He was born of wealth and affluence
His father was a Judge
His mother was a Senior Advocate of Nigeria
He was the first of four children
He had the very best
His parents were devoted Christians
When he was ten years old
His parents sent him to a boarding school
They bought him one of the very best form of education money could buy
He had everything so easy
So available!
He was one of the best students in his class
He was humble, well groomed and a leadership material
The boarding school encouraged young students to have role models
Apart from the socialization advantages, it helps most of the students to bond for life
He informed his father of his choice of a school father
A fifteen year old young man who was in SS2
His father did a thorough investigation
The young man was a prefect, a brainiac and he has a strong family name
His Father approved and he wrote a letter of proposal to the young man
He asked politely that he would like the young man to be his school father
The young man wrote back to him accepting the offer
They became a tag team!
He was always tagging along wherever his school father was going
They read together, shared a bunk and did everything in common
His school Father was the only male child of his parent
They took to each other like David and Jonathan
He was in JSS 2 when his school father sodomised him the first time
His school father was just about writing his series of final year examinations at the time
His school father told him it was an initiation into the league of power and influence
If he willingly agreed to be initiated
He would be settled for life
He would have protection from other students and teachers
He would have a guarantee of a bright future
He wasn't actually told it would be sodomy
He was merely told it would be an initiation
He really wanted his school father to approve of him
He agreed
That night, he was asleep when they came
Seven boys in senior class
His school father spread eagled him on his face
Tied his hands and legs to the bunk and did the thing
He didn't know what to feel
Physically it was painful but it was more than pain
Something happened to his soul and spirit
It was as if he was crushed and fed through a funnel into a dark hole
The next day they were back
His school father told him it had to be done until he got used to it and began to enjoy it
He tried his best to be brave and not to cry
But he whimpered and cried despite himself
And true to his school Father's words, they kept coming back until they broke him
He became a willing horse of pleasure
It all lasted for three months
His school Father graduated
He moved to JSS 3
Nobody else touched him
He had been afraid the others who used to come with his school father would take over
He had promised himself he would stab anybody who tries it to death
But it didn't happen
He didn't know why or cared
He also lost the ability to sleep like a child
He was always afraid someone who come and grab him when he was asleep
His grades plummeted and it felt as if a shadow came over his countenance
Most of the teachers who used to see him and talk nicely to him or about him changed
He managed to get into SS1
When he got into SS2, he suddenly got interested in having a school son
He didn't know why, he didn't really want one
He got one anyway and he started grooming him for the kill just as it was done for him
But he couldn't bring himself to do it
The boy's mother was always appearing to him in his dream
She was always menacing, telling him "Touch my son and Die"
It was so real to him!
When he graduated from secondary school
He realized he couldn't stay at home and be a good boy as expected
A voice was in his head talking to him all the time
"Leave", "Go", Hurry", This place is boring", "Fun", "club"
He couldn't bear to be around his own thoughts for long
He needed music, a lot of noise to drown his thoughts
He stole his father's money, five million naira and left home
He went to a club and somehow somebody picked him out
They talked and realized they wanted the same thing
He and the guy, his new friend
His friend introduced him to other guys like them
They were not really couples
They just went with the flow
Within a year, the money was gone
He couldn't go back home
His "friend" didn't want a liability
They started frequenting other clubs
Sleeping with rich, lonely, perverts for money
It was a lifestyle he loathed
It was the only lifestyle he knew
He fell Ill one day, he went to the hospital
He was confirmed to be HIV positive
Reality hit him like electrocution
How would he fund his drugs and lifestyle
His immediate younger sister was already preparing to head for the University
He wrote a letter of apology to his mother
He wrote a letter of apology to his father
His father invited him back home
Within a week, he stole some valuables and left again
He promised himself he would do business and cater to his own needs
He returned to his vomit
Another year gone, he woke up one day to find himself sleeping in a bus stop
He needed help and fast
He walked into a church the next morning
He wanted to solicit for some help from church members
Nobody paid him any heed!
Church members had grown very wise of cunning minds fleecing them to fund a destructive lifestyle
He asked somebody standing close by
How come these church members are so stingy
The person said "they have a fund for welfare but you have to see the pastor to get some of it"
He was desperate enough
He went to the pastor's office
The pastor had just left, he met the Pastor's Personal Assistant
The PA: Yes sur, how may I help you
He told the PA a sob story
he promised he had changed and needed some money to go back home
The PA asked him to call his mother
The PA spoke with his mother
His mother said: Pls send him home
The PA gave him 10,000! Take a bus to Abuja immediately
He was very grateful
The PA was very happy!
He had done exactly what Jesus would have done!
Six weeks later, the PA was in his office was the young man returned
PA: What! What are you doing here?
He: Sir, I need your help
PA: No, I cannot help you
He: Sir,I came to Lagos to collect my SSCE result and I overslept!
I missed my bus back to Abuja and I must be back in Abuja today because I have a flight to catch tonight
PA: What?
He brought out his international passport and ticket and showed the PA
The PA was shocked
How can you be in Lagos at 10Am and be expected to be on a flight to Atlanta this night by 11pm?
He fell on his knees and started crying
The Holy Spirit said to the PA
Lay hands on him and rebuke the spirit of error at work in him
Minister salvation to him and leave him to me
The PA obeyed
The PA told him about Jesus and salvation
The young man was desperate and he kept saying yes to everything the PA was saying
The PA was worried that the young man was going along because he needed help
But he decided he had to obey the Holy Spirit
The young man received Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour
The PA laid hands on him and Zoooooooooooooooooooooooooom!
He shot out of the small office like a rocket, screaming and shouting all the way
When he got to the end of the hall he fell on his face weeping
He cried for almost an hour before he started praying in tongues!
PA had just 12,000 naira in his bank account
PA called a friend at one of the airlines
"Please could you help me book a 2pm flight for a young man to Abuja,
i will pay you for the ticket at the end of the month"
PA: I have a wife and children at home, because of you I am going into debt!
Please take this money and get to the airport (PA gave him 2000)
He left
He had graduated from the University he went to in Michighan,
He came home to register for his NYSC
He came to see PA
He came to say Thank you!
As soon as the PA saw him, he ran and embraced him
He: Sir, you still remember me?
PA: How can I ever forget you, you are my brother!
They hugged and talked as brothers
It was a sweet reunion
The PA introduced him to his boss
His boss prayed for him and blessed him
The Holy Spirit changes lives everyday!
Are you tired of your life and desire a change?
Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour
Ask the Holy Spirit to come into your heart
You will change!!!

PS: Sometimes you do certain things you cannot tell anybody about
I couldn't tell my wife i went into debt because of this young man
But I had to obey the Holy Spirit and I was glad I did!
Seeing him today made my day!
Do you find yourself in a lifestyle you are struggling to come out of?
Do you find yourself in darkness, wailing and gnashing your teeth?
The Holy Spirit is the light that banishes every darkness
Come to Jesus now!

- Gbenga Samuel-Wemimo