The Drainer

The Drainer

She called him very early in 
the morning
She said she wanted to come 
and see him
He told her he was on leave
He needed to rest and spend some time 
with his family
His itinerary in the last one year 
had changed sharply
He had travelled a lot and had 
ministered the gospel in one form 
or the other everyday
He felt he should take some weeks off
Relax with the wife and children
Lounge and pray in the presence of 
the Father
Be thankful for the past year
Be thankful for all the testimonies
Prepare for the coming year starting
for him on the 27th of September with
Tehila Praise of the Night of Glory
and Supernatural conference on 1st 
He had seen great wonders since the 
Holy Spirit set him on a Wind of Glory 
which he had been riding for several years 
but gained a different level of grace and 
dimension of glory since October 2018
He felt it would be wise to rest so as 
not to burnout!
He heard the voice on the other end of 
the line
It was an okay voice
There was no desperation or emergency
He told her he didn't plan to be at 
the office
She said he should give her another time
He asked her if it was an emergency
She said it was a health issue!
Health Issues are always an emergency!
He had given a certain Christian brother
an appointment the previous day
The appointment couldn't hold because 
of timing
He remembered he told the brother they 
would have to reschedule
He considered it
Why not kill two birds with a stone
Meet with her around the time he had 
scheduled to meet with the brother
He told her to come by his office 
around 12 noon
He left his house by 11 AM
She came in around 1 PM
The receptionist announced her
She came in bearing a five-year-old boy
She got to the brass tacks
She said anytime she saw or met with a
pastor to discuss her challenge
The symptoms of the challenge would 
She said she didn't know why that 
always happened!
She said the challenge started when 
she had her five-year-old baby
She constantly felt heavy
She had a series of discharges which 
doctors diagnose as one thing or 
the other without resolving the issue
She had gone to several hospitals and 
used all sorts of medicines to no avail
The test results kept showing something 
or the other
She was never well and the doctors 
with the aid of their expensive 
equipment seemed unable to discover 
what was wrong with her
IN that same condition she had 
delivered a second baby
She had hoped whatever was wrong 
with her body
would be corrected afterwards
It wasn't!
This took a turn for the worse
She found out she was constantly 
losing weight
Regardless of how often she ate, 
how much she ate and what she ate
She was just growing thinner and 
It had become a source of concern 
for her and her family members
Her husband was especially troubled
It was as if she was fading away
She felt sick in her body
She felt very sick
Sometimes she doesn't want to get up
from her bed
She was just tired of life
She talked about the loss of 
The constant nagging thought of 
being a failure
"Why was it that nothing worked out 
for her"
She talked about the negative thoughts
She talked about her battle with 
She spilt the whole can of beans
She said she was a believer, a 
spirit-filled tongue talking believer!
There were other life issues
She discussed them as best as she could
He told her she would be healed
He told her it was a statement of fact
He told her keeping the healing was 
the key
Believers like her suffer unnecessarily!
Nobody who is inhabited by the Holy 
Spirit should also be a host to demons
But many believers filled with the 
Holy Spirit still, willingly host demons 
by their lack of knowledge or lack of the 
application of knowledge!
The word of God is key
Spending time in the Word daily brings 
light to your body
Any demon that has fastened itself to 
the body illegally must flee at the 
presence of the illumination of the Word!
Praying in the spirit is also key
Christians who don't believe in it do 
themselves a major disservice
The Holy Spirit makes our spirits glow
Just like Jesus prayed on the mount of
transfiguration and exuded light to 
such a degree
that the disciples fell on their 
faces at the sight!
Peter never recovered from the 
experience as he boldly wrote in 
reference to it later in his book!
That same light is in us
The Bible said Jesus is the light 
that lighted up all those who believed 
in him
The Holy Spirit is the catalyst through 
which that light continues to grow 
and glow
So a prayerless Christian or a believer who
does not pray in the Holy Spirit is going to
be missing the inner glow and can easily
accommodate sickness!
When Jesus said we should pray without
It wasn't a suggestion
When Jesus said "If you abide in me and 
my word abide in you"
It wasn't an option
We need both or we would be subject 
to the elements of this world
What makes a believer reign in life
Is the impartation of the supernatural
We didn't accept Christ so as not to 
go to hell
We accepted Christ so that we can prolong 
his days! Isaiah 53
We were supposed to exchange our mundane 
lives with his supernatural life
and live in supernatural realities
Why we have chosen not to do so was due to
Wrong teachings, wrong doctrines, laziness,
misinterpretation of the gospel by many 
church leaders and pastors, our own 
inability to read the Bible for ourselves 
and live it as simply as it was written
Allowing ourselves to be misled even 
though we know the truth 
Or just plain ignorance!
He explained what she has to do to her
He told her once the demon was gone from her 
She could keep it out by following 
his instructions or she could relapse 
and go back to her old
habits by ignoring his instructions
You cannot continue to wallow in negative
thoughts and expect to keep your healing
You cannot live a prayerless life 
and expect to keep your healing
You cannot refuse to feed your spirit 
with the
word and expect to keep your healing
In his experience, keeping the healing is
not automatic
He was healed divinely of holes in his
He was supposed to be dead in months
He still lives and enjoys his body
But he kept his healing by abiding 
in the word and prayers every day!
He was not teaching theories
He was teaching his reality!
She promised to read the scriptures 
and pray in the Holy Spirit at 
least 30 minutes every day!
She said "I have read many stories
of what God is doing, are the stories
He said "It is better experienced"
Then he took her to the prayer room
She made confessions after confessions
Every time he laid his hands on her
She would resist
She wanted to be healed but she 
didn't know how to receive the 
healing in her spirit
He coached her
Encouraged her
Admonished her
"Let this demon go, please, stand on 
your feet
don't say AMEN when I am praying for you
Just be silent!
Lift up your hands and be still!
It took her time to get it
At a point, he wanted to give up
He could sense that she felt ill at ease
She wanted the whole prayer thing to be
over and done with
Praying for someone who is not willing
to be prayed for is tough
People cooperate with demons without 
They feel the demons are part of them
The demons are very strong beguilers
Even in the place of prayer, they hide and 
Hoping to deceive everybody!
After about thirty minutes, they 
started the prayer again
He asked her, what are you feling
She said she felt a strong chill in 
her spine
He knew the demon(s) was still there
He told her to stand on her feet
"Stop moving about, stand!"
She did! 
He knew it was tough for her to be still
But she did it!
He laid his hands on her head again
Suddenly she screamed and fell backwards
His assistant caught her and laid her
on the floor
She screamed on and on and twitched
continuously as she laid on the floor
A strange stench took over the room
He knew the smell, it was the smell 
of death!
He rebuked the spirit of death over her
He rebuked the infirmity!
He blessed her and told her she will 
see her children's children
The healing took forty-seven minutes 
in all
By the time she came out of the 
prayer room
She was glorifying God!
He asked her how she felt
"The heaviness is gone, my head 
is light, I feel so good, 
I know I am healed"
Then he asked her
"Are the stories you read true now?"
She nodded and smiled sheepishly!
Another daughter of Zion had been set
free from the clutches of affliction
in the name of Jesus!

His Notes afterwards:
(Written at 5:22 pm, 4th September 2019)
I came across a strange sickness today! 
I once heard of the sickness from an 
older man who saw it cured at 
Baba Abiara’s church in Ibadan! 
It is called the drainer! 
A demon that attaches itself to someone’s
body and drains them of nutrients. 
No matter what such a person ate, he or 
she will not gain weight! 
The lady that came to my office today 
was suffering from this malady! 
As soon as she began to speak I had to 
pity her! 
She had been to many hospitals and 
had several diagnosis! 
Doctors don’t know what it was! 
She was so thin! 
You’d think she has AIDS! 
She said the ailment started after 
she delivered her first child five 
years ago! 
She came with the child! 
The child was very healthy and happy! 
Brothers and Sisters, the world needs us! 
If not for the Holy Spirit! 
She was smelling of death! 
No stinking of death! 
I showed her the scriptures! 
She was born again and she speaks 
in tongues but she didn’t have an 
understanding of how to put the 
Holy Spirit to work over her body! 
I thought her the basics and then 
we prayed!
 It took several minutes! 
The demon let her go!
Then the spirit of death also lifted! 
She vomited all sorts! 
But she was free at last!
When we were done, she cried and 
I cried! 
During the ministration, The Holy 
Spirit made me realize she had a 
few hours left to live!
It was practically a ransomed from 
the grave scenario! 
I was on leave but had to go to the 
office because she called me this morning 
sounding desperately in need! 
I am happy I obliged her!
I have sat alone in my room since, 
wondering about the benevolence of God 
and the power of the Holy Spirit! 
How I wish more people will embrace the 
gospel and give people access to the 
power of the Holy Spirit without stress! 
But God is raising us! 
A generation of wonders to plug the gap 
and build His church! 
To God be the glory!

PS: Psalm 82: 5 They know not, neither will they 
understand; they walk on in darkness: 
all the foundations of the earth are out 
of course.
6 I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you 
are children of the most High.
7 But ye shall die like men, and fall like 
one of the princes.

I have seen the Lord!
When you see him, you will adjust your
You will obey Him without question
You will do as His heart desires!
 - The Brother in Jeans and T-shirt

This event happened on Wednesday
5th September 2019
At Magodo Phase 2, Lagos