The world has a problem of sin

The church does not

“Blessed is the man whose sin the Lord will never count against him” Romans 4:8

The scripture didn’t say the man or woman did not sin, it said “The Lord will not count sin against him”


Jesus has paid the full price for his sins, he was the Lamb of God who took away the sins of the world!

It is as if church leaders read the bible upside down!

They teach the church to be more sin conscious than to be righteousness conscious!

Righteousness is a gift!

If you receive it, it is yours forever and it makes you do the right things because it carries the DNA of God (Romans 5:17)

The Bible clearly stated that Jesus became sin so that believers can become the righteousness of God!

But some insist that even after you become a believer and the righteousness of God,

you can still somehow become unsaved and back in the world as if you were never saved

When you were a sinner there was nothing you could do to become saved unless you accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour

But when you are in Christ any little thing you do makes you unsaved and back in the world as if you were never saved

This is an error!

If you were a sinner because you were born into sin,

you are now righteous because you have been born into Christ

Some people will come with their “Common sense argument of you are giving people license to sin”

Whoever is born of God does not commit sin!

If you are a born again and you find yourself always prone to doing devilish things,

you need to ask yourself who your father is!

Are you really born of God or the devil?

By your actions, you shall know!

Yet, religious Christians (with their sin police mentality which is very ineffective if you read the newspapers,

listen to the radio or watch news all over the world) would be quick to say:

Even after you give your life to Christ you can be a sinner

Even after you have been baptized into Christ, you can still be in the world

See the havoc their common sense teaching has wrecked on the body of Christ

The church had practically lost its grip in Europe

It has been predicted that in the next 40 years the church would have become extinct in Europe


Be As He Is!


He went to the United Kingdom, the Home of the Church of England, the Wesley brothers, Charles Finney and so many other spiritual giants

Some churches had been turned to clubs, others to funeral homes


Men wanted to domesticate the spirit of God, they wanted the Holy Ghost to be a pet, answerable to their whims and caprices

They brought words together and insisted the words were sufficient for the salvation of mankind

Jesus himself told the disciples to wait until they were endued with power

The disciples were powerless without the Holy Spirit

They hid in the upper room with timidity and fear

The Holy Spirit was the one who changed the narrative

Read the book of Acts and see the transforming effect of the Holy Spirit on the church of Christ

But men are control freaks

They wanted to be in charge

They wanted to play God

The Bible was enough! Yet, they inserted their own interpretations into it so that you will not see power for what it is and threaten their human bequeathed spiritual authority

No it is not!

It is the message that we preach, the word of life in our mouth

But the Holy Spirit is the power behind the efficacy of the word

Ignore him at your own peril!

Why are church leaders scared of the Holy Spirit?

They found him to be disruptive, unpredictable and untethered

They couldn’t put a rope on his neck and ride him like a horse

They don’t want to be like Gandalf

The wizard who can summon eagles at will to do his bidden when the battle was beyond him

They don’t want to be like Elijah, bringing down the fire and the fury to show God to the world

They don’t want to be like Philip, appearing and disappearing at the whim of the Holy Ghost

They don’t want to be like Cleopas and his wife, walking to Emmaus and meeting the risen Lord

Oh no!

That would be too weird

They don’t want to speak in tongues


Talking gibberish and pretending to be spiritual?

No! No! No!! No!!!

People would persecute them

Call them lunatics

So they limited the Holy One of Israel

They became orators and motivational speakers

they fall sick and thier first stop was the doctor, not the great physician

Forgetting that believers have the power in their own bodies to cure them of all ailments, physical and spiritual

And yet, as many as received him and believed in his name, he gave the right to be called Children of God


Substitutes Aplenty 


He was posted to a country in Africa as a missionary

His ministry was small and very impactful

He was innovative and he ran his evangelistic ministry with an NGO

He provided water, bicycles, empowerment programmes and so on for the people

His evangelistic ministry was always running above budget

The missionary body that sent him to the location came for a tour

They saw all his good works

But they were uneasy

They had other missionaries all over the world

Each missionary was entitled to a certain amount as annual budget

They had donors and contributors to the mission

They have a responsibility to be accountable

They called him aside

“Sir, though we understand what you are doing, we will no longer fund it!

We want all our missionaries to operate the same way

Stick with the scriptures and teach these people how to live a better life

No more, no less”

He felt troubled in his spirit

They are cutting his budget, shrinking his dream

Couldn’t they see what he was seeing?

Didn’t they listen to the heartbeat of the Holy Spirit?

He didn’t choose to be a missionary as a career

When he was a child the Holy Spirit told him he would preach the gospel

A lady, during a prayer meeting stood up and said “I see a vision, millions of people were gathered around you and you were breaking bread to feed them. As you fed them the bread kept increasing!”

The vision and the fire of the Holy Spirit was what shaped his decision to go to the Bible School, get married and head to Africa to become a missionary!

He had thought starting off in ministry would automatically bring the vision to fulfilment but he was wrong, the number of people that came for his meetings in the beginning were very discouraging and the crowd the woman spoke about were nowhere to be found!

One night, he had a dream! In the dream he saw the map of Africa washed by the redeeming blood of Jesus and he heard a voice say “Africa shall be saved!”

The dream and the vision came to him over and over for many days

And yet, his employers were talking of cutting his budget and limiting his resources!

He went to a hotel the next day, locked himself in the room and prayed!

He needed to hear the voice of God

He needed to be sure his instinct and the Holy Spirit were aligned!

As soon as he fell on his knees, the Holy Spirit told him what to do

He immediately returned home and drafted his resignation letter

He had discovered over the years that God has substitutes

The plan of God would not be thwarted

If you say you don’t want a part of it, God would simply raise another!

He was very keen to go with God’s plan

He designed a tent and announced his first crusade

Two days to the crusade, a massive tornado blew and tore the tent to shred

He went to God, why Sir? Didn’t you say you will be with me?

The Holy Spirit said, “I will be your canopy and my power will be your tent”

The meeting was supposed to hold 30,000 people, it held 75,000 people

He had never seen the power of God move so mightily before in his life

The vision was coming to pass right in his own eyes

What a glorious God we serve!

He learnt to throw away the shackles of religion

He allowed the Holy Spirit to reign supreme over his meetings

Religious people wondered how he did it

Yet they held on to their denominational doctrines

The faith of their fathers and not the faith of “The Father”

As his ministry grew to become a blessing to the world


The Dead Church


The churches all over the world depending on their degrees and common sense are shrinking

Atheism became glorified in nations where glorious institutions of the church birthed by the church once reigned

Yet the church refused to rethink its ways

The church in Germany lost hundreds of thousands of adherents

Many cathedrals in Eastern Europe are now called “dead” churches

The churches in Africa began to sponsor missionaries all over the world

The more the church lost relevance in its traditional base

The more the Holy Spirit pushed others to established His supremacy

The Holy Spirit must lead the church or the church would be dead in no time

It is not by power or by might but by the Holy Spirit alone

As it is with the church in general

So is it with the individual tabernacles that make up the church

If you are a Christian and you are not full of the Holy Spirit

Ask yourself why?

Was it because of the phobia your denomination was scared of?

Was it as a result of the superstitions the founders of the church laid down?

Was it as a result of a doctrine aimed at keeping people in line and not at pleasing God?

Was it as a result of your parents said to you?

Was it as a result of human interpretation of the scriptures?

Know this, no truth is worth knowing but the truth as expressly written in the Bible

Read the Bible for yourself

Don’t listen to any Pope, Bishop, reverend or pastor

The Bible is available everywhere

You owe yourself the truth

Read it

Do what it says like a child

That is all you need to operate in the reality of the eternal you have in you right now and here

Do you desire to speak in tongues?

Right after you have asked the Lord Jesus to come into your heart and be your Lord and savior, ask also for the Holy Spirit to fill you.

 Don’t be rigid or anxious, it is a benevolent, warm and sweet spirit

He will overwhelm you with exceeding joy

You will be able to speak in tongues (the spirit will not move your mouth for you! You have to move it)

Once you do that, you have the ability to pray ceaselessly

You also have the drive to preach the gospel, as you preach lay your hands on the sick, bless the cursed, deliver the oppressed, speak to mountains to move and they will!

It is men that complicated the things of God

Serving God was the easiest thing to do for any man or woman

Lift up your hands right now and bless his name

You are experiencing the presence of the Holy Spirit right this minute

Break forth in tongues and singing

Hallow his Holy name

Be strengthened with might by His spirit in your inner man


If you are a Christian suffering from the yoke of oppression, walk out of that yoke right now!

If you are an unbeliever reading this, how much longer shall you stagger under the weary load of life? For how much longer shall you bear your own burden? Sin brings only judgment and death!!! Your best days as a sinner are at best full of misery!

Come to Jesus now!

Say Lord Jesus, I accept you as my Lord and savior, I surrender my life to you. Fill me with the Holy Spirit. Thank you father. In Jesus name I pray!

Congratulations! As He is so are you in this world!


- Brother in Jeans and T-Shirt