The Butterfly

The Butterfly

I remember the first day I laid my eyes on her

I had received a series of messages and a phone call from a dear sister informing me of the tragedy that had befallen her at the time

The sister insisted I must pay a visit and lend a hand of fellowship as soon as possible

I have many flaws as a human being, one of them is regarding my social skills

I am very shy by nature and I find social events very awkward to navigate

There I was at the time being thrown into one of the most emotionally devastating experiences a human being could ever have

I was told the lady's intended had been murdered and she was in mourning

Wow! How was I supposed to speak?

What was I supposed to say? How do you condole with such a person? Do you say, "Thank God you were not married to him yet" or "It would have been better if you were married to him so that this pain you are feeling will have some context"????

How can one who is so young be thrust into so much pain? I remember driving to her house reluctantly and praying that I would meet many people there crying with her or even her absence

My feet were cold and if I could, I would have run back home as fast as I could

I got to her house and I met her at home

Her older brother's family had invited her over so that she could spend some time with them as she nursed herself off the heart ache

We sat down and I asked her what had happened

She said her boyfriend and a security guard in his house were having an argument over a football game and the guy stabbed her boyfriend to death!

The guy then proceeded to ransack the house for valuables, wrapped her boyfriend's body in a duvet and carried it off to a bush where he dumped it

Then he stole her late boyfriend's car and took off

She said she was in Ibadan when she heard the news

She had been calling his phone number because they prayed together every night before sleeping but his number didn't go through that day

She said she tried the number the next day and got worried because it was out of character for him not to call her or return her calls

Eventually, she got a call from the police and the whole weight of the tragedy came pouring down on her like an avalanche

It was a terrible place to be in

She said she had attended our monthly vigil with him twice or thrice and tried to describe him to me

I even saw his picture but I couldn't place the face

Such a young life, cut short so meaninglessly

I saw her weep, I saw her cry, I saw her ask questions, I heard her silent prayer

I sat there for hours, just being a friend and a brother

I knew that day was tough for her but I also knew things would get better over time

We talked about her future

She said she had been trusting the Lord for many things; the settlement of her marital destiny, her career and the one thing her father demanded of her which was to travel abroad for her Masters

We agreed in prayer before I took my leave

We might be unable to turn back the hands of time for the one who had departed but we can as well entrust the Lord with the future of the living

After praying together, I left for another event in Magodo Phase II, a wedding ceremony!

It was such a contrast and a typical day in the life of a minister of the gospel

The Lord was quick to answer our prayers

Her career took flight, then she gained admission to study for her masters abroad and got the visa with ease

She met a guy and told me about it, it didn't feel right and it didn't fly

Then a young man wrote to me via twitter

He sent in a candid request, he said, “I need a wife.”

I asked the young man to see me in church the following Sunday

He came and we had a brief chat

Then as I was rounding off my discussion with him, she came into the office to pick something

I saw her and knew immediately that she was the one he came for

As he was leaving my office, I told him to expect a call from someone

Then I told her all about him and encouraged her to call him

She did and they hit it off

I mean, it was like a meeting of the Day and Sunlight It was awesome

They talked and planned and prayed

She travelled and he remained steadfast

Their bond grew until it became so strong time and seasons bent to it

When I got a message announcing their Introduction, I was overjoyed

When I received the message that the two families had met and settled the traditional aspect, my heart leapt for joy

When I heard the date for the wedding had been set, I began to pray earnestly

I love watching over the word of God and seeing the performance of such

Her story reminds me of God's faithfulness all the time

Congratulations to my darling Sister and Brother on the occasion of their wedding

I thought many times about writing this story because I know how private the couple are but I must document the testimony as I have always done to bring joy and hope to many others

No matter what today looks like, be assured that when you entrust tomorrow into God's hand, the Holy Spirit will help you navigate your path into the fulfilment of all

Glory be to God

Congratulations to Sister O and Brother V, Glorious testimonies await you on this journey, yours is the path of life and in it lies the wonders of His glory God bless your home.