His elder sister moved into the flat immediately after graduating from the university

She was retained by the company she served with and moved out of a friend’s apartment thereafter to be on her own

The apartment was spacious and a good value for money

About six months after she moved in

She met her husband

He came to her company to buy some insurance and he decided she was his woman

They dated and eventually got married

Few months after their marriage

They won the America visa lottery

They had furnished the apartment to taste and didn’t want to sell off their properties

They reasoned together

He was sure he wanted the flat preserved in case they had to return home for one reason or the other

She agreed with him

They met with the landlady

They explained their decision

She was all in

As long as they pay their rent as at when due

She would be happy to let them keep the flat

They were very grateful

When they got home that night her husband told her he didn’t trust the landlady

She had pulled some crazy stunts with other neighbours that were very alarming

She was all about money

Nothing else

She considered his observations and decided she would ask her younger brother to move into the flat

Her younger brother had just graduated from the university

He was job hunting in another state

She rang him up

They spoke at length

At the end of the week, they went back to the landlady

“Madam we would like to put one of our relatives in the flat to manage our properties, as you know they would most likely just gather dust and fall into disrepair”

The landlady heard their plea

The next Friday, her younger brother moved in

The following weekend, she traveled abroad with her husband

It took him a while to get used to the city

He eventually got a good job

Unlike his sister, he was a Christian

He would wake up every night to pray (Not aloud to disturb the neighbourhood)

Two months after he moved in, the landlady sent for him

Landlady: Two servants of God are not supposed to disturb each other; this house is a good house! Isn’t it this house that your sister moved in as a spinster, got married and relocated to America?

Ask around in the neighbourhood, they will tell you all those who have lived in my house have prospered and went on to do great things in life

I will like you to please stop praying in my house

He: Mama, how do you know I pray? Do I make any noise? Do I disturb the neighbourhood in any way? I don’t understand

Landlady: Are you born again or not?

He: I am born again ma

Landlady: So why were you asking me if you were disturbing the neighbourhood? Have you seen a born again whose prayers even in his or her heart does not disturb the peace of other good and loving creatures of God? If you don’t stop praying, I will have to report you to your sister and ask them to move out or bring somebody else to live in their flat!

He: Okay ma

When he got to his flat, he started wondering what the hullabaloo was all about. God didn’t reveal anything to him. He had assumed the house was a good one because he got a job as soon as he moved in but why would a good house, with a good landlady want to outlaw his own private prayers?

Something beyond him must be going on!

He prayed that night and slept like a baby. He usually woke up to leave his flat by 5am in the morning in order to make it to the office on time. On this particular day he woke up at 6:30am

What? How come? His alarm was set but it didn’t ring out

He was usually a light sleeper, but he slept very deeply that day

He dressed hurriedly, rushed out of his flat and Wow!

He saw corn and guinea corn scattered all over the compound!


He left for work

Shockingly, he got to work before 8am and was even one of the first three to clock in

He worked until noon

During the lunch break, he laid his head on the table and saw a strange vision

His landlady was on her knees in a white wrapper.

She held a white cockerel in her left hand

A priestess stood right beside her, chanting incantations

After a few minutes the cockerel was killed

Its blood was poured all over his landlady

His landlady stood up and danced round the priestess seven times

Then she went into the local bathroom right beside the wall and had her bath

He woke up

The vision had taken a few minutes!

He was not a stranger to such fetish beliefs

He knew he had an option

He could move out of the compound or stop being a Christian

The former is the only real alternative

You cannot unborn yourself after you have been born into Christ

He asked the Holy Spirit

What do I do?

The Holy Spirit: I have made you a territorial spirit

Take over the territory for me!

He bought some quality fruits on the way home that evening

He went to his landlady’s flat, apologized for the inconveniences he had caused and dropped the fruits for her

The woman looked at him suspiciously

“I don’t want your fruit, at this point all I want is for you to move out of my house with immediate effect”

He: Mama, If I move out, my peace goes with me. It is better for us to be friends than foes!

Landlady: What do you mean by that? You will disturb my peace while you were here and disturb it even after you have left? What sort of creation did I let into my compound? How have I offended you? I don’t do evil. I know this life is a “bought to live one”. I “buy” life so that I can live in peace and until you came here, I have lived in peace and joy!

He: Mama, you have paid a steep price for the choices you have made. There is nothing like white witchcraft! Look at your life mama, your children sit in this house feeding at your table every day. Some of them are old enough to be my Uncles and Aunts. The men of marriageable age aren’t married! The woman of marriageable age are still single! If you die today, what would be their fate? You have allowed the devil to narrow your mindset into thinking as long as you are fine, the world is fine! No ma. You need to set your children free, let them fulfill their destinies, let them marry, have children. Carry your own grand children with your hands! That is greater than you buying a life while robbing your own children of a life! (He didn’t plan to say anything of such, he didn’t even know if what he said was factual or wrong, his mouth just kept moving)

The landlady looked at him!

Landlady: They didn’t tell me it would blow back on my children. I was promised it would bring me good fortune and great blessing. It wasn’t money ritual! No, it was only to appease and attract good fortune! When I took my children’s matters to them, they checked it out and told me my children have lightweight fortunes and the more they eat under my roof, the more their fortune would increase. This was over fifteen years ago. I am trying all I can to help my children!

He: You cannot buy a life that has been purchased for you already mama. Jesus paid the price so that you can live your life in fullness and in freedom. Can I show you the way ma?

Landlady: As long as it wouldn’t make all my good fortune disappear and turn me to a beggar in my old age

He: Mama, you will remain blessed, your children will be set free and you will die with joy in your heart at the right time

Landlady: Please show me

He: Jesus is the way, the truth and the life! Through him you will access the father and your story will be celebrated even in heaven

Landlady: I know about Jesus. If he would help us, I will accept him

He led land lady to Christ.

Landlady sent for her children, six of them (4 ladies ages 38, 35, 32 and 28) and two men (40 and 30 years old)

He preached the gospel to them

They were all graduates

They had good grades but their certificates were like show ponies, they never made anything tangible out of their lives

They accepted Christ!

He laid hands on them and said “Receive the Holy Ghost”

Goose pimples broke out

Tongues of fire rained heavily

He didn’t get to his flat until 2am

He counselled and taught them what to do as new believers

He told them they have glorious destinies that must shine so that the world can see them

They left fear and limitation behind in their minds

The next day he went to the office early

The testimonies started coming in that very day!

The twenty-eight-year-old lady (landlady’s last child) went to make her hair and was told of a job opening, she rushed to the place and was employed on the spot!

Within six months, the children had all improved supernaturally

The land lady was happy

One year later, three of the ladies were planning to get married

The 40 year old son travelled to America, the 38 year old had a daughter out of wedlock while in secondary, the man responsible for the pregnancy came looking for her and they reconciled

By the time the landlady died seven years later (He had already moved away from the house) she had three grandchildren and all her children had been tremendously blessed on every side


PS: This event spanned a period of 8 years (2008-2016)

Do you desire a turn around in your reality at the moment?

Stop paying lip service to your spiritual reality

Right this minute, turn to Jesus and pour out your heart! Exercise your authority and call forth your good fortune without ceasing

Decree your reality with your own mouth!

Turn your situation around!

It is up to you now!

If you are not a Christian and you are reading this, give your life to Jesus right this moment!

Say Lord Jesus, I have heard your word, I believe and confess that you gave your life for me so that I can become the righteousness of God! I surrender my life to you! I accept you as my Lord and savior. I desire to be filled with the gift of the Holy Spirit. Thank you, Father! In Jesus name I pray. Amen

I command the activities of the wicked ones around you and your homes to cease right now in Jesus name. Amen