Double Minded?

Double Minded?

There are dimensions of the supernatural that will really make you look like a magician.
Exodus 7:8-12,19-22.
Exodus 8:5-7,16-19.

People may even call you an occultist like in the case of Jesus,
who the Pharisees said was casting out devils by Beelzebub.
Matthew 12:22-28.

If people's opinions mean so much to you, 
there's a limit to how far you can go in the supernatural.

An elderly Man Of God once walked up to Prophet Kobus Van Rensburg weeping 
after he saw Prophet Kobus operating a dimension in a meeting.
He told Prophet Kobus how God wanted to use him in that dimension 
as a young man, but he refused because he was afraid of what people would say.

A Believer once approached someone on a wheelchair at a mall, 
asking the man if he would allow him to pray for his healing.

The man on the wheelchair said to the Believer, 
"what if after your prayer I'm not healed?".
The Believer replied by saying, 
"what if after my prayer, you are healed?".

The man allowed the Believer to pray for him, 
and he was instantly healed.

Don't let your reputation stop you from being used by God.

If Satan is bothering you as a believer, you allowed it. 
In my interaction with believer who are oppressed and deceived by demonic spirits and activities,
 I discovered that the real reason behind these experiences is the believing.

Change your beliefs and align them with scriptural truths concerning Satan and demons, 
and you will see every demonic activity and lie goes into extinction in your life.

Satan rides on your believing. 
Bring down the horse and the rider by letting go of myths, fables, and superstitions.

The capacity to hear and see spiritually isn't exclusive to 
hearing God and seeing visions from God alone. 
It also means the devil can communicate with you too 
because you know how to hear from spirits. 
The same with visions, seeing spiritual beings 
isnt exclusive to angels only, it extends to devil's also.

So that you heard it or saw it isnt the question, 
the real question is who spake or showed you things.

As soon as Jesus heard from God, "your are my beloved son, 
in whom I am well pleased" we see the very next experience he had was the 
devil speaking and showing him stuffs. 
The communication looked like a continuum, "if you be the son of God, 
command these stones to be made bread." 
Jesus knew who was speaking, we should also before we give familiar 
and evil spirits unfettered access to our lives

I just remembered an experience I had in Ilorin with a soldier years ago.
I was prompted to witness to this mean 
looking soldier at the front of the Emir's palace.

As I was going towards him, a thought popped
 up in my mind in form of a question : 
"Do you want to disgrace yourself, have you forgotten 
that this is the entrance of Emir's palace?"
I ignored the thought and I continued to walk 
towards the soldier who wasn't looking friendly at all.

When I got to where he was,I greeted him.

Me - Good afternoon sir.

Soldier - Yes, what is the problem?

Me - There's no problem sir, I just want to tell you about the love of God.

Soldier - Okay.

As I opened my mouth, the gifts of the Spirit began to manifest.
I supernaturally told him how he lost his parents while he was young, 
and how no one had ever shown him true love.
And how lonely and confused he was.

At a point he began to weep.
He received Christ and gave me his phone number.

He called me a few months later to thank me for 
leading him to Christ and to inform me of his transfer.


What if I had given in to fear?

A young man - "Sir, why haven't I seen people 
on wheelchairs been healed through me?"

An elderly Man Of God - "Son, how many people 
on wheelchairs have you prayed for?"

A young minister - "None sir."

An elderly Man Of God - "Now tell me, how will they be healed, 
since you have refused to minister to them?"

A non-christian cleric :
Sir, did you just say that miracles are real?

My Dad:

Non-Christian cleric:
Have you seen the dead being raised back to life before?

My Dad:

Non-Christian cleric:
Should I go and bring a dead person right now?

My Dad:

Non-Christian cleric:
What if after your prayer, nothing happens?

My Dad:
Then, you will take him back to where you brought him from.
After all, I am not the one who killed him.

But that still will not stop me from believing God to raise the dead.

End of discussion.

The fear of "what if I am wrong, and what if I miss it?" has hindered 
a lot of Believers from giving a prophetic word and word of knowledge 
that The Holy Spirit wanted them to give to someone.

The fear of being rejected has hindered others from witnessing to people, 
even when they are being prompted by The Holy Spirit.

Don't take yourself too serious, let Jesus be your focus.
Be like The Master Who made Himself of no reputation.

I have ministered to the sick who got healed, 
and I have ministered to the sick who didn't get healed.

I have commanded the dead to come back to life,and they did.
And I have also attempted to raise the 
dead on other occasions but they were not raised.

I will continue to believe God for the supernatural, 
people's opinions are irrelevant.

A Believer once approached someone on a wheelchair at a mall, 
asking the man if he would allow him to pray for his healing.

The man on the wheelchair said to the Believer, 
"what if after your prayer I'm not healed?".
The Believer replied by saying, 
"what if after my prayer, you are healed?".

The man allowed the Believer to pray for him, 
and he was instantly healed.

Don't let your reputation stop you from being used by God.

The main reason why many Believers are not ministering to the 

Their reputation has become a god that they worship.
They would rather preserve their reputation even if it means disobeying Jesus

Todd White is one of those who walk in the supernatural naturally.
In his testimony,he said that he prayed for ten to 
twelve sick people (on the streets,at the malls,at the parks,etc) 
on a daily basis for three months, without anyone getting healed instantly that he knew of.

At a point,his wife told him that he was an embarrassment, 
and that the two of them wouldn't be going out together 
except he promised her that he would stop praying for the sick.

He told his wife that he is a believer, and Jesus said that signs are to follow 
the believers, therefore he would continue to pray for the sick, 
and that he didn't care about his reputation.

Today,he has a powerful healing ministry and he has witnessed 
tremendous miracles being performed through his hands.

If your reputation means so much to you,there are dimensions 
of the supernatural you will consciously reject.

My Dad once told me about a man of God that he knew,who after experiencing 
Elijah and Philip kinds of supernatural translation on three occasions,
told God himself that he didn't want to experience it again.
His reason being that,if the people get to know, 

There’s a world of difference between performing for people’s approval, 
and being free to minister to their needs 
because you know you already have God’s approval.

Striving for approval is like any other drug; you can never get enough of it. 
And like all drug addicts you go crazy when it’s withheld.

It places you at the mercy of other people’s opinions, 
and as a result you live on an emotional roller coaster. 
That’s not how God wants you to live!

Paul was free to speak the truth in love: to confront people or to be gentle with them. 
When someone told Paul they didn’t like him, he didn’t lose sleep over 
it because his security and self-worth weren’t built on their acceptance. 
‘But as we were allowed of God to be put in trust with the gospel, 
even so we speak…’ (1 Thessalonians 2:4).

Paul didn’t go around comparing himself with others, demonstrating his 
superiority by trying to be top dog or the one who’s always in charge. 
Knowing he already had God’s approval set him free from such anxiety and 
meant he could enjoy the life God called him to.

When we are immature, we worry about what others think of us. 
But as we become more mature, we realise that most of the time 
they aren’t thinking about us at all. They are too busy thinking 
about themselves - or worrying about what we think of them!

Knowing you have God’s approval gives you the strength to deal with 
criticism and conflict because you are secure in your identity. 
And your identity is this: you are redeemed, called, and approved by God.

Eunice Ojo Eme

Did you know that when the 120 gathered at the upper room, 
they were not asking for "Jesus' Mantle".
Neither did Jesus promise anyone His "mantle".

All He promised them was The Holy Spirit.
And He assured them that with The Holy Spirit living inside them, 
they would do even greater works than He did.

This "mantle seeking" concept is strange to the New Testament.

I am not a "mantle seeker".
I am conscious of my divine union with Christ.
1 Corinthians 6:17.

By Taiwo Akinyemi