say thank you for the gift

The wife had just done the home test kit thing

She was pregnant

She couldn’t contain herself

She went to the Hospital

It got better

She had been pregnant for four months and one day

Even she was shocked

The Holy Spirit had kept a secret in her own body from her and her husband!


The doctors were screaming

How could you say you didn’t know you were pregnant?

You have gone way beyond your first trimester

Didn’t you vomit, spit, feel any discomfort?

She felt nothing

She was still praying daily for the fruit of the womb not knowing the word had become flesh in her womb

She called him

“Pastor, see what God did for me

I have been placed on bed rest

I think the doctor wanted to punish me for being up and about for three months without noticing I am pregnant”

He laughed

They prayed together

That was the first phone call he received in 2019

“Dunamis will be a season of pleasant surprises” said the Holy Spirit


PS: Testimonies birth more testimonies

This has been my experience in life and ministry

The moment I started testifying of God’s goodness

Either in my life or in the life of other people

The more testimonies flood my way

For you to walk in power this year

Perish worry, complaints and grumbling

If you think God hasn’t done much in your life

Tell others about what he is doing in other people’s lives

Share the testimonies on Gbengawemimo.com with friends and families

If you do this, the scripture in Isaiah 52:7 will be established in your life


“How lovely on the mountains
Are the feet of him who brings good news,
Who announces [a]peace

And brings good news of [b]happiness,
Who announces salvation,
And says to Zion, “Your God 


Spread the good news of Jesus and watch your life turn around

Welcome to the season of Dunamis, power for effective change!

Happy New year!!!

-Brother in Jeans and Tshirt