Adjusting Course

Adjusting Course

She left home very early

She wanted to be in school before the assembly

Her mother gave her transport fare

Her school was about ten minute’s drive from home

She said her goodbyes

Exited their flat through the kitchen door

The next door Kitchen door opened slowly

She sneaked in

She hurried into the sitting room

He locked the door

He took his time in the kitchen

Put some food on the fire

Then he came to her

They were always very hungry after

She had already discarded her uniform

She didn't want it rumpled

Her mother was eagle eyed

Oh how sweet this was!

The only downside was they must speak in whispers

Even when he hit that spot and his name was rolling off her lips in glee

Her parents assumed she had gone to school

At 3pm he scouted the horizon for her

She sneaked towards the gate and banged it as she returned home from school

His break ran its course

He went back to school

She got his address

Love defies all

On Tuesdays and Thursdays his classes started by noon

She left home dressed in her school uniform

Found somewhere to change, went to his school

He was after all her boyfriend

She was in love

Her best friend noticed

Why were you playing truant?

She told her about her boyfriend

The undergraduate

They went to see him

His roommate was there

Roommate Tom'ed her friend's Jerry

Her friend was game

Twice a week they would visit and ride the thunder sticks for free

Her friend got pregnant

They told Roommate

Roommate told his Father

Roommate's Parents showed up at her friend's house

The parents discussed!

They asked for her friend's hand in marriage

Just like that her friend married and relocated with Roommate to the UK

Just like that!

She failed her examinations woefully

Her parents told her she would have to work to raise the money for the resit

She devised a solution

Her man was also an only child

His parents were financially stable

Men often needed to be encouraged to make the right decision

Very Simple!!!

She got pregnant

He Kicked

What! Was he not supposed to propose?

Her parents kicked!

As expected.

His parents Kicked!


Her parents came to see his parents

They came with some elders and a Pastor

He said he was not ready to be a father, they had been having sex for two years

She unilaterally decided she wanted to have a baby, did she think he was foolish?

What value would she bring into his life? She didn't even pass her examinations?

She: But you knew all this before sleeping with me

He: Were you not also enjoying the sex? Was I raping you?

His parents decided to adopt the baby

She must return to school, make something of her life

Her parents agreed

The Pastor and the Elders agreed

She disagreed! 'No one can take my baby from me!

I will stay with my baby'

Nobody listened to her

They took the child from her

She Cried

She went back to school

Wisdom helped her focus

She studied fisheries

She met a medical doctor during her NYSC, they got married two years later

He married a fellow engineer he met on the oil rig

The child is now 14 years old, It is never too late to navigate your way out of pain