Green Eyed

Green Eyed

The voice in her wouldn't stop

'He is cheating on you'

'All men are cheats'

'He is sleeping around'

'A girl is chasing him'

He is a good man

He has never cheated on her

She knows where he is at any time of the day

But that voice won't stop

Always gnawing

Always whispering



She waits for him to sleep

She picks his phone

Checks Text messages

Word for word

She looks for codes

'Anagrams, connotative, denotative

Idioms, proverbs, wise sayings'

She goes to Whatsapp

New contacts, new messages

With a fine comb, she becomes CIA

Where is the collusion?


Eventually she finds something

Her eyes turn green

She wakes him up

'Who is so and so?

Why is she asking you when you will be in the office?

He gets irritated

He: 'You this woman, don't kill yourself'

She: Why are you evading the issue? Mr. Holy Husband, I knew I would catch you

She: It is a matter of time. Who is she? Answer the question

He: Let me see (He checks the phone) isn’t this your tailor? The one you said should deliver your clothes to me at the office yesterday?

She: (Checks) Oh, I saved her name as so and so on my phone.

He: Shakes his head

He: Why are you so insecure? Why are you so suspicious?

She: See you know I am very jealous by nature, it is how I am

He: You can change, you need to change, you are hurting yourself

She: God is a jealous God, I am like God, I watch jealously over what belongs to me!

One day she wakes him up, causes a big ruckus

He: Please let me sleep

She: Who did you send engagement list to on your Whatsapp? I have seen her picture and I have sent her a stinker, you will not marry a second wife in my lifetime.

He: What have you done?

She: Don't twist it?

He: I sent the list to our in-laws, the family coming to marry my younger sister, have you not been involved in the whole marriage arrangements?

She: Oh! Well, one can never be too careful nowadays

He: Apologize to that woman immediately, you have really embarrassed yourself


She: Isn't she a woman? She will understand

It got so bad she insists they must always do video calls so that she can see where he is at anytime she calls

It took five years but he eventually got weary of it

He started staying longer at the office, doing nothing...

He started lashing out at her

It was pure reflex

She grew less attractive everyday

She stopped making sense to him

When she calls, he wouldn't pick

When he is home, he wouldn't smile

Her defense was erected against external forces

Civil war caught her pants down

She got scared

Pastor, I don't understand my husband anymore

He has completely shut me out

I am no longer good enough for him

I have become one of those women whose husbands treat like pariahs

At 34, Pastor! 34!

I can’t survive like this

Pastor: Is he cheating on you?

She: I can't say

She gets home

She: Pastor wants to see you

He: You are a foolish woman, so lacking in wisdom

She: What have I said that you are insulting me? Why is it that even my shadow disgusts you nowadays?

He: You went to report me to your pastor, instead of buying wisdom!

He: You assume I am the one with a problem here?

She: So am I the one with a problem? I cook, you won’t eat. I don’t cook, you don’t notice. I call you, you won’t pick. You won’t call me. I touch you, you fling my hands away. We share a bed but i might as well be sleeping in Siberia

He: I will no longer indulge your demon called jealousy. It is either you cast it out or you marry it. And if you take too long to deal with it, i may have to deal with it for you

She: How?

He: The natural way. I will just marry another wife and you can stay or leave!


She runs to pastor.

Pastor: He has confirmed to me that he wants to marry another wife

Pastor goes home with her

He talked

Pastor talked

She talked

Pastor talked

Pastor: Does your husband check your phone?

She: No sir, but it is because he doesn't love me. I have nothing to hide

Pastor: Does your husband eavesdrop on your phone calls?

She: No

Pastor: Do you eavesdrop on his calls?

She: Yes, but it is for his own good. The women of nowadays are very subtle, they lure the very unsuspecting into their traps and he is a very simple man. i am defending him

Pastor: You must never check his phone again, you must never pick his calls, you must never eavesdrop, you must never make an issue over any conversation he is having with a third party to which he did not invite you.

Now if he gives you reason to doubt him, you can disobey me

She felt pastor took sides with her husband

She cried.

Worse still, her husband showed no tenderness towards her. He watched her cry without saying sorry or showing any emotion. It hurt her

But she listened.

She toned it down

Five years later, she was happy she listened