Spiritual Gatekeeping

Spiritual Gatekeeping

The thing on my mind

I have debated if I should write this or not. 

In every dispensation, it is our responsibility to be aware, be informed of the good and negative trends that are prevalent. As Christians, It is not enough to be informed, we must master it enough to be able to contribute intelligently with a balance view to the conversations around it. Gone are the days where as Christians we dismiss what is happening around us. Our children and young ones are watching and if you have a relationship with them, they will ask questions, they will ask you why. And the whys can no longer be dismissed with the 'bible says so'

A few years ago, I was discussing with an older friend and missionary, he said something that struck me. he gave an illustration using Coca cola. That over the years, the content of coca cola hasn't changed, but the packaging and delivery keeps changing to stay relevant. The gospel is the same. While the content MUST not change, we must rethink ways of delivering this gospel more effectively. And this we must especially with all the negativity surrounding the church. People must see, feel and be imparted with the Love and power of Christ upfront and personal. 

I know that we live in a country where we are gradually becoming numb to death ( except when it hits home) insecurity is on the high. Everyday we hear of deaths, killing, robbery etc, it has become normal to us. We forget that God does not take pleasure in the death of anyone who isn't saved. We forget that God himself hurts when one dies before their time. Its been said that its only among christians that a fallen officer is left to die, becomes a laughing stock or told he deserves to die. Over and over again I have seen this. Perhaps I was once like this. Yet the bible has warned us to take heed when we think we stand least we fall.

We have been taken aback with two cases of suicide this week. One a a Christian, a Minister of the gospel and I am saddened, yet not surprise by the callous, lack of compassion, empathy and insensitive utterances by Christians over such death. Their defence is telling the truth. Truth that is devoid of compassion, devoid of love. That lacks empathy. 

When something of such happens within the family, the first concern and worry should be why? Why should a believer in Christ think suicide an option? What happened to the joy of the Lord, Our hope in Christ? What went wrong? Why didn't he/she tell us? How come he/she couldn't confide in any to share his/her pain and struggle. How did we miss it? These  are they questions we should be asking. 

But I see from the comment and responses by my brethren, we do not care. We are more interested in passing judgements. And so we will continue to miss the signs and suicides will continue to happen, and your truth of the threat of hell will not stop them. That he or she does not deserve to be buried in a coffin means nothing to the dead. The person who contemplates suicides only thinks of escaping the pain of now.

I hear people say talk to someone. Talk to who? The same people who will trivialize your pain with condescending attitude cos they have gone through worst and are standing? Forgetting we all have different threshold of pain. Sorry, the post and comments I have read; such will be the last I will recommend a depressed person to. 

I pray for the church and myself today, that we be more compassionate, more sensitive and spiritually alert and aware of our brethren and people around us. Lets be our brothers keeper. Beyond being brethren, let's build friendship, bridges that truly connect with one another. Let our house fellowships, departmental and unit groups be beyond another bible study or collecting offering. Let it be a time of truly connecting with one another. Go for movie dates, picnics, dinners etc. Connect, Connect, Connect. Know each other, be the nuclear family within the lager family.

A need has come upon us as a church. I  do not know what to do with a depressed person, but I am willing to learn, to study, to seek help that I might be of help to a brother or sister in need. 

I do not know what you are going through right now, but suicide is not an option. Your pain does not end, eternity awaits while you leave your loved ones in much pain. 

There is hope in Christ. 

I pray you find him in the midst of your pain and struggle.

I pray you encounter his Love on the cross.

The power of the resurrection.

The peace that comes with knowing him and having fellowship with him even when there is no one to talk to. 

It is well. Truly, it is well in Christ. 

 Mngohol Ukpi Grace Gwaza