The Invitation

The Invitation

January 3, 2020,

Hello sir, i need God's intervention. 
I am a pastor in ikorodu. 
The name of my church is GOP Christian 
Last year was a tough year for i and my 
family even though we also had some 
unique testimonies. 
We paid our Church and house rent 
The healing power of God was felt 
mightily in my family and many others. 
But there are still some spill-over 
problems, apart from being a pastor 
I can also do a power-generation job
(Generator, inverter, stabilizer, and 
some household and industrial equipment 
repair maintenance and supply). 
Two jobs i did took away value from my 
business in 2019. 
One is the generator i supplied a Church in 
Ikorodu, on which i had to refund 500k, 
and another for a company in Surulere, 
on Bode Thomas street, which put me 
into another debt of close to 50k. 
In October i lost my mum and am the 
first son. 
So i had to fund the burial. 
I borrowed some money to the tune 
of 90k believing God that i will get 
another job and i will pay back 
From that October i have not paid back 
and the lending company are 
threatening me with litigation,  
Though i got some little job which i 
wanted to use to get a drivers license 
so i can start a driving job, but my first 
son was hospitalized at Ikorodu 
General Hospital, we spent all the 
money i got and even friends had 
to come to my aid, Please i need God's 
urgent intervention. 
Please i am seeing lots of testimony from 
the general platform and i know if you 
guys join me in prayer this yoke of failure 
and disgrace will be broken. Thank you sir.

GSWMI: Thank you for your spirits impartation 
and encouragement
I don't just know how to start
I think I need a job
Too many debts and pressing needs
Sir forgive me if I sound anyhow
My rent has expired, my children just 
resumed school am indebted to the 
tune of over 150k.
Hope you still remember me Sir

February 20, 2020
[Good evening sir. It is J from Ikorodu. 
I don't have data, I would have sent a 
WhatsApp message. 
I am the pastor you sent some money
during the festive season, from Ikorodu
I am now a content creator for Opera 
news hub and 
Also I have been invited for an audition 
for a  job at Galaxy TV tomorrow. 
Sir, my challenge now is my rent is 
My caretaker landlord and lawyer will 
be coming tomorrow, pls sir if there is 
any little way you can help. 
I don't know you, but I don't know 
where to run to. Pastor J.


On Friday 28th February 2020, 
The Holy Spirit shall be breathing life 
on dreams, visions, revelations, plans 
and potentials! 
A sudden surge of the gusher for refreshing 
and revival by the Pneuma! 
The Night of Glory "vigil" will be holding 
in Surulere at No 22 Funsho Williams Avenue, 
and on Sunday the 1st of March, There 
shall be a "Making" of room for all who 
had been at a disadvantage by the power 
of the Holy Spirit! 
The Holy Spirit has asked me to invite you! 
Please let's fellowship together and be 
placed in his ordained path by His power

Pastor J 10:00 pm
I am preparing to come for the vigil 
today as invited

Pastor J. 8 am (Saturday after Night of Glory)
I got healed of heartburn and ulcer
GSWMI: Hallelujah
Pastor J: It's been disturbing heavily for the 
past two weeks
GSWMI: Glory to God
Pastor J: Yesterday while we were praying 
and worshipping, I laid my hands on it and 
that was all till now
While I was coming yesterday I nearly died
It was burning me like fire
So I had to observe it since morning
No burn no pain
GSWMI: Praise God
Pastor J: God has been faithful too me 
and my family.

September 3, 2020

Pastor J: Within the lockdown, there was 
a total turn around
We were blessed beyond measure
It was unbelievable
I am now a manager of an NGO
And the ministry is better than it used to be

PS: Hallelujah
The Holy Spirit specifically asks me
to invite some people to Night of Glory
Just so that they can partake of the
atmosphere and turn their realities
The Night of Glory for the month of
September 2020, is a celebration
of your Triumph
All you have to do is partake of the
service and experience the presence
of the Holy Spirit for transformation
It has always been a service of
ministration to the Holy Spirit.
Join us this Friday, 25th September 

GSW's notes: I have seen the presence
of the Holy Spirit
I have seen His power
I have seen His glory
I testify of His goodness
This is my confidence and joy
Come and taste of His goodness
Just come and you will become the light