Killing Boredom

Killing Boredom

He was bored

He knew the symptoms

Straying eyes while driving

Giving second thoughts to the sensuously dressed ladies on the sidewalks

Roaming about the social media

His thoughts taking on a life of their own

Following strange streams to distant places

He was very, very bored

In the past he simply dealt with the boredom

He played football

Hung out with guys

He played video game

He played board games

He read a novel

He joined a positive cause

He joined a library

Some spells took time but they eventually lifted

Only this time

Like a thick fog

It didn't

He loved his wife more than life

But even his wife cannot kill the boredom

He was approaching 40

It suddenly dawned on him

His life had become a routine

Wake up - School runs -Work- Home -sleep

His life had become boring

He was surrounded by fellow slaves of common sense

A Pity!

He met a girl

A good girl, a virgin

She was smart, educated, godly, fresh

They got talking

She was open to a relationship

She doesn't want a married man

Like other ladies close to their 30s

Marriage was a part of the short term goal

He looked young enough

He looked available

He didn't ask her out

Only gave her his attention as if his life depended on it

She was skeptical at first

But she had to throw all doubts away when he started doing video calls with her from his office everyday

He never slipped, not even once

She felt he was the one

She pushed!

She was like his secret joy

She helped him feel he was young and alluring again

He changed his eating habits

Started wearing Jeans and T-shirts

He was just seven years older than her but He had felt as if his life was inching to an end before he met her

She made him feel alive!

He fell in love with her or the idea of the new 'Himself' as she sees him

They started having sex

At first it was exhilarating

Sex at home was fantastic

But she was new territory

Sex was more of an adventure with her

She was a good student

The look in her eyes, that hope...

His wife found out

His Utopia crashed after only one year

He couldn't even explain himself or how he felt

He couldn't defend the fact that she made him happy in her own way

He was irresponsible, he had betrayed his vows, his wife, his family

He ought to be stronger, be a MAN!

His wife cried bitterly

His girlfriend cried bitterly

He cried bitterly

To his girlfriend he was a cunning, slimy, sick liar who ruined her life for his own pleasure

To his wife he was unfaithful, ungodly and had lost all integrity

His children were equally hurt

He was the devil!

The church was disappointed

He was suspended as a worker

He turned to Jesus

He had caved in to his carnal desires

Ruined many lives

He tried to silence his boredom with other distractions for many years

It just loitered for an opportunity this time around

He was lost

He was sorry

It took time

His wife forgave him

His children accepted him

The church agreed he was contrite

He sought counselling

He spent more time with his wife

He spent more time with his family

He studied his bible, prayed more

One, two, three years

It worked

But now, the boredom is back!!