He saw himself in a classroom

The classroom was as close to white in human language

But it was more of “light” than white

He was the only student in the classroom

Or perhaps he could only see himself

The lecturer stood behind the classroom

He couldn’t see the lecturer

He heard the lecturer say

“Look at the board, can you solve the problem on it?’

He looked at the board

He saw a lot of – (minus sign) on one side of the board

The other side of the board was empty

He walked confidently to the board

What was he expected to do?

Turn the negative signs to positive!

He knew this instinctively

He counted the negative signs

They were twenty – six

He took a duster, cleaned off the twenty six (-) signs

Took the chalk and wrote thirteen positive signs

He smiled as if he had solved the greatest problem in the world

He turned and went back to his seat

The voice said, “Are you done?”

He nodded

Voice: Look at the board again

He looked

He saw that the (-) minus sign had multiplied so much the entire board couldn’t contain them


The voice said “Anytime you attempt to solve a problem without me, no matter how insignificant or mundane the problem is, you will end up creating more problems!

If you involve me in everything, I will make you a solution to the problem of mankind

If you walk in me, I will walk in you

If you work in me, I will work through you

If you will live in me and walk in me

I will shine through you, the whole world will see it and glorify me through you

The branch cannot do anything outside of the vine

I am your sustenance

Never forget that!


He woke up!

He had been caught up in a vision!

The young man in Jeans and T-shirt wrote the instruction down carefully


24th April 2008



He was reading Isaiah 6 one evening

He got curious about angels

He asked the Holy Spirit

Can I meet an angel?

I will like to talk to one

The Holy Spirit didn’t say a word

The next day, as he was driving home from work

One of his colleagues asked him for a ride

He told her to hop into the car

As they were going, they saw a woman

She was standing by the road side

A baby on her back and another child in her arms

The child in her arms was about 6 years old

He parked!

“What happened to your baby?”

“She fell down from the staircase, she is unconscious, I am rushing her to the hospital”

He carried the woman and rushed to the Hospital

Before he could park the woman had rushed out of the car into the hospital building

It took him about five minutes to get a proper parking space

He parked

He alighted from the car with his colleague

They walked into the Hospital

They greeted the nurse at the reception

“Hi, we brought a woman here just now whose baby fell down the stairs, we want to see how we can further assist her”

The nurse looked at them as if they were jesters

“I have been here all day and I have not seen any woman like that or a baby like that come in here!”

He couldn’t believe it

It was all within 5 minutes, his colleague asked that they be allowed to check the rooms

The hospital was a three storied building

They went to each room one by one

The doctor was not even on seat

The nurse insisted they cannot give a patient room without such a patient consulting with the doctor!

He couldn’t believe it

Where could the woman and her two children be?

The hospital had no record, all the nurses outside when they drove into the hospital premises said they didn’t drive in with anybody!

The nurses saw only him and his colleague!

The incident really upset him

When he got home he asked the Holy Spirit

What happened to the woman and her children?

The Holy Spirit said “You said you wanted to meet an angel, I sent you three”


Are there baby angels? He asked

“Angels can take any form on the earth! They rarely have to in order to execute their duties but when they have to take on human form, they can take on any form” Replied the Holy Spirit

Why didn’t I know? I wanted to talk to them, ask them questions

You have me, ask me all the questions you want! I have made you infinitely greater than angels! Only those yet to believe in Jesus Christ in this world are lesser than angels as said in Psalm 8. But for believers like you, “As I am, so are you in this world”


3rd March 2017



The Pastor told him soon after joining the church that they would be going to minister together at a church

The Pastor was more comfortable ministering in the local language

He was to tag along as the interpreter

He was grateful for the opportunity

You can read all the Bible you want and pray in tongues as much as you want

If you will grow in the Holy Spirit

You must be a channel through which he can reach people

You capacity cannot increase as long as you are looking out for only yourself

The more people you reach for Jesus, the more your grace multiplies

He knew this principle because the Holy Spirit explained it to him

He had been itching to minister the gospel to more people at any available opportunity

He desired to grow and he knew there was no short cut

Off to the church they went

It was a night vigil, the anointing flowed mightily

There was deliverance, healing and restoration

Words of prophecy flowed too

He met an old friend at the church where they went to minister

The friend was not impressed

“What shall we call this?” The friend said after the service

The great so and so interpreting for a semi-literate pastor

Do you have advisers at all?

Your campus fellowship was the best

Why didn’t you start a ministry and take advantage of the wind

How the mighty have fallen?”

The friend left

When he got home he was too tired to think

He slept off

Later that evening, the words of the friend came back to him

He began considering it

The Holy Spirit said “Wear your running shoes!”

He quickly obey

The Holy Spirit said “Start jogging round this estate”

He ran downstairs, perhaps the Holy Spirit wanted to show him something

As he began to run, the Holy Spirit said, “Don’t stop running until you outrun the devil’s voice in your head”

Ha! He ran and ran and ran

By the time he got back home he had forgotten he met that friend all together

The Holy Spirit congratulated him

‘I am the conductor here, I will conduct and you will sing’ Is that clear!

It was crystal clear!


9th June 2012


PS: Sometimes as students of the School of the Holy Spirit we are in a hurry to blow!

Sometimes ministry is frustrating and disappointing

Sometimes it felt as if we were battling resistance on every side and everyday

Sometimes the Holy Spirit was just too slow

Sometimes we forget we are still students and puff like graduates (You never graduate but you move from one level to the other)

Sometimes we act as if we have the solution outside of him

But if we are patient and consistent

If we persevere

If we allow him to land us at his desired point

We would be amazed at the wonders he has made of us before our own very eyes

Please keep your relationship with the Holy Spirit constant and unbroken

No matter what is happening in your life

There is nothing like right standing with God before you can relate with Him

You just persist in relating with him


Every time!


In every circumstances!

No matter how terrible where you are or what you are doing or have done, keep your relationship with the Holy Spirit intact

Your life depends on it.

That is your key to an overcoming life