Why Christmas

Why Christmas

Why Christmas?


Somebody said Jesus didn’t ask us to celebrate his birth

The person said Jesus instructed us to celebrate his death

The person spoke like a typical nominal Christian

Head full of theology, heart full of carnality

Were Christianity a matter of the head

Such assertions would sell

But it will never be

Love will never be a thing of the head

As much as we ask people to use their head

The head has its limits

The head will not dive into a soak away to save a child drowning in a pit full of waste

The head will say “He is gone, what can we do for him now?”

The heart will jump in first and ask questions later

Always placing the needful above the logical

Always giving, always selfless

Christmas is such an occasion

Angels from the realms of Glory celebrated it

The Word of God to flesh became

God the “image maker” became his own image

Just like that the images he made and the image he became were equals

His handiwork nursed him through childhood

His creations questioned him as he grew

The works of his hand thronged him, seeking wholeness

His creatures nailed him to the cross

Yet it was all part of his grand plan

To turn images into Gods

To make me like Him, he became like me

Every time you celebrate Christmas

You celebrate yourself

If God can dwell with man

Man can equally dwell with God

The same Holy Spirit that overshadowed Mary to enable the reality of Christ

Is the same Holy Spirit overshadowing sinners and bringing them to the reality of salvation

The same spirit that raised Jesus Christ from the death

Is the same spirit that worketh in the children of resurrection every day

You have all things

You can do all things

You can become all things

You can surmount all obstacles

If Christ can beat biology to the punch

If the word can become life in a virgin’s womb

If animals could accommodate him in a manger and he didn’t catch an infection

If the stars could tell the wise men of his birth

And shepherds could mingle with angels to rejoice

If Herod could kill all without killing the “one”

And the mundane can become supernatural in just one breathe

If an angel can make a knowledgeable priest deaf mute in the Holy of Holies

And the same angel can convince a novice virgin to say “Be it unto me”

If timelessness could convince time to accommodate it

And the eternal could open a pathway for the mortal

If infinity can stretch the finite until it is unbreakable

Christmas has redefined what it means to be human

There are Home Sapiens and there are Homo Christus

Dwelling together

Side by side

One building kingdoms that will fail

The Other building kingdoms that will last forever

One building with mortar and clay

The other building with spirit and life

One building ideologies and the physical

The other building individuals and the spiritual

One destined to fade away

The other destined to endure from everlasting to everlasting

If not for Christmas

What hope would man ever have beyond here?

Eat and drink for tomorrow we die?

Jesus made it so much more than existing

He made it eternal life

He brought eternity mankind by becoming mortal

This is why we celebrate Christmas

The great exchange

That happened in an obscure corner of the world

Unheralded, unannounced and unnoticed

He practically sneaked into our world

So that we can boldly walk to the throne of Grace to obtain mercy

This is why we celebrate Christmas

Wherever you are at the moment

If you still find Christmas difficult to celebrate

It means only one thing

You don’t know him from the heart

If you question the date, the tradition, the root and the cause

If you were still hung over on technical details of jot and tittle

You only know him in your head

Christmas is about the heart of Christ

The Heart he gave us

To celebrate our redemption

Our adoption

Our sanctification

Our purification

Our justification

Our “sonship”

Our salvation

Purchased for us in him and through him

That we might live our lives to the full in God

Christmas made it all possible

For a human being to se seated right now above principalities and powers

For mortals to be as Christ is right now in this world

Christmas made it all possible

So, join us…

As we celebrate the Alpha and the Omega

The Beginning and the end

The first and the last

In his glorious state as he is now

And his birth that opened the supernatural doors of divinity to all men!

Merry Christmas!