Letter From Bayelsa

Letter From Bayelsa

Good day sir,

I am an ardent follower of your stories on
both Twitter and the app. God has been using you
tremendously and I believe God will also you to
liberate me from my present predicament
I am married and my first baby on the way.
My problem is a strong addition to sexual immorality.
I stumble into porn in my early teen and it ended
up poisoning my mind. I no longer crave for normal sex.
I enjoyed Gods favour immediately after school.
I got a job a week after I finished NYSC. and was
doing fine as a young guy. But I have a feeling my
immoral act cut short my glory.
The presence of money started fueling my appetite.
I started sleeping with more than two girls at once.
I will leave work for a nearby hotel to have sex.
I have girls that supply me with as much as I want.

I was to marry a girl then. I was seeing her through
school. She confessed to having a thing for girls
but has not tried it. I looked for willing girls
and paid for both of them to have sex.
We started having a threesome.
Soon I made her start smoking ( I don’t smoke but I
like girls that do). Whenever we are going clubbing,
I will make her dress like a prostitute.
Her boobs and pant must be showing(sometimes pantless).
Once we get there she must sit in a way
to expose her pant and boobs.

I was willing to allow anyone
to have sex with her.
I have countless girls, I have all
sort of stuff with.
I can have sex with three different sets of
girls in a day.
I’m idle the next thought on my head is sex.
2015 I lost my job and she broke up with
me in 2016, after her NYSC. I Came to Lagos
and started a small job. Somehow I met d lady
I got married to.
Even as am married and broke, I still indulge
in these activities In my head. my phone is
filled with videos and pictures. Not the ones
I downloaded but the once I recorded and snapped
or that was sent to me.
I send girls money to send me a video and picture.
It was so bad that I search d net
for sex chat group and pay to join.

I was eagerly waiting to bounce back
so I can call my old girls.
Truth is I have tried a thousand time to quit but
I end up going back. I am a worker in the church.

I was a one time Parish Youth President and Zonal
Secretary and Media Department Asst.Hod ( in ph).
In Lagos, my work limited me to just a
member of the media department.
My wife has been complaining about my
always being on the phone. ]

Sometimes till 1 AM.

Until last week she stumbled upon the videos
and pictures on my phone. she was shattered and
I felt too dirty and terrible. She cried for days
with her pregnancy.
It was then I said enough is enough.

I confessed to her and God, repented, blocked and
deleted many contacts and gave her my password.
Since that day I have been praying for the renewal
of my spirit. Because I still feel the urge when alone.
Sir.i really want to be renewed. I want to experience
the power of the Holy Ghost as I have read in
your stories. I want my Glory restored.
Just like Jonah in the ship,
I have a feeling I am the cause of the storm in my life.
Right now am in a huge financial debt that will take me
all year to settle. Practically this year is over for me
How it happened is still a mystery.
Please help pray for me, sir. I want my Glory back sir.
Am eagerly waiting for your reply

PS: Sir,
Please don’t be annoyed. Is there anything I can do to prep my spirit.
Maybe scriptures to read or prayer points.
I really need an encounter with d Holy Spirit.
Thank you, sir

Good afternoon sir, I have prayed for you.

Proverbs 4: 20-22, Isaiah 6: 1-8, Ezekiel 1:4 -End,
Rev 4:1-11, Daniel 7: 9-10, Isaiah 53,
John 1: 1-18, John 3: 6-8 kindly read these
scriptures aloud for your ears to hear
you before you sleep and early in the morning
for the next three days.
Then pour out your heart before God in prayer


Good morning sir,
How was your night? I trust it was fine.
I did as was instructed. please permit
me to share my experience.
Last night after reading d scriptures,
I sang some worship song and start praying.
Before long I started having d urge to speak in tongue.
I was tensed and confused cos I have not
experienced it before.
I eventually let it out and it was coming
deep from my stomach. Unfortunately,
somehow I cut it short and I regretted it.
This morning after reading d scripture and worshipping
I have barely started praying before it took over me.
it got to a point I could not stand again.
I was shaking so I knelt on the sofa.
Soon I was on the floor.
I lost control of my tongue.
I was on the floor for a long while
groaning from the inside.
I can still fill my stomach churning
long after d prayer
But I was so conscious of the whole thing.
While speaking in tongues I was conscious of time
( scared of going to work late ), conscious of what
I was saying even though I can’t understand any of it.
I am conscious of it but lost control
until it finally stopped
Sir, does it mean I have been
baptized by the Holy Ghost?

PS: This beautiful story unfolded in the course of a week!
There are many believers who are in the chokehold
of sexual perversion, masturbation, addiction to pornography,
sexual immorality, prostitution and all sorts!
Some have done deals with demons and slept with
people with demonic influences who are
infecting many with unclean spirits!
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