VALIDATION (Romans 8:16)

VALIDATION (Romans 8:16)

After intensive training and practice for 10 years, John believed his time had come. He was ecstatic! Now the world would hear about him…

John was an 18 year old pianist. He had been training under the World Renown Pianist, Hubert Smith for 10 years. He had learned all there was to learn under Smith until music became his reality, his everything. In that moment, he felt he was ready to host a Piano Concert in the City Hall.

Very soon, word got out about the concert and there was an exciting buzz in the City. Johns Management Team made sure the publicity was top notch. There were radio jingles, TV announcements, newspaper adverts. Online publicity was maximized. All the popular bloggers were mobilized to promote the concert on their blogs.

On the day of the concert, the 10,000 capacity City Hall was filled to the brim. There were another 5,000 people outside, watching on the large screens provided. John was backstage with his close friends and family. If he was nervous, he didnt show it. But he WAS excited! He peeped out through the curtain and smiled when he saw the crowd. Im going to be very famous after this, he thought

A few minutes later, he was called on stage to do his thing. He walked up, dressed in a black tuxedo and black bow tie. He took a bow and sat down. He opened the grand piano and his fingers started caressing the keys. He seized the moment and played his heart out. When he was done, he got a thunderous standing ovation! He took a bow and ran backstage. As soon as he got behind the curtains, he broke down in tears!

Woah! Why? His family and friends rushed to him: What happened? You killed it! You should be happy: why the tears?

He looked up with tears filled eyes and said, I FAILED!

How? You got a standing ovation! Youre trending on Social Media at #1 and you call that a FAILURE? What is wrong with you? Enjoy the moment!

He replied, Did you see that old man in the front row in white? He just sat there all through, with a grim face and arms folded against his chest: he apparently was NOT impressed with my performance!

So? John, 10,000 people gave you a standing ovation. Youre trending on Social Media at #1 and youre concerned about one old man who is probably deaf or has no understanding of music! I dont get you, Bro!

John replied: That old man is Hubert Smith! If I did not impress him, I FAILED!


John understood that he had to get his VALIDATION from the RIGHT PERSON. He was not moved by the crowd. He was not moved by the noise. He was definitely NOT moved by Social Media ratings. He had only ONE motivation: to impress his teacher, the only person that mattered! When he failed to impress him, all other validation meant NOTHING to him.

Scripture tells us, The (Holy) Spirit Himself bears witness with our spirit that we are the Children of God -Romans 8:16. Another version says, The Holy Spirit TESTIFIES with our spirit that we are Gods children. Other versions use words like Affirm and Confirm. In other words, we get our VALIDATION that we are Gods children from the Holy Spirit! We dont need any other validation! His validation is enough! YOU DONT NEED ANYBODY ELSES APPROVAL!

So, if anybody tells you, I dont believe you are a child of God, you dont need to prove anything to him!

Scripture says, DOUBTLESS, you are our Father, even if Abraham and Jacob disown us, you would still be our Father…” Isaiah 63:16.

I had learned NOT to seek validation from the wrong people. I have been told several times, I dont believe youre an architect! I have been told, I dont believe you are from Kebbi State! My response to such is always, OK!

Doubtless I AM an architect. Doubtless I AM from Kebbi State. Even if you dont acknowledge it, even if you dont believe it, IT DOESNT MATTER. If I were seeking validation from these unbelievers, I would be pressured to PROVE to them Im an architect from Kebbi State.

I was once with a young Lawyer and a client. The client sized him up and said, I dont believe youre a Lawyer! The young man got upset. I asked him why. Uncle Harry, you heard what he said! I replied, So? Are you a Lawyer? Did you go to the University to study Law? Did you graduate? Did you go to Law School? Have you been called to the Bar? If YES, why does one mans opinion about you trigger you? Does his unbelief make you any less a Lawyer? DO YOU NEED HIS VALIDATION? He replied, No, sir.


When you KNOW the God you serve, when you KNOW who you are, nobodys opinion about you should matter. Nobodys opinion defines you, except the opinion of HIM you want to please. You will ONLY be satisfied with HIM telling you, This is my beloved child in whom I am well pleased.

He is the ONLY ONE we seek validation from: any other validation is unimportant!



Haruna Daniels.