The Mystery of Christ IV

The Mystery of Christ IV

The kingdom of God is in your heart. What’s the Holy Spirit going to do in your heart. Remember, his altar is in your heart. His ministry is in your heart.
Romans 8:16-28(NKJV)
All of creation is a certain condition, and they’re eagerly waiting for the revealing of the sons of God. Note that he didn’t say, “waiting for the manifestation of the son of God”, rather “waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God”. 
Romans 8:21
The glorious liberty of the children, is what the creations are waiting to be delivered into. The only thing that the Christian is waiting for, in this time, or this earth, is the redemption of his body: the change, transformation and glorification of his body. This body is going to come from heaven. And we are told when it will happen. There will be a shout and the blast of the trump of God. The dead in Christ shall rise; and we that are alive, will be change. In an instant we will be changed, corruption being swallowed up by incorruption.
But in this body, we are literally carrying the power and the glory of God. 

2 Corinthians 4:6-7
This is resident in our physical body, right now: the glory of God in us, the life of God in us; we are the living tabernacle of God. Christ is alive in me. We are not waiting for the new body to come, for us to carry the glory of Christ in us.

The power inside us is extraordinary and great; and the fact that we are carrying it, means that it is not of ourselves, because this vessel is earthen.
Why is this important? Because the church has transcended the babyhood level, and moving unto maturity. This is for the last generation, and we are the last generation. 

Looking into some previous verses, starting from verse 3, you will notice something. 

2 Corinthians 4:3-4, the word ‘WORLD’ is translated from the Greek word ‘AION’. It refers to the course of life, it refers to the age in which men functions. It refers to an era; the course of ones life. The systems and structures of that time. And the Bible says Satan is the god of that aion; means the systems and structures of this time, is not that of God.
God wants to understand what’s happening in the world. The systems and structures of this world, can never glorify God. These systems are never designed to deliver peace, no matter how hard they try, because they are created by the god of this world.

When Jesus said you’re are of your father the devil, he wasn’t referring to a Jewish thing. He was referring to those who are from God and those who are not. That’s why he said you must be born again. The world that doesn’t know God, cannot give you what God can give. They setup structures, through which they want to do good, but it can’t happen because the one who heads the world and its systems, is the selfish one the devil.

There’s a struggle in the spirit, because Gods people are waking up. Satan has had a long time, acting like he runs the KOSMOS, but he only ran the AION of this world.
There are many synonyms for the word WORLD, one of which is AION. And the usage of it, sometimes can be highly complicated and in varied applications. The only way to know is to understand the usage or reference, and also the context. 

Understanding the difference between Kosmos and Aion
John 16:33
Here Jesus is talking the KOSMOS, which is difference from AION. And depending on what you’re communicating at the moment. The word can have varying and varied applications. So to decipher it, you need to understand application; whether in a narrow or a wider context.
KOSMOS, refers to the natural order, the inhabitants, the world as a globe. The use of the word, could be used when you talk about the earth, or worldly kingdom, like saying the Egyptian empire or the Roman Empire; when it could be referred to as the world.
Jesus is using a wider context, in referring to the world, in its wider order, natural order and all that is happening in it. 

‘OIKOUMENE’, means it covers all of the kingdoms and those operating it. 

Matthew 4:5-8
The spirit lead Jesus in the wilderness, where he would be tempted by Satan.
Satan showed Jesus, all the glory of the KOSMOS. Had it been impossible for Jesus to fall for it, it wouldn’t be a bonafide temptation. It was possible for Jesus to have fallen by the temptation of Satan. That is why Satan wanted Jesus to worship him. 
Luke 4:5-6
Satan got this authority over the KOSMOS from Adam, who committed high treason, when he gave his authority to Satan. Luke in his account, used another word for the kingdom, which is ‘OIKOUMENE’, which means the government and kingdoms of the age. 

So this shows us that Satan couldn’t give the KOSMOS to anyone, but he could give dominions and governments, to anyone he chooses. So before Jesus came, Satan had given the governments of various people. Now he wanted to give it to Jesus, but he turned it down. But, the antichrist would accept this deal, and worship Satan and command all to worship Satan.
The devil couldn’t give anyone the KOSMOS, because it was on lease. He isn’t the owner of the KOSMOS, so he sets up structures in the KOSMOS, that is what he was proposing to Jesus. 

John 12:31
This was going to be the last major preaching of Jesus to the crowd.
The word translated JUDGEMENT is the Word KRISIS, of which the English word, Crisis. Jesus is saying now is the decision time, the tipping point, a crisis moment in the history of the world. 

John 12:32-33
The popular song, LIFT JESUS HIGHER, isn’t a Christian song. Because it means that Jesus should be killed a second time. But Jesus when he made the statement, referred to the kind of death he should be killed by. The Jewish leaders queried him, saying that they know the messiah was to abide forever, and how come he is saying that the messiah should die.

John 13:1-3
This is the crisis moment, and it depends on Jesus’ decision as a man. The father said it was all in the hands of Jesus. Would Jesus go ahead with the plan of salvation, or would he back out. All of heaven was waiting for this moment.
At this point, Jesus made up his mind. He was focused. Are you focused?
In the last days, there will be terrible times and it will be hard to be a Christian, and many will fall away and leave the faith, in order to save their lives, their businesses and to make money. The Bible says that he that endures to the end shall be saved.
It was a serious moment for Jesus, and we read that Jesus was resolute about his decision. 

Luke 9:51. The word is ‘PRÓSŌPON’. Paul was also like Jesus, he made up his mind to go Jerusalem, even though it mean certain death; be he was steadfast about his decision.
It was obvious from the countenance of Jesus that he was going to Jerusalem, to die. He was resolute because he knew that the father was depending on him. 

Luke 9:53. 
It is important that you’re decided in your life. He steadfastly set his face, ‘STĒRÍZŌ’ He was decided, no matter what. 
You have to make a decision that is worthy of Jesus. Because we see from the scriptures that he could have change his mind. But he was firm and resolute.

2 Corinthians 5:19
Jesus did it. That’s why we are reading of this great reconciliation of the KÓSMOS to God. He reconciled all things to him. God was in Christ Jesus doing so.

John 16:33
In Christ you have peace. Here’s the difference between being in Christ and being in the world. In Christ there is peace, in the world there will be tribulations.
Every Jesus was saying here, was in view of after his resurrection. He was on a journey that was different. He knew it was his time, to be received of the father; that’s why he told the disciples, he is going away, and where he was going to, they couldn’t come now, but would do so later on.

Back to John 16:33
Being of good cheer, means cheer up! Jesus doesn’t want you looking downcast. Remember he had been telling them deep things since chapter 14, and it was weighing heavily on the disciples, so he told them be of good cheer, I have overcome the ‘KÓSMOS’. The disciples didn’t understand what he was saying. So he did? Really? Did he overcome the world? Yes he did.
Here, Jesus is speaking faith. He made up his mind, to go to Jerusalem. All of heaven was looking at Jesus. It was all in his hands. The father said to him “SON, IT IS UP TO YOU NOW”.
There was great trouble ahead of him; and he declares his faith, and tells his disciples, cheer up, I have overcome the world. Just like an athlete, being propped up by his fans and his coach, and he tells them, “don’t worry, I have won; relax, I am going for the gold”. 

Now, you need to understand that God, actually, willed the whole world, to Abraham. Many theologians, have wrestled with this truth.
We will learn what it means and the reason behind the importance of what Jesus did. 

Romans 4:13
Jesus got this by faith. The word HEIR is from the Greek ‘KLĒRONÓMOS’ which means the inheritor, Possessor, the Lord of all things.

Abraham was very important to the plans of God, to the point where he was called the friend of God. Why Abraham? Why not Noah? Why not Methuselah? So what was different about this Abraham? Let’s check it out! Genesis 15:7. Here God was talking to Abram. 

Genesis 15:8-10
Abram asked God how he was going to inherit the earth? And God gave him an instructed him on what to do. You need to see the implications of what was being done here. 

Jeremiah 34:13-17
(The fathers disobeyed the laws of the jubilee; but their offsprings, obeyed this instructions and God was pleased with them).
So what did they do that was so bad? They had disobeyed the instructions that had been sealed with a blood covenant. This was what Abraham did. He and God struck a covenant of blood, which means life for life. Which means if one ever broke this oath, their fate would be that of the animals that had been divided into two. This was a pledge of life. A pledge of the totality of God. (This is why the punishment of the Israelites was always dire and severe. Wow!!)

Back to Genesis 15:9-17
God told Abraham to bring his own part of the covenant, and God swore with his own life to Abraham. And went through the pieces with his light. 
This gave Abraham, access to all that God owned and God had access to everything that belonged to Abraham.

Genesis 17:1-7
This was long after the covenant had been cut in chapter 15. Now here is a language? You’d think that didn’t they make a covenant before now? The word ‘make’ is the Hebrew word ‘NĀTHAN’, which means to apply. Now God said he will beginning to apply the terms of the covenant. And word for make, in the preceding verses, is the word ‘QÛM’, which means to make good. So God is saying to Abraham, I will make good the terms of the covenant.
Now, God wanted to test Abraham, to understand whether he understood the terms of the covenant. So God said “Give me your “monogenes”, offer him as a burnt sacrifice. And Abraham being pledged to the covenant, could never refuse God, because all he had was God’s. 

Hebrews 11:17-19
Abraham offered up his only begotten son (MONOGENES), by faith. So Abraham never resisted God. He did it wholeheartedly. He knew the one he had believed and the one he made a covenant with. 
The offering up of Isaac and him not physically killed, wasn’t a symbolic gesture. He received him back, ‘KOMIZO’, which is to receive a guest to take care of the guest. 
Abraham didn’t see Isaac getting off the altar, as his normal son, no! He received him back, as one that was received back from the dead. The boy he took up the mount, was not the boy he brought back. That is when God decided that HIS SON WOULD BE ABRAHAM’s SON! 

Genesis 21:12
God is saying here, that His (God) seed would be CALLED from Isaac. He didn’t say anything about him being born from Isaac. Galatians 3:16; Hebrews 11:18. So the seed promised Abraham, wasn’t even Isaac or the patriarchs, but the Christ. The seed of God would be called from Isaac. The seed God was talking about is Christ. 

So the idea that the Jews should be left as they were is rubbish. If you’re destitute of the spirit and the word, you will walk in error.
Peter was sent to the Jews. Peter and the other apostles were to convert the Jews. 
So saying that the Jews should be left alone, without preaching the gospel to them is absolute nonsense.

Galatians 3:27-30 (Romans 4:15-16) whether Jews or gentiles, they are all to come under the umbrella of the seed of Abraham, who is Christ. 

Genesis 14:18
Melchizedek brought forth bread and wine. 
The idea that Salem was the place in shechem, that later became Jerusalem, is an unfounded speculation, and Paul argued this in the book of Hebrews.
Melchizedek was known as the king of righteousness, and he was the king of Salem, which was in shechem, which was in Canaan; and the canaanites were evil people.

Genesis 14:19
Melchizedek called Abraham, the possessor of heaven and earth. 
Melchizedek brought forth the articles of the communion: bread and wine.
The title, possessor of heaven and earth, was for God almighty, but for Abraham. How? Because of the covenant. Hebrews 7:1-3(Here is where Paul
Disputed the narrative of who Melchizedek is)

We ARE OF THE SEED OF ABRAHAM, WHO IS CHRIST. THE EARTH BELONG TO US! (THE SAINTS). We belong to Christ. The name of Jesus has all authority in heaven, earth and under the earth.
Romans 5:17. IT IS TIME TO REIGN!