Not all of Israel is Judah.
Not all of Issachar is Israel.
Not all of Benjamin is Israel.
Not all of Dan is Israel.

This Kingdom we call Zion is made up of believers from all over the world. For this reason, we will have the millennial reign after the rapture for 1000 years so that we can harmonise our doctrines and learn Christ as He truly is.

I belong to the tribe of Judah; some others belong to Naphtali while some belong to Reuben. By their speech you shall know them. By their result you shall know them.

A tribe would get to their land and subdue it while another will get to their portion and subdue only half of it. When Israel came out of Egypt, a mixed multitude came out with them; the mixed multitude were not Jews, they were opportunists who decided they wouldn't remain in Egypt as slaves while Israel escaped. They didn't have any blood ties with the household of Israel, yet they were saved but they were not given a portion among the seed of Jacob in the promise land.

The Gibeonites came to trick Israel so as not to have a head on collision with them in the wilderness. They were saved and spared but not given a portion among the rulers.
They were named wood fetchers and water bearers for the household of Jacob.

Do you wonder why we have many denominations and so many doctrines?
The principle remains the same.

When I minister here, many read and are blessed. Those ones are my kind. They hear my language. They speak it and it ministers to them.

Some have blocked me; I have blocked some. I know I am not called to everybody but when you see the nation, I have been called to in fellowship, we roooooar!

We are Judah, the bearer of the scepter.

Some would read testimonies and call them a lie.

Even though they are believers like us, they do not have the Holy Spirit so there is no inward witness.

Some will read testimonies and say, "I am meant to be doing the same."

Ask Aria (Bolatito Arogunmaya and Ihuoma Isong)
They will come into the fellowship and they will start working miracles.

The wonders we wrought daily all over the world makes the Apostles of old cheer and laugh in delight. We are Prophets, Priests and Kings. We know our place in the Kingdom.

We are the vanguard, the head, the lead, the pace setters, the trail blazers, the realm movers and generation shakers. That's the lot of Judah.

So, when you hear some ministers saying the Holy Spirit is not necessary or speaking in tongues is not important, don't be offended. He or she is speaking to his or her tribe.

His or her tribesmen will understand him or her the same way my tribe understands me.

The House of Levi stayed with Moses even when the other houses made idols in the wilderness. Your tribe will declare, "As for us we belong to the Lord." 


Learn this.

The arguments between believers on social media is not needed in anyway.

I don't labour to gather and build. In the last three years I have seen ordinary believers who seems lost and purposeless in churches join our fellowship and become ministers working in power and glory.

I have seen effortless grace at work at every level. Tomilola Fetuga (Sugar baby) joined the fellowship from afar, one day I mentioned her name, I said, "You're of my tribe, you're my kin." Ask her what wonders the heavens are doing through her today.

@sicamoore met me and we became siblings. In one day @JessicaTriumph and her hubby met me somewhere in Gbagada and we became blood!

The Holy Spirit draws members of the same tribe together and enlarges our capacity as we fellowship together.

I am writing this for the discerning, so that you will understand why some won't understand you and why others will.

Zion is the administrative center of heaven; our roles are clearly listed and we are drawn into purpose by it.

If you see a ministry peddling empty words, if members of your tribe are among them, they will be restless even in fellowship until they come to you.

Your fellowship is a home to your kind.
In the same vein, some people will come to your fellowship and they won't stay because they don't belong to your tribe. When they find their own tribe, they will settle in quickly. 

Our fellowship grew from 3 to hundreds to thousands in many nations within three years;
yet not everyone that came stayed.

Some came for miracles and moved on, others became miracle workers.

Those who are of us abided. This is how Zion works.

So there is no need to argue with anyone over doctrines

I know my kind!