He was a Man's man

The type of guy who would die rather than live off his wife

He was tall, strong, proud and very caring

Nobody could insult her

Nobody dared

He would die there

He didn't wait for her to ask for anything

He was brought up to be the provider

He was a real man!

His father was that way also

Strong, powerful and well respected

No opinion held water in their community without his input

His sons were raised in that ilk

No procrastination, no shame, every honest labour was good

He met her at a friend's party

She trembled as he shook her hand

She had met many guys

The No future ambition types determined to live off society

The well dressed empty barrels who thought being a man meant sleeping with every available girl

The dreamers who always talked about a tomorrow they were not working towards

The lazy and the foolish


He was none of the above

He was decent, hardworking, proud and determined

He called on her several times

Eventually they went on a date

He had a good taste and he was good with managing funds

He ticked all her boxes perfectly

She let him "in"

He was very good!


He was great!

They were at a friend's house when she saw the first danger sign

They were eating

He said something

She made a joke of what he said

She was wrong to highlight his faults before her friend

He looked at her and said "Say that again and I will pluck out your eyes with this fork"

The silence after his comment was chilling

Afterwards, her friend called her and asked her

Are you sure he is not abusive?

"What you did was foolish but his reaction was unguarded and he threatened you with physical injury"

She dismissed her friend's fears

He was her gentle giant

He was really pissed

His pride so wounded that he swore never to see that friend of hers again because she dragged him in the mud in her presence

She felt very foolish

Why had she been so insensitive?

He stopped going anywhere with her

"I dont want to be made a laughing stock"

She was sorry

She learnt her lesson

But he wasn't done

At every turn he would insult her

He couldn't let go of her mindless joke

'You were not well brought up", You were not well trained", "You say such stupid things', it was as if he had to get back at her, cut her to shreds

Time did its magic but by then the habit had stuck

The sweet words he had for her had virtually flown away

She had been with him for three mixed years

The months of plenty were to the extreme

The months of famine to the extreme

She hoped the tide would turn again

The tide did turn

One night he couldn't get it up

She tried her best

He also tried hard

He didn't take it well

She: Let us sleep

He refused to let it go

It will stand tomorrow

These things happen

After two hours of hard labour

He requested for a blowjob

She said no

He slapped her

He stormed out

The next day he was sorry

He knelt down and begged and cried

He took her and unleashed the "Womb shifter" mode

She was still panting and moaning thirty minutes after he came

The sex was always a classic

She couldn't even compare him with any other man living or dead

So outrageous

But the beating became more constant

A slap here, a spank there, whispered threats, growing fear

She got pregnant

He: Abort it

She: No

He: Please Abort it

She: I am keeping my baby

They dragged it for three months

He just lost his job and couldn't afford a baby yet

She said "No"

He claimed she was trying to entrap him into marriage with the pregnancy, She laughed it off

He claimed he had made a covenant with God not to have a baby outside wedlock

She shrugged it off

She didn't care, she wanted the baby

He got angry

They argued

He beat the baby out of her

As she laid in the hospital after the forced miscarriage

She realized how mean spirited and devilish he was

He killed her baby

He was thinking only of his pride and ego

He had abused her over the years

But to kill her Baby!

She wanted to have the baby so badly

Oh Jesus

Her baby!


She got discharged

She went to his flat

Packed his certificates in his car

Packed all his clothes and other valuables

Set everything on fire

Carried her bags

And left

He didn't bother looking for her

They had both seen love turn to hate

She is 39, single, and still searching


The End