The White House Banner

The White House Banner

A man built a very big and fine school because he loves children and loves spending time with them. He decided to have one house and a housemaster. The first housemaster tried to steal the school and make it his own. He was fired. 

When the next housemaster was employed, the fired one tried to sabotage him and the house. He pretended he was trying to help the new house master but he secretly poisoned their water and stole their phone, the house master was scared of what will happen to him so he began hiding from the school owner. The poisoned water made everyone sick and some began dying. 

The school owner heard and did not like what was going on. He decided to send his son to do a proper job, so the son came as a new housemaster to the White House, alongside the former which is called, the Yellow House. 

 Those in the yellow house could switch to the White House, it was open to all.

The son came and though he did not force anyone to come to the white house, he showed them there was a better house than the yellow house with its poisoned water that caused sickness and death, where house members were always flogged and given little or no food, they always lost during games and competitions and were ruled by threats and fear. 

Meanwhile, the White House had clean water, there were always neat and well fed, and they not only won their games and competition but the housemaster helped them understand and pass their school works in flying colours They even had access to scholarships to the best school after graduation. They were ruled by love and joy. 

One day, a member of the yellow house asked the housemaster of the white house if he could join him and he gladly welcomed him, it was that simple, he could not believe it. 

So he began telling the other yellow house members who told others and so it went... Some thought it was too good to be true and decided to manage the yellow house by remaining there, while others did not want to try something different, the yellow house was all they had known and were not ready to change but the brave ones felt there was nothing to lose and the White House Master welcomed them all. 

They were given new house uniforms with a badge that showed their house, they could go anywhere and buy anything by calling the house master's name and showing their badge, no one could stop them. They learned how to stop expecting punishment and flogging always, the clean water and good food they began having helped the sick and dying stopped. Their banner as they matched on the field was love and not fear. 

The last time I checked, the White House has been having more people because those who left the yellow house are excited they can not keep the good news to themselves, so they keep sharing and inviting their former housemates to join team white house cos that is where things are happening. Their banner is ever-standing strong and sure

School owner: God

Team White House
House Master: Jesus
House members: Born-again Christians

Team Yellow House 
House Master: Adam
House members: those who have not accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior

Sacked house master: Satan



Ufedo Love Illah