He was given a prophecy that his future laid abroad

He was a 200 level law student studying in a good university

He felt he shouldn’t pursue a future outside of God’s will

He dropped out of school and started processing his travel documents

He got his passport and employed the services of an agent to process his visa

The agent kept demanding money

The USA is now stricter than ever.

You cannot travel as an immigrant, unless we pay an immigration lawyer a lump sum

The lawyer will be the one to give the USA government a compelling reason you should be given a visa.

“He could claim religious persecution or sexual orientation issues; whatever he deems fit will be able to get you in”

He paid and paid until he started protesting.

“I have paid you 600,000 and yet the visa issue has not sorted out. I am tired of this nonsense, I want my money back! I will get another agent”

The agent went missing after that.

His phone numbers were out of reach and he didn’t call.

After eight months, he realized he had been duped.

The prophecy said he would only flourish in a foreign land.

And here he was, rooted to his homeland.

He had collected as much as he could from his parents, and now he had to return home with his tails tucked firmly between his legs.

His father understood and tried to explain to him that God might have a purpose for him abroad, but emphasized that God does not do “Struggle”

“If it was God, it would be easy”

He couldn’t go back to school.

Out of his firm belief he didn’t defer his admission.

He just believed!

He got a job at a travel agency

His experience had taught him so much about travelling and he was able to help many clients.

But his eyes were set on travelling abroad and he waited for his opportunity.

It never came!

He clocked 30, 32, 34, 36.

He was advised to do an IATA course so as to become  a certified travel agent.

He did

He met an elderly woman whose daughters were abroad.

The woman lamented that her three daughters had come of marriageable age years ago but were still single

Would he consider marrying one of them?

He gladly obliged.

He resigned and became the woman’s Personal Assistant.

The woman linked him up with her second daughter.

The first had gotten pregnant for a guy out of wedlock!

They talked and chatted and everything seemed to be going smoothly.

Eventually she came home and told him the bold truth

"I am a lesbian! and I was only playing along so as not to break my parent’s heart!"


He was already 40 years old!

Four years of working for the woman in the hope of fulfilling the prophecy had gone down the drain!

The woman didn’t waste any time.

She sacked him and told him to move out of the boy’s quarters of her house where he had been living

She realized that he lacked the attraction and charisma to marry her daughter

All she wanted was for her daughter to get married in her lifetime.

He had to go while she searched for another prospect who could connect emotionally with her daughter

He was thrown to the streets just like that!

He wandered for many days, sleeping under the bridge until he came across a brother in a T-Shirt and Jeans

The brother came to minister to the sick and homeless under the bridge

It was glaring that the hand of God was upon him.

He: Sir, I am born again, tongue talking and a redeemed believer! These are my problems

The brother listened to him intently and did the unexpected

The brother in Jeans and T-shirt said “Lift up your hands to the heavens" and then he began to prophesy”

Brother In Jeans and T-Shirt told him the Lord’s hand was never shortened that he cannot save, nor His ears heavy that He cannot hear!

Within three months you shall meet your wife, but you will need wisdom to keep her!’’

Start praying for wisdom from today!

That was all.

He had thought the brother would invite him to his house and accommodate him.

What sort of Christianity would leave him to rot under the bridge?

He was highly disappointed!

The next day, he stumbled across an old friend from his village.

The friend accommodated him.

Three weeks later, he met a woman who sells roasted plantain close to his new abode.

They became friends.

The roasted plantain seller was a Christian.

She heard his story and decided to introduce him to the pastor of her church.

He met the pastor and they had a heart to heart

He joined the church.

He saw a babe he liked.

He met with the pastor.

He: Sir, I like that lady.

Pastor spoke with the lady.

She liked him too.

She was an accountant, employed by a top firm.

They started talking.

She took his CV.

Helped him get a good job at a travel agency.

Six months later, he got an apartment.

One year later, he proposed!

She said yes!

They got married 18 months later.

He was 44, she was 39.

PS: The prophecy was a hoax!

His blessings were in his country

They have been married for five years

They have two sets of twins.

He now owns his owns and operate his travel agency.

He found the brother in Jeans and T-shirt.

Sir: What happened?

The man in Jeans and T-shirt told him there are soothsayers and there are prophets

The former can turn your life upside down.

But a prophet’s words are God’s declaration.

They never tarry and they never fail!