The Blend

The Blend

Practicing the healing ministry has 
a way of keeping you humble if you 
are honest and sincere.

When you know you have to minister to 
sick folks with real hurts and pains, 
and you know that nothing else will 
do it except the power of God, 
it gives this holy fear and sends you 
to the place of prayer because you 
become more aware of your total 
dependence on God.
This is the reason I counsel younger 
ministers to keep the ministry of 
healing as an integral part of their 
ministry just as Jesus commanded and 
just like the apostles did.
If you are sincere it will help keep 
you never forgetting or outgrowing 
your dependence on Him.
If you avoid ministering to the sick 
and confronting demons in your ministry, 
all you will have will be talks and 
shows void of power!
And that will mean, you aren't doing 
ministry the Bible way.
1 Corinthians 2:4-5
And my speech and my preaching was not 
with enticing words of man's wisdom, 
but in demonstration of the Spirit 
and of power: [5] That your faith should 
not stand in the wisdom of men, but 
in the power of God.
We don't go to the extreme of falsifying 
healing testimonies or stage-managing 
That's vile.
But we don't go to another extreme of 
shying away from ministering to the 
sick either, hoping to replace it with 
oratory, community works and bread and 
tea services.
It will neither do you nor the church 
any good.
Many people are sick and in pain and 
for many, medical science has given up 
on them.
They desire to be healed.
God desires to heal them.
We must desire to fulfil both desires.
Both God and the sick need us in this 
If you have been ministering to the sick 
and still haven't seen healings or 
miracles as you desire, don't give up on it.
Rather let it drive you more to prayer 
and the word.
Push for it.
Go for the real deal.
Stay on it until you have it.
Contend for the miraculous!
I'm doing same.
                                   - Sam Chiaka

Of Spousal Vibrations and energy compatibility

One area couples hardly check out before 
marriage is mental compatibility and 
I am talking about the thinking 
faculty of your spouse
As a man thinks in his heart so he is.
I have interviewed in the last
9 months 32 couples whose marriages 
didn't work out and asked a number of 
questions that we hardly ask in my 
sessions with them.
The shocking revelation was that there 
was one of them who consistently thought 
of divorce and feared a break up. 
What the other party did not know was 
that the vibrations of the one with a 
negative mindset about the marriage 
was stronger than the one who wanted 
it to work.
With that mentality, he attracted 
friends whose relationships broke down 
and saw movies about divorce. 
In fact many of them mentally rehearsed 
life without their spouses.

With that mindset the inevitable happened. 
While they even hurt about the divorce 
many of them just discovered for the 
first time ever the role their thought 
world played in their break up.
Guard your heart with all diligence 
readily comes to mind.
Search out the thought world of the 
person you want to get married to and 
consistently check out the fears of 
your spouse because what they 
consistently create in their inner world 
often comes to pass.
Imagine someone who consistently fears 
the death of his/her spouse and constantly 
imagine life as a widow or widower? 
That spouse is at risk
Who is in your life?
What energy are they vibrating into 
your life?
What reality are they creating
This has been my latest discovery in 
my work with couples and its amazing 
how powerful this is.
It's not enough to be spiritually or 
financially compatible you must examine 
the inner world of the person you are 
seeing because it determines how far your 
relationship goes.
- Praise Fowowe


There's a disease that attacks ministers 
especially young ministers called MOGism. 
This disease is very difficult to detect 
and can be very fatal if not discovered 
and treated early enough. 
I will outline some of the symptoms 
here to help early detection.

1. Cravings for titles.
Those who suffer from this disease 
forbid being called by their names 
or being called brother/sister. 
They always want to be addressed 
with titles. 
If you make the mistake, they don't mind 
immediately correcting you with their 
title even if you are family. 
He is less than 5 years in ministry but 
is already calling members 'my son', 
'my daughter'; people whom he has only 
known for 1 or 2 years!
In the chronic stage he'll begin to like 
big titles like Senior Apostle, 
Holy Prophet, etc and enjoys being 
called 'father in the Lord' yet he's 
the one being fathered by his members 
who stretch themselves just to satisfy 
his wants.

2. Impatience
Those suffering from this malady are 
always in a hurry to big pastors, 
to be recognized and to be in the limelight.

3. Forgetfulness and ungratefulness
Such forgets who taught them. He forgets 
how he was before he came. 
He forgets those who helped him when 
he needed help. Now he says 
"It's not a big deal. Besides, God 
could have used anyone."

4. Lack of Honour
A person who has this disease begins 
to feel "after all we're all ministers" 
just because he has memorized some 
scriptures and some Hebrew and Greek 
So he gives his contrary opinions 
against those who taught him and doesn't 
mind publicly pointing out their error 
He stops attending meetings that helped 
him grow because he now believes he 
has it. 
Speaks lightly of the grace of God on 
other Minister's lives and quickly 
ordains half-baked ministers so he 
can brag of how many pastors he can 
call 'my sons'. 
He wants the honour he finds hard 
to give to others.

5. Loss of Simplicity
He can no longer carry his Bible himself 
as he used to. He cannot walk alone, 
he must have protocol, protocol for things 
he can simply do himself. He now has a 
ministry manager who will book his meetings 
and has requirements before he can honour 
any invitation to minister, yet he is 
not really as busy as he wants everyone 
to believe he is. He just loves that air 
of dignified importance and superiority 
over the brethren. He believes he has 
to 'fake it to make it'.
In the chronic stages he might begin to 
do strange things to attract crowds and 
give false testimonies to excite the 
fancies of his audience. 
He wants fat honorarium and brags with 
his achievements.

6. Exerggeration
He begins to exaggerate stories and 
to wow the brethren and other stunts 
to make people believe what he wants 
them to. 
But when he begins to stage-manage 
miracles and tell lying prophecies, 
then you know the disease has reached 
its advanced stages.

7. Deafness to Corrections
Perhaps this is the worst of all the 
signs because this blocks all hope 
of a cure.
When I first started pastoring ten 
years ago, I remember what my pastor 
said in a teaching and it stuck to me. 
This is it:
'Don't become a big pastor overnight.'

Let me say same to someone today: 
Don't become a big pastor overnight; 
It's destructive.
Humble yourself, roll your sleeves 
and get to work.
Ministry is work.

If feel you might have contracted this 
disease, I pray for you now, receive 
your healing in Jesus name!

"For he shall be great IN THE SIGHT OF THE LORD....."
(Luke 1:15).


It doesn't matter what men say about you,
God's opinion of you is what really counts

Grace and Sin
"...And Jesus said unto her,Neither do 
I condemn thee: go,and sin no more."
(John 8:11)

Grace does not condemn sinners,and grace 
does not encourage sinning.
11 For the grace of God that brings 
salvation has appeared to all men,
12 TEACHING US THAT, denying ungodliness 
and worldly lusts, WE SHOULD LIVE SOBERLY,
RIGHTEOUSLY, AND GODLY, in this present world.
(Titus 2:11-12)
Jesus didnt say to the woman caught 
in adultery, "go and sin much more".

- Taiwo Akinyemi

You will never reach your destination if 
you stop and throw stones at every dog 
that barks. 
For every stone thrown two dogs respond 
to the cries of the first dog you stoned. 
Throwing stones VS laying the corner stone.

- Pete Cabrera Junior