The female hostel opened her eyes to so many things.

Her roommates were especially wild.

As a fresh student, she found herself placed in a room comprising final year students.

She was like their younger sister.

The tale of their adventures stung her teen ears vilely.

Though she was a virgin,

She had heard enough to become very experienced.

She had also seen some things that called sanity to question.

It was as if she was in Sodom and Gomorrah.

The irony of the whole thing was,

Unlike other people who would willingly corrupt her,

Her roommates watched out for her.

If they came across her in the department, cafeteria or faculty

Talking to a guy,

They would await her in the room in the evening

“Who was that you were talking with?”

‘Guys like that are only after sex”

“They prey on fresh students and take advantage, Keep away from them’

She would keep quiet and wonder who appointed them as her adviser!

But she would ultimately admit they were just looking out for her.

Her best friend stayed in the same hostel.

But in another room.

She was a virgin as well, and they used to fantasize about sex all the time.

What does it feel like?

Sometimes they would sit in her bunk and watch her roommates talk about their weekend escapades.

Some of the stuff could make one deaf!

But they enjoyed it in a perverse way.

By the time they resumed the second semester, her friend had gotten a boyfriend.

She was really in love.

She watched as the guy made her friend do crazy things.

Sometimes her friend would just be crying for no just reason or at best, a foolish one.

Ask her what happened, she would say ‘Her boyfriend told her to buy him this’ or

‘Her boyfriend was looking at another girl in a certain way when they were together’

It was very puzzling to her

How a normal beautiful and happy girl would suddenly become a basket case because she had a boyfriend!

Wasn’t love supposed to make someone happier?

She told her friend to break up with him but she wouldn’t hear it.

It caused a big fight between them.

Eventually they settled the disagreement but she swore never to get involved in other people’s relationships again.

It seemed as if love turned people’s brains upside down.

On the day they finished their exams, her Friend’s boyfriend came to her room and told her he was throwing a surprise party for her friend in his flat (He was also a student but he was sharing a flat with four other students off campus) He would like her to be at the party.

She followed him.

They got to his flat at 8pm.

Immediately she stepped into the flat she realized something was wrong!

He looked at her and grinned devilishly.

He: It is either you cooperate with me and we have fun all night or you fight me and I invite my flat mates over. One on one or five on one? Those are your only options.

One of her roommates once told her of a stunt she pulled to get herself out of serious jam. At the time it was very funny, but well…

She smiled and knelt down to thank him.

She: I begged my friend not to tell you, but I guess it was love that made her reveal my secret!

He looked puzzled!

She: Thank you so much for putting yourself forward to remove the shame of many generations over me and my siblings. Your sacrifice will always be cherished and remembered!

He: I don’t understand

She lies down on the bed

She: I am ready

He shrank back, looked at her suspiciously

He: Why don’t you have a boyfriend?

She: I am sorry. Please disregard everything I said before. I don’t know what I was thinking. Can I have something to eat? Please relax.

He opened the door and left.

He never returned.

She slept alone in his room all night.

The next morning, he drove her to the hostel.

Her friends and roommates had been seriously worried about her.

She didn’t tell anybody what happened.

He broke up with her friend the following day.

He didn’t give any reason.




Five years later, he friend is married and living in Germany

She waited until her friend was happily married before telling her the details of what happened that night. She said she kept quiet so that it wouldn’t degenerate into a “He said”, “She said” situation especially since nothing happened between them

She is married with two children and living in Lagos Nigeria