The Flight

The Flight

Wednesday: Got to the airport at 1:30pm Checked in at the new Murtala Muhammed International Airport.

Flight took off at 3:35. I had an elderly Yoruba mummy on the seat to my extreme right. The middle seat was vacant, Yoruba mummy turned me to tour guide I had to help her with the movie she wanted to watch and also setting up her sleeping space, covered her with blanket even and I had to taste every meal first and give her my verdict before she chose the same meal or picked another.

I needed to sleep badly but I couldn’t dare sleep when I knew she could need my help at any time.

We landed in Doha. She had to catch a flight to America I had to catch a flight to the UK.  I had 45 minutes to get on my flight. She had 6 hours or thereabouts. I dashed out of the airport shuttle as soon as I got to the airport . Didn’t want to miss my flight which was already boarding.

Got to the boarding gate on time and checked in. Within minutes I was on the plane. I was on seat K; next to me was an Indian woman in seat L, next to the woman was her daughter in seat M. The daughter was in her early twenties, a British Indian. Apparently her mother married a Briton.

The flight takes off.

I had watched black Adam and Wakanda Forever on the first flight. I switched on the screen to look for something interesting. Next thing I know I was being tapped on the shoulder by the Indian lady. They were serving our first meal and she needed my help.

I woke up just as the crew member serving the meals got to us. He asked me what I wanted. I turned to the ladies. The Indian woman said she is a vegetarian. Her daughter wanted rice and beef. I told the man I would have rice and beef too.

Then the Lord said to me, “Bless their food as you receive it.” I started praying in tongues under my breath. Cabin crew passed me the first meal and I said, “I bless this meal in Jesus name” then I passed it to the British Indian lady.

Cabin crew passed me the second meal, I did the same and passed it to the Indian woman. Then I got my meal and ate quickly, took some water and went back to sleep.

A few minutes later, I felt another tap on my shoulder, I opened my eyes and it was the Indian woman.  She said, “Hope you are having a good journey” I nodded.  Well, I mean, I just wanted to sleep the sleep out of my eyes!

She said, “How are you able to sleep so soundly? I have been on a flight with my daughter from Bengaluru and we have had two stopovers but as much as I try I cannot sleep; I am afraid if I sleep we will crash and die or something. I have always been like this and now I have a headache and I need to sleep but I can’t sleep!”

Now why was she telling me this? I just wanted to be left alone to sleep.

Her daughter overheard her and shook her head. The daughter felt her mummy was just being difficult. I saw the reaction and smiled. I turned to the Indian woman and said “I can give you sleep, if that is what you want.” She laughed She said, “You can give me sleep? Nobody can give anybody sleep, I want to sleep but I cannot, that was what I was saying to you.”

She assumed I didn’t understand her, so I sat up and said, “Do you want to sleep pls?”

She said “Yes”

I said say after me, “Lord Jesus, I acknowledge that you are my rest. I ask that you forgive my sin and to become my Lord and Saviour from this minute. Thank you Father, I command my body to sleep now, for you are my rest.”

She said it. I said rest your back and close your eyes ma. She did and she was instantly snoring (I am not exaggerating pls).

Her daughter had been looking at our exchange with glinting eyes.

She said “Maa, maa, maa” (Calling her mother) Her mother was deeply asleep. Wow! She looked at me and said, “Who are you?!” Hahahahahaha!

I said, “I am Christ. I am an ambassador of Christ, and his name has been named upon me.” She said, “Are you Christian? Like Catholic Christian?” I said yes “I am not a Roman Catholic Christian but I am a Catholic Christian.” She said “I was a Christian once, even had a Christian coach who did this and that to me (she told a story that led to tears and hmmm) Cabin crew people came round “Is anything the problem?” “Is this your wife? Is she okay?” I said, “She is fine and she is not my wife!!!! They asked her questions too, one even suggested that she change her seat to another if she was not comfortable with me. She said she was and she was just having a moment.


We got talking for like an hour. She spoke on and on about this minister of the gospel who she trusted and fell in love with only to be treated like dung and tossed out for another.

 I felt her pains I know the story. So many “predators” in the toga of “Christian.”

So many broken minds due to their antics. We talked on and on. She cried silently while we talked. Eventually, I prayed with her and within a minute she was praying in tongues! Filled with the Holy Ghost.

The joy of the Lord overwhelmed her. If we were not in a plane I was sure she would be rolling on the floor and screaming her heart out. Just then the plane landed in Manchester.

Her mother was still sleeping. Passengers got up to get their bags. I sat there, waiting for

her mother to wake up, she was also praying, it didn’t seem right for me to get up and leave. Then the Lord said to me, “Break bread with them.” Wow. I asked her if I could share communion with her and she said “Yes! I have been taking in the church before.”

We had biscuits and water with us. Her mother woke up. I blessed the biscuit and water and gave it to them. They took it. Her mother began to speak in tongues. By this time passengers were already disembarking. We took about five minutes and then we exchanged phone numbers and left the aircraft. Glory be to God.