The handwriting was on the wall
All of them were women
It wasn't so obvious in the beginning
She had a father and a brother
Her mother also had several younger
When she took him home he met a lot
of male folks
They acted as her people
He got married to her
Soon after he got married to her, her
father died at a relatively young age 
of fifty-five
It was quite sudden and unusual
In her father's house they enjoyed 
unusual longevity
How come her father had to die so young
Then her elder brother's wife died of
childbirth two years later
Then her cousin, whose marriage was
done a week after their own suddenly
lost her husband to an extremely violent 
He was into oil bunkering and got roasted
alive few months after his wedding
Then her aunties, all in their fifties
began to lose their husbands
It was as if the grim reaper had a covnant
with their family to keep them all single
Suddenly, he was the only one standing
He was the only living in-law
But in his wife's family tree
There are men who are alive and healthy
His wife's uncles are married and living
their lives without any problem
His wife started acting up
She would suddenly go all moody
It was always one thing or the other
with her
And all her problems had to be dumped 
on him
He didn't get it
She should be a happy wife
He doesn't cheat, gamble, drink or smoke
He was by every standard a responsible 
Why was she always nagging
Why was she always crying
What should he have done that he
didn't do
He didn't understand it
He suddenly couldn't do anything to
make her happy
Then he fell sick
The sickness came upon him suddenly
His wife had to drive him to the
hospital in the middle of the night
The doctors did a barrage of tests
It was discovered that he had liver 
He was referred to a specialist
He started undergoing treatment
Suddenly his wife's attitude changed
She wasn't moody anymore
She was not nagging him anymore
She became caring and loving
She became empathetic and considerate
The sicker he got, the more wifely
his wife became
He didn't understand it
Suddenly his wife can drive the children
to work and cope with life without
a househelp
Suddenly his wife could support the family
with her salary (Before then, his wife would
say "My mother didn't raise me to bear the
responsibility of any man, I am a help
meet not the main character")
Suddenly, his wife started brightening
and flourishing
The hospital treatment wasn't making
him any better
The doctors started talking about moving
him to India for treatment
He was given the contact of doctors in
India and his case was sent to the hospital
The doctors established communication
with him
Talking about symptoms and liver transplant
Sometimes his wife would sit in and listen
to the communication
She was always radiant
It was as if the more life ebbed out of him
The more radiant his wife became
He reached out to his friends and 
family members
He needed to raise eighteen million naira
for the surgery
They started talking about a Gofund me
He went to the hospital a few weeks later
to get some documents
He met the Brother in Jeans and T-shirt
by the stairs
He was finding it difficult to climb the 
The Brother in Jeans and T-shirt offered
his shoulder
They climbed together
They talked as they climbed
He told the Brother in Jeans and T-shirt
about his dilema
The brother in Jeans and T-shirt laid
hands on his liver and commanded
the evil spirit of darkness to leave
He comanded a total change of liver
and breathed the Holy Spirit upon him
They were in the hospital corridor for
about fifteen minutes
The brother in Jeans and T-shirt made
him say some confessions
Then he told him to walk by himself
As soon as he lifted a feet, the energy came
He started walking briskly until he began
to run
He didn't know where the energy came from
But it came at the right time
The Brother in Jeans and T-shirt told him
he had been made whole
He believed it but he had to be sure
He did some tests that day
His liver was still sick
He went home without seeing the 
doctor because the doctor was
off the premises of the hospital
Three days later he returned to the 
He was looking young and refreshed
The doctor wondered what happened to
He didnt even know what to say
He ran another set of tests
His liver had been totally healed
He knew this before the tests were done
he was no longer feeling the symptoms
He just needed to be sure
When he got home he told his wife
His wife was crestfallen
She kept asking him to do more tests
He kept saying "Are you sure?"
Her doubt was so loud and irritating
SHe claimed it was because ninety
percent of the time faith healing is 
The symptoms return after a few day, 
according to her research
The symptoms didn't return
His wife suddenly grew moody again
Suddenly the radiance he had seen in 
her face faded
She started crying and nagging over
every little thing
He didn't understand it
Shouldn't she be happy God spared
his life
He was troubled 
The more he got better the more she
threw a fit
She was quick to accuse him of all sorts
It was terrible!
One day, on his way to work
He met his wife's younger sister
She was walking to the mall
He picked her and they got talking
He wanted to know why she was still
Was it intentional or was she waiting for the
right guy to come for her
His wife's younger sister said she just
left a place of prayer
She said there was a prophecy about her
The prophecy was unpalatable
They have a pattern of not getting married
or losing their spouses to death at a young
His wife's younger sister said it was the third
time she had heard it
The previous times, the guys who wanted
to marry her told her that was what the
pastors they went to for prayer told them
They walked away
She deliberately wanted to confirm it
by hearing it with her own ears and it
was confirmed!
He didn't know what to say
He mumbled something and dropped
her off
He had his suspicions over the years
He suddenly grew weary of his marriage
If he had died of liver failure as predicted
by doctors, he would have fallen into a 
pattern of their family
He would have been gone just like that
because he married into a family where
spouses must die young
He didn't know what the realization did
to him
When he got home, he called his spouse
and told her his observation
She was shocked
It became a fight
She said he was mocking their tragedy
as a family
Does he think it is their joy to be losing
their spouses like that?
He told her he refused to be a victim
of their family's blood sucking pattern
He refused to die
That week he moved out of the house
He insisted he didn't want to be a victim
of a family pattern where spouses get
to die untimely deaths!
His wife was perplexed
She didn't see any sense in what her
husband did
Separate from her over something
so abstract
She reached out to the Brother in 
Jeans and T-shirt and explained
She wanted her husband back and if
there was indeed such a evil pattern
she wanted it broken
The Brother in Jeans and T-shirt reached
out to her husband
They talked
Her husband explained what he saw, heard
and experienced
The Brother in Jeans and T-shirt told him
even if such an evil pattern exists,
he couldn't fall prey of such an evil pattern
because he had the Holy Spirit at work in
Two weeks later, the Brother in Jeans and
T-shirt was invited to minister at the wife's 
family house  somewhere in Lagos state
He prayed with the family and blessed
them in the name of the Lord Jesus
He decreed an end to spousal death!

PS: The family was delivered
Her husband says the change was immediate
His wife's dark moods disappeared
He began to enjoy her company and
his marriage
The wife's younger sister got married soon
Two of their cousins got married too
Their marital destinies got better and better
The pattern of delay and spousal death
was eradicated

GSW's notes: If you have noticed any pattern
in your family, either of a particular sickness,
poverty, marital or in childbearing!
The power of the Holy Spirit is real
We come across such patterns in families
that had a dealing with demonic powers
which they no longer service through
worship or which they still serve and 
had struck dangerous deals with!
The name of Jesus is the key
The power of the Holy Spirit is liberty
Walk into this freedom today in the
name of Jesus

There was a pattern in the book of
Genesis 26
A pattern of digging wells and losing
these wells to contention
Isaac continued to dig and the enemy
continued to contend with him until
he got to Rehoboth
Jesus is our REHOBOTH
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at Theikos Doxa Evangelical Ministry
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Come and experience divine advantage!

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