She knew there was something wrong with her 

She told everybody she was not feeling well

Something was walking all over her body

Sometimes her temperature would suddenly flare up

Sometimes her two ears would turn red and start moving on their own

Sometimes her tummy would roar relentlessly

Sometimes she would shake and tremble uncontrollably

Her daughter was far away in another state

Studying to become an engineer

She called her daughter often, explaining her dilemma

Her daughter pleaded with her to go to the hospital

But she knew the issue was beyond going to the hospital

She started going from church to church

Pastor to pastor

Until she became a nuisance and pastors started dodging her

Sometimes a pastor would pray for her

She would be free for a few days and then the demons would return with vengeance

She cried and cried

But nobody paid attention!

Her pastor called it “Menopause”

He said it is a phase which must pass

She couldn’t believe it

If what she had was menopause, almost all the women her age would be acting insane

It was much more than menopause

There is a battle over her health and she was losing it

Eventually her daughter returned home

Her daughter couldn’t believe what she was seeing

Her mother whom she left healthy, plump and selling roasted plantain for rich customers

Had lost a lot of weight and looked so shabby

What sort of malady could this be?

Her daughter went to the pastor

Pastor was a medical doctor, he was sure it was menopause

Pastor’s wife was also a medical doctor, she concurred

Her daughter told her two doctors can never be wrong

The doctors even gave her a book on menopause to study for herself

She studied the book and saw that some of the symptoms were actually menopausal in nature

She said Whoa!

It is really a blessing to have Doctors as pastors!

One wouldn’t have to cast and bind nature

Menopause is very natural

She told her mother that truth

Her mother was unconvinced but groaned much less

A week later, she (the daughter) started feeling strange things moving inside her body

It was so terrible that it became a battle for her to swallow water

Her temperature skyrocketed

She felt exactly what her mother had been feeling for over a year

And she was just 22 years old

Was she going into menopause?

She ran to the hospital, the doctor insisted nothing was wrong with her physically

Unless of course she was psychologically feeling the pains of her mother

The doctor believed she was a hypochondriac

The doctor even recommended psychiatric help

But how could she suddenly become a hypochondriac?

She had been around sick people before then and she had never psychologically taken over their discomfort and pains

What could be happening?

She spent the whole day at the hospital and she felt better

The next day her mother was admitted

The pain had become so severe that she could barely breathe

The doctors checked everywhere

They couldn’t find anything

One doctor mentioned that the patient used to have fibroid

The doctors debated it

The fibroid was no longer a threat because she was already in menopause

But they didn’t know what else to do

They informed her daughter that they have to remove her womb completely!

She wouldn’t have it but her daughter convinced her to do it

It was a tug of war but eventually she agreed!

The operation was done

And everything went mad!

The pain intensified, the shaking, the trembling now added fainting spells

She took her mother out of the hospital

The torment was just too much!

They went to see a prophetess

Developments necessitated it

The prophetess prayed and went into a trance

When she landed from whatever mountain she went to

She told them the following:

  1. Their late father was the cause of the problem
  2. The man put their names on an altar for evil
  3. Unless the altar was pulled down, they will all die one after the other
  4. The altar cannot be pulled down by prayer only physically

That was all!

No solution!

They started asking questions

Their father was a devoted Christian

He had no altar anywhere to their knowledge

Weeks rolled into months

The torment persisted

Her mother decided to seek diabolical solutions

She started touring herbalists, shamans and juju men and spiritalists

It was all to no avail!

Eventually she decided she was relocating to their village in Ghana

She felt was better to die on familiar grounds than in a foreign land

Her mother left

The trouble bounced on her with vengeance

Nothing was working out as expected

She was always sick, she couldn’t hold down a job and she couldn’t even think of getting married

What was she going to do with her life?

One day, the storm began to rouse from within her

She could feel her entire body losing itself to it

Her head was heavy, her waist was heavy, her neck was hurting and her ears turned red

A friend saw her and made a phone call

Friend: Hello sir, I have a friend! She is dying! Please help us

The brother in Jeans and T-shirt told the friend to take the phone to her dying friend

He rebuked the storm over the phone

The following day, she called to say thank you

Then she said “I will like to see you, please, I need to be totally free”

It was arranged

He told her the truth

"The devil attacks only the powerless and the ignorant"

The brother in Jeans and T-shirt told her it was a demonic activity

She couldn’t believe it!

She had been through over hundred deliverance services

She was so sure she wasn’t possessed by a demon

It must be an affliction from that evil altar, she argued

He shrugged

He laid hands on her and it happened!

She started skipping, coughing, rolling


She couldn’t believe it

She was a born-again Christian

She attends church, Pentecostal church, diligently

Her church is notorious for deliverance services

Hands had been laid on her several times

And yet…

The movement escalated

From her legs to her head

Her head became heavy! The brother laid hands on her again!

The head became light and her waist became heavy

The brother told her to lay her own hands on her waist

He declared her freedom

She started swiveling!

She fell on her face

For the first time in seven years!

Her body was light!


He asked somebody to bring anointing oil

He anointed her with oil

He commanded her to be filled with the Holy Ghost!

She started praying in tongues

Just like that

He let her be for a while

Then he told her the good news

The affliction will never return

She was free!

He also told her she can go to Ghana and lay hands on her mother

Her mother’s romance with evil forces must stop

There is no other Name given for the salvation of mankind apart from Jesus

All other grounds must sink!

He blessed her, told her life will now move forward and upward

She would no longer waste away and she would be compensated for everything she has lost!



PS: She had a lot of questions

But he was pressed for time

She wanted to know how a born-again Christian could be demon possessed

He told her what matters was she has now been set free and filled with the Holy Spirit

There are several people possessed by demons in the church

Some of them are church leaders

The devil had given many a counterfeit gospel to preach backed by illusion

We have the word of life

The gospel has power in itself to save without human agency

Go for the gospel, read your bible as it is written!

Not as one pastor interprets it to you                

Beware of prophecies from questionable sources

If you are in any bondage, no matter how big, the gospel is sufficient

Beware of Dogs!