Saving Baby Nath

Saving Baby Nath

May 14, 2019, 6:33 PM

Hello, Gbenga, i hope you are fine 
I have an issue i would like you 
to pray for me about 
Oh and my name is J****
I have been married for 9 months 
now and blessed with a 3-month-old 
baby boy his name is Nathaniel
I have a beautiful wife we are 
based in Nairobi Kenya 
Now the issue is i have been having 
an affair for about a year and I slept 
with the lady last Friday and 
according to our customs once you 
do that the baby dies ...
He is is seriously sick right now and i 
need your prayers
Please according to our traditions 
the baby dies if that happens i
dont know what I was thinking
i'm not on whatsup and i'm one of 
your readers please pray for my son

Brother Gbenga prays for Brother J****

Brother J**** (11/09/2020)

When i got home that evening 
she was had gotten home and 
the baby fever was gone completely 
She said she wanted out
I was so proud i told her she was 
free to leave
The marriage was only nine months old
but something changed that night
The Holy Spirit began to work on
my mind and the issue was resolved
I always had something heavy on me 
weighing me down, with severe 
headaches and they left that day
That child of mine turned one year and 
three months on Wednesday and he's 
such a joy to watch...
I thank God for taking away that pride 
and the headaches
My wife was getting attacked a lot and I 
used to struggle so much praying for 
her but since that day the attacks 
have seized every time i lay hands 
on her the demons always scream 
of being burned hehehe
It has taken me a year to write this but 
forgive me sir it was that pride ooh but 
it is gone now
I also have some sense of mercy 
(I dont know if its the right word) 
like whine someone is in pain I 
never used to feel anything but 
nowadays i do something was 
lifted up from my system 
....oooh and my son's name is 
God bless you sir
I forgot to add this my son had a stench 
that night i guess it was the smell 
of death but it was gone by daybreak memory was gone i couldn't 
remember anything i had talked about 
with anyone even an hour ago but 
it's back 
God is working on it
I want to thank God for all these
miracles sir
Thank you for praying with me and
giving the Holy Spirit the green light
to save my son's life through your
I don't cheat anymore, not out of
fear but because I am a child of God
God bless you sir

Isaiah 49:25
…24Can the plunder be snatched 
from the mighty, or the captives 
of a tyrant be delivered? 
25Indeed, this is what the 
LORD says: “Even the captives 
of the mighty will be taken away, 
and the plunder of the tyrant 
will be retrieved; I will 
contend with those who contend 
with you, and I will save your 
children.26I will make your 
oppressors eat their own flesh; 
they will be drunk on their own 
blood, as with wine. 
Then all mankind will know that 
I, the LORD, am your Savior and 
your Redeemer, the Mighty One 
of Jacob.”…

GSW's notes: I found this pleasant
news in my twitter DM
Glory be to God for His wonderful
works all over the world