Embracing Dunamis

Embracing Dunamis

The first time I began to understand 
demonic activities and our authority 
over them in Christ was the day my 
dad took me out as a little boy to go 
pray for a certain man who was being 
harassed by demons.
When we got there, the man had 
evacuated his own house with his entire 
family out of fear. 
According to him, they always heard 
footsteps around the house, mocking 
audible voices, sometimes suddenly the 
glass windows would crack and break, 
and many of such disturbing occurrences. 
My dad walked around the compound 
speaking in tongues and I followed behind. 
When he was done going around the 
compound, he walked to the gate and 
spoke out loudly something like
"Now you all leave in Jesus name and don't 
dare step into this place henceforth. 
I have left my footprint as a mark for you 
to know. 
You have been forbidden from crossing it."
That was the end of that nonsense in that 
man's house from that day on.
But thank God for our superiority over Satan 
and his demons which we have in Christ forever!


I had just planted a new church in this 
particular community. 
While engaging in my regular one on one, 
house to house evangelism, I met this woman 
who was selling stuff right in front of her 
After sharing the gospel with her, 
she asked if I could pray for her daughter. 
I obliged. 
She took me in and explained that her
 daughter had a mental condition that had 
troubled them for many years. 
She would be normal until when she would
 begin to see a human figure 
(invisible to everyone else) that would 
eventually enter into her and immediately 
she would become temporarily crazy 
(it used to last a few hours but it continued 
to increase to days and sometimes weeks)
.... until it leaves again, for a while.
I explained to them that if she would 
believe the gospel and get saved, 
everything would cease. 
They did. 
I invited them to the new church we were 
just starting and Patience (the lady who 
had this condition) began to attend.
One Wednesday, while I was teaching 
with about 12 people in attendance that 
evening, I began to perceive a very 
terrible smell. 
(Oh, I didn't mention that Patience's mum
 had told me that although only Patience 
could see the figure as it approached her, 
they noticed everyone else around her 
could perceive that foul smell, just before 
she went bonkers)
Yeah, so while I was teaching that day, 
I began to percieve that horrible smell, 
and not long after, Patience suddenly got up,
 lifted her seat like a possessed maniac 
and chased off everyone in the Bible study 
we were having!
Her form seemed to change all of a sudden 
and her voice became husky and terrifying.
While I stood there wondering what was 
happening, she turned to me and charged 
in my direction like a gorilla coming to attack 
Before I could think of anything else, 
I lifted up my voice and yelled
"Get out of her in Jesus name!"
Then the most amazing thing happened. 
She stopped in her tracks, opened her 
mouth and a male voice spoke up and 
said, "Leave me alone, I am not coming 
I became bold. Full of the Spirit. 
And I replied. "I said you come out of her 
right this moment in Jesus name!"
She let out a loud scream and fell to the
She woke up about 10 mins later and was 
completely fine.
That evil thing never repeated itself.
By scripture and by experience, I know 
that spirits are real and that Jesus gave
 His Church the highest authority possible 
in heaven and on earth.
We have authority over all wicked spirits in 
His name.
We must keep exercising our dominion over 
them anywhere we sense their presence.
Thank you Jesus!

- Sam Chiaka


Many times after we come to Christ, we are 
bombarded with the details of where we 
need to go with our new life in Christ.  
So we get on the train headed for the 
destination we must arrive at.  
While this is exhilarating and so much fun, 
and important for us to focus on, we are 
not bombarded with the processes that 
get us there. 
So after a while on the train to a place 
that seems too faraway,  most of us give 
up or decide to chart another path.
What if I told you that beyond the 
destination,  the height at which we arrive
 there is important.  
Take for instance flying, while I am not a pilot, 
I do understand that while setting the 
coordinates to the destination is important, 
setting the altitude for the flight is how 
the pilot avoids obstacles on the path to 
his destination. 
For the believer,  the mind is the altitude by 
which we fly to our destination.  
To ensure we are not bogged down by facts,
 we must elevate our minds and thinking 
pattern for the journey to become.  
This is necessary because God's ways and 
thoughts are different from ours and to excel 
on a journey with Him, we have need to 
renew our minds in by His Word.
The absolute truth is if our minds get upgraded,  
the rest of us will follow. 
The gist is God wants us to elevate our thinking 
to be able to follow Him. 
Let us not live trying to get to God's place 
for us with the thought patterns of the past.  
It is time to change how we think.  
Where to start?  

Philippians 4:8...
Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is 
true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, 
whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, 
whatever is admirable—if anything is 
excellent or praiseworthy—think about 
such things.

Embrace Your Super Power!