When my children fall ill,

I stay with them in the hospital

until they recover. My first son

was born asthmatic (He is now

fully healed) and my daughter was born with a strange incurable condition

that was divinely healed when she

was 1 year, and 3 months old.

I have never allowed their mother

to be the one watching over them

at such a time. I will always

say "I want to see the death

that will come and take my child

on my watch! I will stay with

them all day and all night praying

in the spirit and laying hands on them Intermittently!

No matter the work I had

to do the next day, I will be

up all night watching over my children.

I learned this from Kenneth Hagin

when I read one of his books in

which he resisted death from taking

one of his faithful members who had

an accident while at work.

Brother Kenneth said he sat with

the man all night and refused

to let him die!

I love that.


My wife is a professional journalist,

a good wife and a glorious mother but

I cannot sleep at home while she

watches over my children at such a time!

I didn't type that in error pls,

when the children are ill they

are mine! I take it very personal

and I stand against the illness the

way I will fight against any alien

coming to take over my body.

It is total war.

My son would usually go into

crisis in June and he would spend

at least a week in the hospital

every month since he was a baby

till he turned 7.


When the Word of prophecy by @eyitayofelix during a WhatsApp prayer programme confirmed that God had sent two angels to heal a boy with either respiratory issues or heart related issues

I knew it was my son.

I ran to his room and for the

first time he was sleeping without wheezing.

The black lips were gone and he

was sleeping as a child should,

without any care in the world!

As for my daughter, she refused

to thrive as a baby and I spent

so much on her doing tests, buying all sorts of baby food and being referred

from one hospital to the other

If I tell you that for her

sake I saw pediatricians, nutritionists, specialists etc. all over the country

and even abroad, please believe me.

I didn't for once expect my wife

to take the baton or to blame it

on the devil, DNA, or village people

I stood against the devil and his

wiles and I won!


It is called Dokimazo, the ability

to prove what is the good, acceptable

and perfect will of God over an issue instead of just accepting whatever the devil has dished out as menu!

I said No! This shall not stand!

I always remember Gandalf in Lord

of the Rings and the way he stood

against Balrog, that horned demon

with a whip of fire.

Gandalf said "You shall not pass"

The demon didn't answer.

Gandalf said "You shall not pass"

Balrog resisted. Suddenly Gandalf said

"I am this and that, a servant of the light, You Shall Not pass!"

Then he put his staff across

And light shone from everywhere and Balrog fell off the bridge...

That scene always played in my

mind and I was always Gandalf

Telling the devil "You shall not pass"

and always winning.


There are things that many of us

allowed or called the will of God

that is not really the will of God.

We only settled for it because we

didn't know how to prove the good

and the perfect will of God in our


We allowed it.

We didn't take responsibility to overturn the devil's verdict. We were calling God and Jesus to come and do what we

have been empowered to do

through the Holy Spirit and we allowed darkness to win because of our ignorance or nonchalant attitude!

I am full of the Holy Spirit, but when

I pray you need to see the things

that happen. Of course I pray in

the name of Jesus but I also

wear Jesus like a garment "I put

on Christ and I do awesome wonders

in that suit. Like David going after

the lion and the bear, I don't say

"Jesus come and deliver this sheep

from the Lion or deliver this sheep

from the bear or say "We were

the ones in the wrong because

we came to Lion's territory or to

the bear's territory"


I charge at that bear, brother.

I charge at that Lion, sister.

I charge at Goliath and I win!

I refused to allow the devil take

even an inch in my space.

His presence makes me very uncomfortable.

I am turned and programmed against it from my Spirit.

I resist his nature with vehemence.

I fight the good fight of faith.

And I win!

When a Believer has this mindset

of God will come and help me,

he or she will lose this fight

When you hear, the enemy has

done this...

That's a lover's mindset

When you hear, this is "God's sovereign will"

Theological escape!

I know the will of God for me

and my household.

I know his will for me and

the fellowship he has given to me.

Circumstances do not dictate his will.

Situations will not tell me his will.

I will never settle for "It is what it is"

The doctor treating my son when

he was asthmatic also had a son

who was asthmatic.

She advised me to get nebulizer,

dry inhaler and the other one.

She taught me how to use socks

and gloves and Rob on the chest.

I couldn't see my son living that way.

I couldn't settle for that.

I did it for a while.

My younger brother came to my house one day and screamed at me.

"What are you doing, you have

accepted this"

In my head at the time I was

like "You don't know what I am going through, walk a mile in my shoes"

But the devil never knows how to stop!

He pushed further until nebulizer and inhaler failed and I had to say



You have to get to this point

in your situation.

Take responsibility and fight back.

Tune your will and your convictions in Christ towards a change and strive for it

Like those lepers by the gate of Samaria...

What do you have to lose?


You're dead either way.

At least you can choose to die

on your terms. When the doctor

saw my son after his healing,

she came to me in tears.

She said "How? How did you do it?"

We met at the ATM on CMD Road,

She came to withdraw some money

to get drugs. I was taking my

children to Nnamdi Kanu park in JUNE!

Her son was ill and she was

tired of it. I told her I resisted

the devil, I fought on behalf of my son.

I refused to have the devil

set my agenda and calendar with sicknesses and attacks.

I told him "no more"

She said wow and she did the same.

It took her two years and three months

but her son was eventually free too.

She said "You encouraged me to fight

and not to settle for this verdict.

My son is a perfect gift from God.

I learnt that from you"

Oh my!

Are you stirred in your spirit?

Are you still blaming village people

and staying with the lies of family

curses or are you coming into an understanding of your positioning in Christ?

Do you believe Nothing shall by any means hurt you or are you acknowledging the lies of the enemy?

It is always unto believers according to their faith!

Remember this.

The weapons of your warfare are not

carnal, they are mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds

Guess where those weapons were built?

Inside you!

They are not external weapons.

You have been equipped by the Spirit

and the word of God to win every contention with the enemy


Are you willing to Win?






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