Walking with the Holy Spirit

Walking with the Holy Spirit

You can be guided by the Holy Spirit 24/7. 
Here are five steps to help you learn how 
to walk in the spirit.
What’s the first thing you think of when 
you wake up in the morning? A cup of coffee? 
How comfortable your bed is? 
Your list of things to do? 
Every decision and step we take each day is 
driven by something—a growling stomach, 
a sense of responsibility, a desire for success. 
Your day is determined by one of two 
driving forces—your flesh or your spirit. 

What’s the default setting and the natural 
thing to do? To let theflesh control you. 
The flesh is loud and demanding. 
It likes to have its own way, and it sure doesn’t
 give up easily. It may not seem like it, but you 
have control over what controls you. You aren’t 
meant to let your flesh rule your life—you’re meant 
to walk in the spirit and live on a higher level, 
where victory reigns and righteousness rules. 
You can walk in the spirit and be guided 
by the Holy Spirit 24/7. 

Do you want to know how to walk in the spirit? 
You can do it! The Spirit of God is in you right now. 
You may not feel like it, but 
He is there—speaking to you, directing you to 
freedom and blessing. God wants you to 
operate in the realm of the spirit—not in 
this natural world—because that’s how 
you live the life you’ve always dreamed of. 
That’s how you claim victory—by walking in the spirit.

If you’re feeling discouraged and defeated
—there is a better quality of life available 
to you when you walk in the spirit, but it won’t 
happen overnight. It is a transformation from 
one degree of glory to another and one move 
of obedience to another. To begin enjoying the 
blessings of a Spirit-led life, here are five steps 
to help you learn how to walk in the spirit.

Step No. 1: Walk in the Spirit by Throwing 
Off Hindrances
“Therefore, since we are surrounded by such 
a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off 
everything that hinders and the sin that so 
easily entangles. And let us run with 
perseverance the race marked out for us.”
 –Hebrews 12:1, NIV

Notice this verse doesn’t say anything 
about gently removing things one at a time. 
No! It says to throw them off. If you’ve ever 
seen someone who has come in contact 
with fire ants or bees, you know they don’t 
stop and consider whether they should 
remove them, and they certainly don’t do 
so slowly. They make a vigorous and 
determined effort to get those pests away from 
them. Why? Because they know the damage 
and pain that could be inflicted if left 

So, don’t sit around wondering if you should 
stop sinning or cast the devil out of your life
—get rid of it! You weren’t created to be a 
slave to anything.

What is a hindrance?

Anything that is out of line with the Word of 
God is a hindrance. That’s why Satan is so 
determined to strap hindrances onto your 
spirit. He wants to slow you down and keep 
you from reaching THE BLESSING. 
Hindrances can include any of the following:

Sexual vice, impurity, unholy desires, greed
Anger, rage, bad feelings toward others, 
cursing, slander, foul-mouth abuse and 
shameful utterances
Adultery, fornication, idolatry, witchcraft, 
hatred, strife, envy, murders, drunkenness 
and anything like them (Colossians 3:5-6; 
Galatians 5:19).

How can you throw off hindrances?
“We do this by keeping our eyes on Jesus.”
 –Hebrews 12:2

To get rid of those things that are slowing 
you down, and to walin the spirit, the natural 
world has to become small in your heart and 
mind, while the things of God become bigger 
and bigger. If you have a sin habit in your life
—something you know isn’t pleasing to God
—now is the time to rid your life of it as fast 
as you would get away from fire ants and bees.
Maybe there are some things you watch 
on television you shouldn’t be watching. 
Things that deplete your spirit. 
There are times when you just need to say “no” 
out loud when something is displeasing to the Father. 
Even shout it out if you need to. 
Say, “No, I do not receive that. 
I cast down every high imagination that tries 
to exalt itself against God.”
Allow the Holy Spirit to correct and guide you 
as you work toward walking in the spirit every day. 
He will help you not only to separate yourself from 
the world, but to desire the things of God more 
than anything else.
Step No. 2: Walk in the Spirit by Sowing to the Spirit
“He who sows to the Spirit will of the 
Spirit reap everlasting life.” –Galatians 6:8, NKJV
 The New Testament in Modern English by 
J. B. Phillips says, “A man’s harvest in life will 
depend entirely on what he sows.” This means, 
if you want to walk in the spirit, you can’t sow 
your time to the world. You’ve got to sow to the 
spirit to reap the harvest of a blessed and fulfilled
 life—lacking nothing.

How do you sow to the spirit?
With your time. Many Christians don’t grow 
because they don’t get the Word into themselves. 
If you don’t give God time, natural voices will 
overwhelm His Spirit in your life.
Sure, you have things you need to do in the 
natural—but they shouldn’t take up all your time. 
Give your spirit the opportunity to feed on the 
Word of God, fellowship with Him, and build yourself 
up in faith.  It doesn’t take a lot of time. 
Kenneth E. Hagin once prophesied the importance 
of giving the Lord a tithe of your time—just an hour 
or two each day. You might say, I don’t have an hour! 
But the truth is—you’ll make time for anything if 
it’s important enough. There are no shortcuts to 
the good life.

When you sow to the spirit, it will take you 
into a realm where you’ve never been before. 
In fact, when you get to a place where the truth 
of God’s Word is so real, the Spirit of God will 
rise up on the inside of you and you’ll do things 
you never would have done before.

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There was a Christian woman who was on a bus 
in Washington, D.C. At one point during her trip, 
some men got on the bus and started robbing people 
one at a time—taking money, jewelry and possessions. 
But when they got to this little woman, the power of 
God came upon her and she said, “In the Name of 
Jesus, take your hands off me!” It just leapt out of 
her without her even thinking about it. Well, those 
men didn’t bother her—in fact, they got off the bus 
as fast as they could!

She was walking in the spirit that day, and 
that’s the kind of power available to you when 
you walk in the spirit.

Step No. 3: Walk in the Spirit by Presenting Your 
Body as a Living Sacrifice
“Present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, 
acceptable to God, which is your reasonable service.  
And do not be conformed to this world, but be 
transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you 
may prove what is that good and acceptable and 
perfect will of God.”—Romans 12:1-2, NKJV
At first, that sounds like a big commitment. It is! 
But that’s what Jesus did for us—He presented 
His body a living sacrifice. But what does this really 
mean for us? How do we present our body as a 
living sacrifice to God?
Lay aside the things of the world. 
This means being willing to give up activities, 
friends or habits that don’t match God’s best for 
our lives—walking away from anything that is not 
pleasing to the Lord.

Obey righteousness, not the flesh. The reason people 
get so good at sin is because they practice it. 
For example, a person doesn’t become an alcoholic 
the first time he takes a drink. He had to practice 
drinking until the flesh was trained to demand it. 
To become good at obeying the Holy Spirit, 
we must practice.

Make a daily decision. You make a decision to 
put on the Spirit each day the same way you 
would put on a coat. Pastor George Pearsons 
presents himself to the Lord as a living sacrifice,
 according to Romans 12:1, by speaking the 
following declaration first thing every morning:

Father, I present my body to You as a living sacrifice, 
holy and acceptable to You, for this is my reasonable 
service—my divine worship for You. 
I command my body to submit to my spirit. 
Father, according to Hebrews 12:1-2, I lay aside 
every weight and the sin that so easily entangles 
me so that I may run with patience the race that 
is set before me, looking unto Jesus, who is the 
Author and Finisher of my faith.

In Jesus’ Name, I am taking command of my body. 
Body, mind, you can’t tell me what to do or think. 
Spirit man, you’re in charge. Body and mind, 
you submit to the spirit.


As you continue to present yourself to the Lord, 
it may take some time for things to straighten out, 
but if you’re willing to be obedient, it won’t take long. 
It would be backward for us to say we’ll get things 
right in our lives first, and then walk in the spirit. 
As we obey the Holy Spirit’s leading first, the other 
things in our life will straighten out.

Step No. 4: Walk in the Spirit by Praying in 
the Spirit Daily
“For we do not know what prayer to offer nor 
how to offer it worthily as we ought, but the 
Spirit Himself goes to meet our supplication 
and pleads in our behalf with unspeakable 
yearnings and groanings too deep for utterance.” 
–Romans 8:26, AMPC

The most powerful way to begin walking in the 
spirit is to start praying in the spirit—it is the 
gateway to living life above what you have ever 
known. Praying in the spirit accomplishes so 
much all at once.

It charges and strengthens your spirit.
It enables you to overcome the weakness of the flesh
—any bad habits.
It makes it easier to receive from God and keep 
what you have received.
It strengthens your ability to resist the devil.
It causes your inner man to rise up in adversity.
It reveals things to your spirit you could never know 
by your own ability.

If you want to go higher with God and grow 
spiritually, start praying in the spirit an hour 
every day.  As a result, you will see so much power 
in your life, you’ll never want to make a decision 
without praying in the spirit again. It is the secret 
to revelation in our lives. In fact, the Bible tells us 
God will reveal mysteries to us when we pray in the 
spirit (1 Corinthians 14:2).

There was a church in Russia that was holding
 underground meetings. But, every time they met, 
the KGB would come and break it up because they 
had an informant in their meetings. So, the pastor 
finally told his congregation that he was not going 
to announce the time and location of the next meeting. 
Instead, they would have to pray in the spirit to find 
out. At the next meeting, every person but one showed 
up in the right place. That’s the power of walking in the 

Step No. 5: Walk in the Spirit by Obeying the Promptings 
of the Holy Spirit
“The sheep follow him, for they know his voice.” 
–John 10:4, ESV

The Holy Spirit is ALWAYS speaking to you. 
There’s an answer to every problem you’re facing 
today—whether financial, health or family related. 
The worst problem in your marriage, health or 
finances is only one word from the Lord away from 
a complete turnaround. How can you access these 
answers? Through heeding the voice of the Holy Spirit.


The question is: How far do you want to go in 
your walk with God?
So many times, people will say I’d go to Africa 
or China if God asked me to, yet they won’t obey 
Him in the small things. They won’t forgive someone; 
they won’t stop watching ungodly television programming; 
they won’t spend time with Him daily.


That’s what happened to Peter. He told Jesus, 
“I’d die for You,” yet when Jesus simply asked him 
to watch and pray with Him one hour, he fell asleep

Everything God tells you to do is important.  
So, tune in to the Spirit of the Lord in all things, 
even when He’s telling you something that seems 
small, or something you don’t want to hear.

Confess this every day: “I hear the voice of the Good 
Shepherd, and a stranger’s voice I will not follow” 
(John 10:5).

When you obey the promptings of the Holy Spirit, 
you will be in the right place at the right time, 
doing the right thing with the right people. 
And you will have success and victory in 
everything you do.

When you take these five steps toward walking 
in the spirit, there will be no limit to what you 
can achieve. You will stop letting your flesh 
control you and begin living a Spirit-led life 
of peace, joy and blessing beyond anything you’ve 
ever hoped or imagined. You will live the God kind 
of life right here on earth!