Worst Enemy

Worst Enemy

She had nothing good to say about anybody or anything

She had a box load of depressing stories

Village people have decided to finish her

Village people followed her to the country she resides in

Village people have decided she would never make it in life

She had all her misfortunes filed in alphabetical order

She does not mix them up

If you give her a listening ear

She can spend six hours itemizing all the troubles she had faced in her life

She graduated from the university 12 years ago

She got born again right after then

She heard a lot from the Holy Spirit in those early days

She spoke in tongues until her tongues literally caught fire

When she decreed anything it became law

Her Father's landed property that was in court was released unto him at her word

Her elder brother's childless situation was reversed at her word

She became a sort of go to person for spiritual consultation

It was as if she had a gold dust on her head

She heard and spoke as the oracle of God

Her mother's cancer dried up at the touch of her hand

Then she decided she needed to further her education

She chose a difficult country where scholarships were very scarce to get

She put her tongue of fire to work

She skabashed by night and decreed by day

She was not only given the country's visa on a virgin passport, she was also offered a full scholarship

Everybody knew the Lord was right in her corner

Her father would say to his friends "Let so and so pray with you on that matter"

She was an oracle of the Holy Ghost

Then she travelled

Everything went smoothly

She did her registration

She joined a fellowship

She became a worker

She was burning for the Lord

The one prayer she had prayed for many years was for God to settle her maritally

She waited for a sign

She waited for a dream

She waited for a still small voice

She waited for a vision

She waited for a word of knowledge

She waited for a prophecy

She clocked 30


She decided to go and see a prophet

The prophet was imported from her country to minister in a church

The prophet told her her man would come within 21 days

She believed!

Miraculously a guy approached her the very next day

He was from Jamaica

They became fast friends

But the guy is not a church kinda guy

He had no problem with her being religious and all

He just wasn't cut out for it

She loved him so much!

She hung out with him at every opportunity

She practically stopped attending fellowship

She saw the love he had for her in his eyes

He loved her with the whole of his heart

They kiss and cuddle and snuggle often

She was not a child and she knew how these things go

She waited for six months before they started having sex

She didn't know sleeping with him would have such a devastating effect on her spiritual life

It felt as if he knocked the Holy Spirit out of her consciousness

He became her joy, her song, her peace, her everything

Plus regardless of how much she tried to convince herself that sleeping with him was not a sin

She felt very guilty sleeping with him and it affected her fellowship

But she shrugged it aside!

Sh had gotten what she wanted!

She has her degree and her man! Hurray!!!

Then he left her abruptly one morning

She thought he was going to his house to pick something

She never saw him again

Upon inquiry she discovered he had been in the country illegally and had been arrested and deported

Jesus! They were already talking marriage

She decided she would have to relocate to Jamaica to be with him

She tried everything to get across to him

She eventually got a Jamaican phone number to call

His wife picked!

He was married with three children in Jamaica

That was the day humpty dumpty scattered

She cried like Lake Chad

Until the water ran dry

She was angry with God!

Why would he promise her what belonged to another?

She was angry with herself for not doing her due diligence

She was angry with the Holy Spirit for keeping quiet while she lost her way

She fell ill for a few weeks

She lost her job in the process

Nothing has worked since then

No job, no joy, no peace, no hope, no health, no fulfilment

She had gone to many churches

She had cast out many demons and imaginary enemies

She had met pastors, prophets, priests and seers

She had almost become a nuisance everywhere

Nobody listens to her tale without getting depressed

She simply couldn't kick on from there

Many tried to help her

Find your way back to the Father

Rekindle your relationship with the Holy Spirit

Leave this painful episode behind

She would listen and say "Yes, that is what I will do"

But when you speak with her tomorrow, she will be back to the same old tale

She will tell of how the enemy has turned her glory to shame

It was as if she was stuck

Her own worst enemy!


PS: Move on!

The prodigal son was smart

He came unto himself and returned home

He didn't go to spiritualists to compound his problem

He went back home!

Go and read the story of Kathryn Kuhlman

She made mistakes too in terms of relationships

She simply moved on!

Don't assume the Holy Spirit will come apologizing to you

It doesn't work that way

If you made decisions that took you away from fellowship with the Father

Make decisions that will bring you back into fellowship with him today

His arms are open wide

Come home today!