It was the black uniform he donned at the beginning

Waking up at 5AM for drills and training

He wore his uniform with pride and joy

His road to gold was paved with black

Idealism was no match for reality

The uniform brought more of scorn than joy

How much were they being paid again?

It was nonsense

How could a decent human being be expected to survive on such a meagre pay

He needed to augment it

But how?

He had his uniform

He had his rifle

Bribery and corruption!


Even the Bible says a thief who stole food is not a thief

What he wanted to do was help his own situation!

How was that a crime?

He began to set up road blocks at obscure places

The public vehicles were the easier targets

But once in a while he would hit gold with some private cars

His salary became the bonus

Surplus to requirement!

He was so good at legal robbery, he soon became the envy of his colleagues

“How do you do it?”

“What is your secret?’

He preened and strutted like a peacock

“Smart” always puts “sweat” to work

He started his own beer parlour

He would sit there whenever he wasn’t on duty and glean information from his customers

He set up his road block one afternoon

The information he got was real

Some yahoo plus boys are going to execute a lady

All he wanted to do was catch them red handed

Use the deal to extort money from them and walk away

He had been told they would be driving a range rover sport

He saw a range rover sport

He stopped it

A lady was driving

He pulled her down

She protested

He slapped her!

It was all part of the intimidation process!

He didn’t know she had pressed a panic button in her car

She was the daughter of a top government official

The panic button was built in to alert her Father and his security detail in case of any kidnap attempt

Within minutes the Department of State Service officers stormed his roadblock

He was bundled into the booth of a vehicle

Labelled a terrorist

He was hanged upside down

Flogged and tortured

He screamed and begged

“I am a police officer of the federal republic”

They got his details

Contacted his superiors

They acknowledged that he was indeed one of them

But he was supposed to be off duty and the road block he mounted was illegal

His fellow criminals pointed at him

He was thrown into solitary confinement

Three weeks later, after much plea from his wife and family

He was released!

The police discharged him immediately

At least he had his life

He went to a “prophet”

The prophet guided him

He decided he would turn a new leaf

Serve God!

He joined a church

Became very fervent

The pastor liked him, he was very humble

Since he was unemployed and available, the pastor gave him responsibilities in the church!

He conducted himself very well

He was determined to redeem his tarnished image through his religious activities

Pastor traveled

He acted, he took over the altar

Miracles, signs and wonder everywhere

Pastor heard the news from afar

When pastor returned, pastor told him of an opportunity

“We have a mission field in Vanuatu Islands, after Australia, would you like to go?”

He jumped at the opportunity

It pays to serve the Lord

He was rushed through Bible College, School of Missions and Discipleship Classes

His paper was processed, his wife also went with him

The church took over the responsibility for his children

Their education, feeding, clothing and housing

He finally got on the streets of gold

He got to Australia, found his way to Vanuatu Islands with his wife

It really pays to serve the Lord

His salary was in dollars and the community provided his needs

What else could a man want?

But old habits die hard!

He was in hurry to make money

He had a point to prove to all those who thought he would never make it

He wasn’t sent to Vanuatu to eat “plantain chips and fish”

Prophet had given him water and oil for his journey

It was the water and oil he used in the Parish at home that made him boom suddenly

He put it to work in Vanuatu

As poor as the people were, they queued for his miracle oil and water

He eventually added soap and special deliverance services

The well rounded and delectable young ladies rushed him

He rushed them back

You only live once!


A lady came in for deliverance

He knew what she really wanted was a taste of his magic cane

He told her to take of her clothes

She did

He hammered her

Her husband heard her scream (He didn’t know she was married)

Her husband rushed in

He got the beating of his life

He was arrested

Within a week, the church stepped in

He was sent home!

The pastor couldn’t believe what he heard

What was he to do?

Should they throw him to the wolves?

No! What would Jesus do?

He was under suspension for six months

He lied and twisted the tale to all who cared to listen

He was framed! He was set-up! It was the devil! They were envying him!

He never owned up to doing anything wrong!

The pastor was transferred to another church!

The new pastor heard his sob tale

Looked at his profile

The church had spent so much on him

How could such a resource be rendered useless

He was sent back to Vanuatu, this time to another province

Within a year, he did the same thing!

He was deported!

The missions board recommended that he should be sent back to the school of missions

He needed to be helped!

He refused to yield to their recommendation

Prophet had assured him it would all blow over!

The church found itself in a jam

Throw him out and people will write all sorts

Tell the world what he really did and everybody would question their judgement

Keep him in the fold and he might start hunting the sheep

And yet he refused to be disciplined

He kept getting invitations to minister at churches

He kept honouring such

One day a letter came from the General Overseer’s office

A lady had written a petition to the General Overseer

She said “she invited him over to her house to pray

He came with his wife and one of his children

After praying for a few minutes

He told his wife and children to excuse them

Then her told her to take off her clothes

She couldn’t believe her ears but it was as if he used a charm on her

She did!

When she was completely naked

He rubbed his hands all over her body

Turned her around and hammered her!

Afterwards he asked her to hug him

He had delivered her from whatever was plaguing her!

She did!

He left!

Hours after he left, she came to herself


She had been violated against her will in her own home by this “Pastor”!

She cannot let it slide

She must make an example of him before he makes a victim of others

She told her husband

What should they do?

They had the option of taking it to the social media, the police or the church

They decided it will be best not to drag the name of the church in the mud over the conduct of one bad egg”

They wrote a petition to the General overseer!


Ps: He was investigated

He was stripped of his ordination

Dust thou art and unto the dust shalt thou return!