The Protege

The Protege
The Protege

She wrote to him in the dead of the 
It was a letter of apology
It was a letter of deep contrition
She said she wished she could write
directly to his wife
She knew that would only lead to
an escalation of an issue long-buried
Her conscience needed some cleansing
She couldn't just walk away from
the wounds of the past
Especially because she played a 
major role in what went down
What happened was madness
It was orchestrated by the devil
but somehow things didn't turn
out as wickedly as she anticipated
It started with the frustration of 
She was a graduate
She was jobless and lonely
She was living with her elder sister
She had hopes and dreams that
had simply refused to become a
She would go on social media daily
just to keep herself sane and catch up
with old friends
She followed many interesting handles
but most of the important people
wouldn't respond to a direct message
She had sent applications everywhere
She just needed someone to take a
personal interest in her case
Someone with the right connection
Then she met him
She saw how rich his followership was
He was supposed to be one of those
who wouldn't respond to direct messages
She sent him one
He responded
She told him about her job situation
He told her to send her CV
She told him about her gift as a writer
He told her to send some materials
of her to him
She told him about her boredom
He sent her some jobs to do and 
promised to pay her
He was like an angel of God
She was depressed and he was a
They got talking
He told her he was married, he was
a man of God and his heart was 
always to help
He couldn't shun anybody
He didn't know how to leave the
wounded behind
She couldn't believe it
He was open and friendly and kind
She had met other married guys
who wanted to sleep with her
She was vulnerable too
She knew that but he seemed indifferent
She needed the attention badly
He was someone she could trust
A toothless wolf she could be safe 
She told him about her feelings
about her body
She felt her breasts were too small
She was too lanky and not so feminine
She told him about the guys she met
in the past
Her sexcapades with some of them
The realities she had to deal with
in life
She wrote and chatted and called
He was patient with her
He knew she would run out of words
She would learn to listen and be
He was a tough person
Though soft and listening on the 
but he wasn't so accessible 
She was intrigued by that
The things she had said to her
The extent to which she had exposed
They should be having video sex
But it was as if it had no impact on him
It made her feel less womanish
Women were supposed to command 
a power over sexuality and arousal
It was their natural strenght
It was innate and real
She had seen it work on many others
It was part of her confidence and glow
Why was he acting like King Kong
She decided to crank it up
H had to crack somewhere and
say "enough"
She wrote quite a lot
She was explicit and dirty and 
sometimes outrightly seductive
He had to ask her at a point if she
was trying to frame him or get
him to say somethings so that she
can publish his words in a magazine
to get readership or cause a scandal!
It was what social media "follow and
retweet" clout seekers do
They could slit their own throats
to get a retweet
She assurred him it was not
To prove it she deleted the chat
record on whatsapp and on twitter 
She wanted him to feel safe with her
She was just being naughty
He knew that but he reasoned
that it was better for her to be naughty
with the right person than with someone
who would take advantage of her
It was also better than depression
and the mental blackhole she was
stuck in before she met him
They became best friends
She called him everyday
One night she video called him
as they were talking, the light in her
room went off
So she took off her clothes
The heat was crazy and he couldn't
see anything
Suddenly the light came back on
He saw her and his countenance
remained stoic
It was demeaning to say the least
She would have preferred him to 
say "What are you doing" or "You slut"
He didn't even blink
It was as if he was looking at a 
naked guy
She started to cry
He asked her why she was crying
She told him she had told him
before that her breasts were too small
and he had just confirmed it by seeing
her naked and acting as if he saw
A million words couldn't right that
He told her he had seen worse
He had been in ministry for many 
He had impact because he doesn't
see as other people see
He has never been moved by physical
As she listened to him speak
And he spoke on and on for about thirty
Something happened to her
She started shivering and praying
in tongues
She cut the call and cried all night
She was stricken by a strange sense
of conviction
She avoided him after that
He was not an ordinary man of God
like the others
She had slept with pastors and priests
in the past
She would feel a little guilty and talk
herself out of it
They were all in the flesh and the flesh
would make its demands
but not this way, not with him
It was as if he was a stone she stumbled
She fell out of herself in a way
She got a job soon after
He also called her one day and 
informed her that he had sort of found
a guy with whom she could perhaps
have a relationship
He was like that
Always thinking of how to make things
better for others
It was how he was
It was who he was
But it made her angry again
Was he better than other people
Was he better than her
He was parking her off for someone else
Arranging a guy for her to befriend
She was not good enough for him?
Of course he was married
She wished he would say "I love you
but I am married" or "I would have liked
to sleep with you but I am married"
She would have respected that
It would imply that he was human
and she was effective as a woman but
he had principles or feared God!
He never mentioned his wife at all
in their conversations
He would say "I am above certain
things and i cannot claim to be beneath
He was arrogant and cocky
Like "I cannot fall or i cannot cheat"
It brought out the worst in her
She wanted him to see that he was
But he was determined to make her
see that she was not human
He kept telling her she was more than
what she was thinking 
He would say "You have based your
thought parameters on the mundane,
you only imagine the material and 
the basic but you have been made new
in Christ for a higher life
If only you can see it!"
It riled her badly
His sanctmonious psychobabble
One day they met at Nnamdi Kanu park
She told him she wanted them to go
somewhere private
Somewhere cozy
He got her message and laughed
She said "If you know your God,
that anointing power you claim to
have is real, take me to a hotel"
He said okay
He got her in the car
They drove to a nearby hotel
As soon as he parked his car
She screamed "Oh my God! 
My period is coming"
He dropped her and drove to a nearby
He got her sanitary pads and drove
back to the hotel
She went to the ladies to tidy herself
He waited patiently for her
When she emerged, he drove her
back to the park
He said "The Holy Spirit told me to
meet with you here. He said he has
definite plans for you within the next
one year. He said he loves you"
He didn't say anything about the period
He acted as if it was natural for 
her to have her period a week after
the previous cycle ended
He usually would gloat about it
He was very verbose and boastful
about the Holy Spirit and His walk
with him
It was unlike him to be sullen and 
She said "You are pitying me right?
I came all the way here to prove a
point and I didn't even get to prove
it. You must feel I am of no good!
Tell me that is what you are thinking...
He said "The Holy Spirit is taking
you far away from here in a short
while, we will not be able to see or
talk as we had been doing.
I keep imagining how you will later
feel when you know you could have 
upgraded your thinking and asked
for more than the mundane. You
could have asked for the world
but your eyes are glued to self and
misery! Not many will have this
You will get it one day!
His words made zero sense to her
He took her to the mall and bought 
her some ice-cream
Then she left
A week later, she got a job somewhere
in the east
It was as he said
She was taken far away from him
Then his wife discovered her chat
messages and records on his phone
His wife couldn't believe another
woman would go that far trying to
seduce a married man
His wife knew he wouldn't condemn
a soul
But his wife was not that kind of Christian
She lashed out!
It was pretty messy
Throughout the messy period he was
Even by his wife's reaction
It was as if he had forsworn human 
He reached out to her and asked
her if she was okay
He said "Don't forget what the Holy
Spirit said, dont get ditracted by this"
That was the last time they discussed
She started attending a church close
to her house
Somehow she met the Holy Spirit
during a Sunday service
It was a day of total transformation
She had a fire in her that was so real
SHe began to preach the gospel
She began to walk in signs and wonders
It was exactly as he prophesied
Years went by
She was praying in her room
She remembered him
She remembered all she did and how
foolish everything was
She remembered how stable he was
She remembered he stayed through to
the instruction of the Holy Spirit
despite her antics
She cried bitterly
She wished she could be like him
Stable, sure, strong and dependable
She wished she could learn the ways
of the Holy Spirit and grow into the
reality of the Holy Spirit that
renders the flesh powerless
She wrote to him
She apologised
She had gotten it
He responed in the most unusual
way as usual
He said "No power of death or scheme
of man (even you) can change who
Christ made you when you became
born again! You don't have to pray
that God will change you, you have
already been changed! 
Walk in this light!"
It made her cry some more
but she got it!
God is at work in her already both
to will and do of His good pleasure!

Ps: If you were in your room praying
and the Holy Spirit showed you a
In the vision you saw by the power
of the Holy Spirit a minister of the
gospel who was healing the sick and
raising the dead 
You saw her name and you saw the
exploits the Holy Spirit was doing 
through her.
Then you hear the Holy Spirit say
"I will bring this vessel to you,
you must prepare her"
Two days later, the person reached
out to you and she was a wildling!
Absolutely nothing close to the
vision you saw.
How far would you go?
What would be absolutely too much
to give to see the person become
what the Holy Spirit said?
Would you sleep with such even
if she offered you sex for free?
Would you take advantage of such
or be a blessing?
We must learn not to see God's people
as preys and ourselves as predators
We must be trustworthy as we give
account of the souls sent our way
by the Holy Spirit
I write this to all believers and 
the leaders of His Church!

GSW's Notes: If you read this story
by the flesh and decided to use
it as an excuse to back up your
carnal behaviours and ungodly
intentions towards the sheep of
His pasture
I am shaking my head for you!
The Holy Spirit can never ever
give you the green light to cheat
on your spouse, molest a daughter
of Zion, take advantage of those
you were supposed to help nurture
or use human weaknesses as
an excuse to engage in ungodliness

Always remember that He is Spirit
He is even where you might assume
He is not
He always is!

-Gbenga Samuel-Wemimo