An Audience of One

An Audience of One

This audience I seek to please

One room I create, just for him, the one

Whose will pleases me more than life

Like awesome taste upon the palates

He gives me reasons to long for more.

I and he, dancing with fingers interlaced

Like two lovers on a stroll down the shoreline

Oblivious to the world, caught up in a world of just us two

I happily tread the road least trod, I live for just him.

His approval is my compass, a course well charted

His will is my anchor, safety assured from battering waves

He smiles at me and my heart flutters

He nudges me to go through the tempest

I'm not afraid, for he is with me always

So my eyes are fixed on him, a permanence assured by his steady love for me.

How can I care what the world thinks of me?

I've found my hunger and satisfaction in him at no fee

Each to his master, I've chosen mine

This experience gets sweeter with time like fine wine.

My audience of one.