Tongues of Healing

Tongues of Healing
Tongues of Healing

Brother Gbenga, I took a screenshot of 
that prophecy page from our last 12 hours 
The second prophecy was a direct 
message for me. 
My mother has been behaving strange 
lately.. she has been selling family 
property without consulting us. 
When we find out and confront her, 
she will say we want to kill her and
 inherit her property
My mother almost sold another choice
 land in my state that has been in my 
family for generations.
I only got to know about it when they 
didn't settle on the price. 
I was angry initially like why would 
you want to sell that land.
We were on that matter when that 
prophecy came and immediately 
the Holy Spirit told me to tell my 
husband to buy it. 
My testimony is double-edged because 
my husband does not believe in 
buying anything and in 13 years of 
marriage, we have nothing to show 
for our hard work. 
So I told my husband and he got 
excited and my mum also agreed 
to sell to him quietly at half the 
price the buyers were asking. 
The testimony is somehow, because 
that is a land I should inherit into 
my marriage but having d kind of 
mother I have and knowing she 
will sell it off without thinking of us,
I am thankful for the hand of God 
that kept the land for us and for 
making us landlords after many years. 
I am thankful to this God

Second testimony, during the 8 hours 
prayers, there was a prophecy of  
healing for a young boy with down 
syndrome, at that meeting, another 
person described the little boy 
clearly as having smallish head with 
strange looks. 
I didn't screen shoot that prophecy 
at the time, till I got this one during 
the 12hours. 
Now, there is a client of mine turned 
family friend whose son attends the 
centre . 
Remember I told you am a speech 
therapist and I run a centre for 
special children? 
So I invited this child to live with us 
for a while during this lockdown as 
the centre was not open and the 
parents were worried about him 
not meeting some developmental 
Also, the boy was involved in a 
domestic accident and sustained 
burns on his face, making him look 
scary or strange. 
So, too many things, the family was 
looking for a boarding facility to dump 
the boy but I believe in my heart that 
the boy could get better. 
So to ease the tension in the family 
and to provide solace for the boy, 
I took him in.
When he came to my house, he was 
not potty trained, nonverbal, not 
able to feed himself, in fact, too 
many things. 
At almost 5 years, he was like a six 
months old baby. But the compassion 
in my heart will not allow me  
abandon him alongside everyone else. 
It felt like I was d only one he had. 
It was not easy but I did everything 
I knew in therapy without any 
major changes. 
This was around the time I joined 
PSSBC School 5. 
So every night during prayer time, 
I will bring him into my room and 
put my phone on speaker just 
speak in tongues. 
In the process, I noticed that he 
started saying what am saying. 
I thought he was imitating me but 
when I keep quiet and listen to him, 
he is also praying. 
And I am persuaded that he had 
started speaking in tongues at 
some point. 
That was how this boy started 
imitating my children and small small 
started saying people's names in 
the house, saying food, water, poopoo
( he got potty trained in the shortest 
time in my career), after the first 
prophecy, he suddenly started 
saying more by making short 
sentences like "I want food",
"I am fine thank you",etc. 
I'm overwhelmed and in tears as 
I type this because I needed to travel 
last weekend, and I asked the 
family to pick him for the period i 
am away. 
They didn't believe the progress so far.. 
They are calling every day with new 
Above all, they called me last night 
to ask what he does every night by 
putting his hand on his head and 
saying strange things blablablabla.... 
The boy went home and continued our 
9 pm routine of praying in tongues. 
He was supposed to stay the weekend. 
Up till today they have not brought 
him back because they are happy 
with his development. 
To God be all the glory
And strangely, the scar on his face 
seems to be clearing.. 
It didn't happen at once but last 
week, the scar is almost not there again
God is Him alone be all the glory
Pastor am still in tears. 
The boy holds a special place in my 
heart because I can't explain the 
compassion or pity or whatever made 
me accept him in my house. 
It was like madness but my husband 
and children God touched them and 
everybody accepted him. 
I will bring him to Theikos Doxa one 
Sunday when he comes back. 
IF he come back oh because now 
the rejected stone is now the star boy 
in his house
God is real and he proved himself in 
my home
I know it's God because the way I 
struggled to remain a part of this 
bible school, the struggle was too 
much in my head. 
In fact I decided to stay to even see 
what will happen. 
Not two weeks in, I knew it was 
the devil himself trying to keep me 
away from this school. 
Me that will not have cash before 
in any account, now in spite of the 
lockdown and no work, I walk in 
It can only be God

- Sister Joy A. (22:13, 03/09/2020)

PS: There are some testimonies
that makes you cry
You cannot be modest about
sharing such a testimony
The young man must one day
read it and know the enormity
of what God did for him and how
many people celebrated it
The day I met the Lord was the
best day of my life
Testimonies like this make 
everything worthwhile

GSW's note: Our 8 hours prayer
and the 12 hours prayer produced
some testimonies that are beyond
I had to bench many
I kept some among the ministers
and shared but a few
I have my reasons
And the Holy Spirit understands
them too
It is good to pray and it is very
very important to pray in tongues
If you are yet to receive this 
precious gift, please send me a
message via Whatsapp 

God bless you

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