As I drove through Gowon Estate, just after RCCG (Dominion Parish) to the left, I was about to make a call when I sighted a team of police men (6 of them) on check point duty.


I stopped the car just some meters from them, turn off the engine and

started calling. I was just dialing the number when one of them came from the

passenger's side to accuse me of making phone call while driving. I told him

I wasn't and that this is the reason why I parked the car. He accused me of

lying. This got me angry and I stepped out of the car, close the door and

both of us started arguing.


I stood by the driver's side of the car raging and ranting and telling the

police man what I feel about the police operation. One of them, a corporal

came from behind me and touched my shoulder saying "we are not fighting now".

Immediately, I became weak. As much as I tried talking, my mouth was not

responding. By this time, I looked around and noticed what these police men

were doing, but I could do nothing about the situation.


After a while I was instructed to enter the car and drive. By this time, 5

vehicles were already arrested, 1 jeep and 4 cars (my car inclusive). A lady

(one of the captives) was asked to sit in the front seat of my car, while the

two police men sat at the backseat of the car. Again, I wanted to complain

but again the police man touched my shoulder. This he kept doing anytime he

observes I was trying to come out of his hold.


This continued until we got to Ayobo road. Between Abesan Estate gate and

Ayobo road junction, I knew I was driving but remembered nothing. Then when

I saw a small Canaan land bus approaching, I was coming out of their grip and

the man behind me touched me again so I drove past the bus. My car stopped

twice. The first time I started it and we continued, as we approached the

bridge along Ayobo - Ota road, the car stopped for the second time. As I

tried starting the car, that was the last thing I knew.


By the time I regained consciousness, I saw myself in a thick forest with a

lot of people sitting down on the ground. We were close to 2000. There was

no house, no light, just people. The boy to my left introduced himself as

Jonathan and his younger brother John. He said he noticed I was praying

while unconscious until I became conscious. He enquired the church I attend

and I said Winner's chapel. He said he worship at RCCG in Lokoja, Kogi State. He said he was taking his brother to Osun State University to sit for the entrance examination before they found themselves in this place.


Then he brought out his handset and I collected it. I noticed there was a

bar of signal on it. So I was able to call my wife secretly and inform her

of what was happening


We were at this location from the day I made the call (which I later learnt

was Monday 28th May, 2007) for about six days. Doughnut, meat-pie, sachet

water, juice were given to those who have gained full consciousness. I

refused to take any of the things they brought and also instructed the two

brothers and another man with whom I pray not to.


While there, I remembered this was my 10th year as an in-house consultant to

the ministry. I then reminded God that this not the reward of service. I

also reminded him of my service in church, with the choir and then I said, NO

WAY, I CAN'T END UP LIKE THIS. The 4th day after I made the call, they

brought bottled juice and because we were famished, I asked my prayer

partners to take it. I prayed over it nullifying every power inside. I

pleaded the blood of Jesus over it , and then we took the juice.


On the 5th day after I made the call, they came for me. It has become a

routine. Every 40 to 50 minutes, they come to pick between 70 to 100 people

and none ever returned. But I told the other three with whom I pray, "see

ya, and I followed them." I was privileged to be amongst the people in

front. We trekked for close to 45 minutes. It was as if we were going down

a slope through a tunnel, with a wall of earth/grass on both sides. Then, we

arrived in front of a gate under the ground. The gate was opened to reveal a

neatly painted building, well lit. The painting was hypnotic. The doors,

ceiling, wall and floor of the building has the same colour.


Together with 15 others, I was ushered into the first room. I was the

seventh person. While others moved along the long unending corridor


In the room, there was this non reflective mirror on the wall and one after

the other, we were instructed to step in front of the mirror. As each person

steps in front of the mirror, in 3 to 4 seconds, his or her image appears and

the next thing is we hear the person's name. The only thing I can't tell is

who was calling the names. Then the person's image on the mirror will be

covered with blood. The person will then be directed to go through another

door, different from the door we came in from. What happens next I do not



When it was my turn, I stepped forward and positioned myself like others. I

stood in front of the mirror for about 4 minutes but my image did not appear

in the mirror. After sometime, it appeared and I saw myself inside the

mirror. I must state here that I was not scared at all.


Immediately, there was confusion. The remaining 8 people behind me were

moved out of the room and I was left there alone weak in the flesh but strong in my spirit man.


After a while 5 of our captors came into the room and one of them started asking,

who are you? What is your name? From where are you? Who is your father? To

all these questions, I gave no answer. I was just starring. They all went out again and later one of them came back to take me into another room. This time, the new room was empty. No chair, no bed, nothing, just me.


I was in this room for a long time. No food, no water, no sun, no moon, no

star, no time, just me. So I cannot say for how long I remained in the room.

Then, one day, I was just staring at the other end of the room when I saw

something like dew, like a smoke by this time my strength returned and I was fully conscious.


Not quite 5 minutes after this, the door to the room I was

flung open and standing right in front of me was a huge man, fair in complexion, has a bald head, with beards. With him were between 15 and 20 people. All of them wore red gowns.


I was on my feet as soon as the door opened. And a question and answer

session started:


MAN: who are you?


ME: and I boldly declared, I am a child of God


MAN: All of us are children of God


ME: There are some that are more real than others


MAN: What is your name?


ME: I am a child of God


MAN: From where?


ME: Canaan Land


MAN: Where?


ME: Ota.


Then he said:


MAN: A man came to warn me that if I don't let you go, In seven days, who is this man?


ME: He is my father


MAN: What is his name?


At this point, the man turned to his men and said, "I instructed you people

to mind the kind of people you bring here. Take this man away from this

place and return anything you took from him. He said "I don't want anyone

disturbing our operation here".


He was about leaving when I said, I am not the only person, we are 4. He

then asked where the rest are and I replied I don't know. He then instructed

them to release the 4 of us.


As God will have it, as I stepped out of the room, coming into the underground building are the 3 boys I left outside. I identified them and they were brought to me.


The next thing I knew again was I saw us outside the thick forest in the cold. How we got there is still a mystery. What happened between the time I identified them and the time we got to that position, I do not know. I then asked my partners to start reciting psalm 23, while I recited psalm 91. Our hands were tied together behind us before we were left in the middle of the thick forest.


As we continued in our recitations, I felt a little light shine on my face from afar. I stood my ground and asked my friends to continue. Then a voice sounded in Yoruba language "WHO ARE THOSE?" We did not answer. The light came nearer and asked the question the second time. The 4th boy with us then

started running away, leaving only 3 of us. Again, the question was asked the

3rd time and by this time, it was very close to me so I opened my eyes and

saw a figure dressed like a hunter in front of me. He then said in Yoruba

language "OH THIS PEOPLE AGAIN?" He loosened the rope on our hands, and

asked us to follow him. When we tried calling on the boy that ran off, the

hunter said we should leave him alone.


So, the hunter from that day led us through the forest for 6 nights. As

much as I tried to see his face, I could not. He smelt like incense and his

voice was like someone inside a tunnel. He only came at night and when it is

dawn, he points to the right where a hut awaits us. The 2nd night, he prepared sandals made of leaf and roots for us. By the 3rd night, the 3rd boy was so weak and hungry that he could hardly move. Then the boy said, "I am hungry" the hunter replied us saying, "YOU DID NOT ASK".


On saying this, he reached inside his bag and brought out a warm piece of roasted yam for each of us. On the 4th and 5th nights, he gave us mouth burning piece of yam each time. So we continued until we got to the main road on the 6th night and the hunter pointed to the left and said "this way is to Ibadan " and pointing to the right side he said, "this way is to Akure". He then pointed to his left for the first time in 6 days and asked us to remain in the hut until the next morning. I made sure the strange hunters' instructions were carried out to the letter.


I had started off into the hut when I remembered the piece of yam for that

night. I turned round to request and alas, the hunter had disappeared. We

turn on the hand set to discover network, so I was able to call my wife, though we did not know our location then.


By the next morning, we found out hat turning to the right the signal on the

hand set increases, we proceeded towards that direction until we arrived at

EKEJI-ILE, OSUN STATE. We went to Ayo Babalola University, told them our

story and they assisted us.