Death was waiting in the valley

The pastor did not know

That the same car that drove him to the village had conspired with death to take his life

He was with a friend

The valley was steep

He pressed the brakes

Death laughed

The car lost control

The pillars beside the road stood strong

The car crashed into them

The force lifted him, banged his chest against the wheel, crashed him out of the windscreen

Blood everywhere

The noise caught attention

People rushed to help

They lifted him out of the car

They lifted his friend

“They were still breathing”


He was just a few minutes away from his house

His wife heard!

Emergency, Emergency!!!

He opened his eyes

Where is my wife?

He saw his wife

He said: “Take me out of this hospital, I don’t want to die! Take me to my own doctor”

Death laughed

His wife said: “Okay, please don’t leave me, remember we have a lifetime together, remember…”

Wife rushed to the doctor, “This is my husband’s request”

Doctor: If you take him out of here, he would die!

Wife: If he stays here he would die!

Doctor patched him up, ambulance carried him, his wife held his hands

Just as they were about to close the door of the ambulance

The angels boarded the ambulance

He saw them

He turned to his wife, “Babe, I gotta go! I love you. Take care of our children and the ministry. God bless you”

He left

Not looking back, not having a second thought about this closed chapter

He was here and now he was gone!

The angels were friendly, they gave him a file

He wrote all he was seeing

He saw paradise, he saw the saints in their glorious apparels, lifting holy hands in worship

He saw the mansions. The promise keeper’s words rang true

“Where I am, you may be also…”

Then he saw the gates of Hell

Torments and gnashing of teeth

Time was irrelevant

The ambulance got to the hospital

The doctors checked him

“Take him to the mortuary”

His wife wept bitterly

They got to the mortuary, he was checked in for 1000.00 acceptance fee

His wife ran to his father

“He is gone!”

His father couldn’t believe it

He waved his son goodbye a few hours before

The ram his son brought him was still tied to a tree outside his compound

His son had left with a promise to bring him a bag of rice for Christmas

Only a few hours before…

He looked at his son’s wife and children

He looked at his other son

He had been robbed and he was powerless to pursue and recover

Suddenly his wife screamed

“I had a promise from God in January, that violence shall not rob me anymore, I am a woman and I am supposed to receive my dead bodies raised to life again in Christ Jesus”

“No way”

Faith surged, she cried to her Father-In-Law

I want to take him to the city

An evangelist is coming to town

Please arrange it, I will not be robbed

Faith surged!

It was arranged!

He was prepared!

He was carried in an ambulance

They got to the city

The evangelist was dedicating a church

Emergency, Emergency

Someone is here with a dead body

His wife: I know God will raise my husband from the dead

Ushers and security details meet

Take him out of the coffin, put him in the basement

It was done

His wife sat close by, watching him … waiting

A crowd gathered

He breathed!

Quick short bursts, faint pulse, faint heartbeat

Someone noticed

Believers gathered

Prayers started

Singing started

The power surged in him

He jumped up


Somebody grabbed him

He asked for water

Then he asked for his file

They didn’t understand what he was saying

He was taken into the church

The noise spread abroad

Hundreds thronged to the church

They wanted to see Lazarus!

The sick saw him and were healed

Many repented of their sins

Our Faith is the victory that overcomes the world


Ps: This event happened in Onitcha in 2001

Reinhardt Bonnke was the evangelist that ministered

The Youtube link of the testimony is attached 

Say “Lord Jesus, I believe your word and I confess you are the son of God and the redeemer of my soul, I am saved by the power of resurrection that raised you from the dead. I experience that power from today through the Holy Spirit! Thank you Jesus for saving my life. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

Congratulations! Welcome to Heaven on earth! Hallelujah!!!