The Praying Mother

The Praying Mother

Her mother insisted they must not come home for the wedding

Nobody understood why

Her father would love to have a big wedding

This was his first child

His first daughter

He had long planned her wedding in his head

As a SAN

All the "Who is who" in the society must be there!

Her mother disagreed

She insisted the couple be allowed to do their wedding abroad while the two families held a concurrent wedding ceremony at home

He argued passionately but had to agree with her after she woke him up in the middle of the night and cried her eyes out


Their daughter was equally disappointed, but once he aligned with his wife she had no option but to agree

The husband's family were the ones that came up with the proposal, their agreement sealed it

The couple had their wedding abroad, the families did the needful at home

A month after their honeymoon, they traveled abroad with all the wedding gifts for the couple. Though much of the gifts had been converted to cash, the others especially customized artworks, clothing materials and other sentimental gifts were handed over to them!

The marriage was a good one. The husband was a medical doctor, the wife a lawyer. They settled into married life easily and the love between them was genuine. The only thing missing in their marriage was a child, they tried desperately to raise a family but it was all to no avail

The day their marriage clocked 5, her mother arrived their home. Her mother had refrained from talking about children since they got married. She didn't want to put them under pressure but she had become convinced the matter was spiritual and this was why she came to their house

Her mother: I had a dream you were getting married, we were all happy and rejoicing and somebody touched you with something fetish and your womb was taken. This was why I insisted we shouldn't do the wedding at home but that you guys should be allowed to hold the wedding over at home

I believed danger was averted but I have to admit something horrible must have happened that had made that dream a reality in your marriage. I believe we should no longer pretend this is ordinary. We need to pray". They were both fervent Christians. "What was Mama saying?"

Mama would have none of it. She declared a three days fasting and prayer. They both complied. Not because it was convenient but because her mother was a spiritual junkie. The type that believed Jesus Christ "eats, sleeps and speaks with her". Those fanatical types that Kabash!

While they slept at night, they would hear mama silently praying like the silent murmur of a fountain. On the third day, in the middle of the night, Mama knocked on their bedroom door with fury! They rushed out. Mama pointed to a frame on the wall. Mama, where did you get that?

It was one of the gifts they got from Nigeria after their wedding. One of those shipped over to them. Mama took the frame gently and smashed it on the floor. It scattered. Everybody flinched! Inside it was a strange thing, tied with a  blank string. Mama picked it up bravely

She untied the rather long string to reveal a piece of paper. She unfolded the paper. The message inside says "Children are a taboo in this home)"

Mama burnt the paper immediately. They knelt down and mama blessed them. The next day Mama left. Nine months later she delivered a boy

PS: This story is about a couple in Atlanta USA. The Testimony was aired on TBN for many weeks.

The couple have four children now, they are both spirit filled ministers of the gospel.


For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil.