The Pneuma and I

The Pneuma and I


I had heard about Him several times, 
often from men who wore a collar and 
preached at the pulpit.

I had experienced His power in fleeting 
moments but not well enough to boast 
of Him.

One day I sat with some friends for 
fellowship and one of them shared 
about her relationship with Him.

Her eyes lit up as she spoke. 
She spoke about Him with reverence 
but with a familiarity which I admired. 
I couldn't get enough of her stories, 
I told her I wanted to know more.

I was intrigued and longed for such 
a relationship. 

We were brought up with doctrines 
that made us believe hearing Him 
was an exclusive right to a select few. 

We believed we were not holy enough 
or righteous enough to hear from 
the Holy Spirit.

Often, we sought after people to help 
us hear from Him and tell us what the 
Spirit was saying. 
Many of them told us stories that put 
fear in our hearts rather than give us 
the comfort which the Comforter has 
to give.

We believed the negative reports 
shrouded in mystery were things the 
Spirit was saying.

Seeing an ordinary person like me talk 
about Him in that manner made me 
want to know Him in that manner also.

The next time I met her, she told us more, 
then introduced me to a song which 
talked about Him. 
I can never forget the feeling of warmth
 that flooded my heart the first time 
I listened to that song.

It was sacred delight and the beginning 
of many more intoxicating encounters 
to come.

Something burst open in my heart, a 
spring which had been been waiting to 
find an outlet for expression 
of the Spirit.

Months later, I heard about 
The Brother in Jeans and T-shirt. 
I remember that morning when my 
brother told me about the Brother 
and how he was doing exploits by 
the power of the Holy Spirit.

I went to his website, I couldn't 
stop reading. 
The stories were incredible and had 
one common feature, one consistent 
character. It was Him! 
The Holy Spirit, The one I had heard 
about and longed to encounter. 

The one who flooded my heart with 
warmth and delight. 

Slowly but surely my journey began, 
I became a Citizen of Zion. 
Then He became more real to me. 
I became more familiar with His 
leading and His promptings. 

I realized that He is available for ALL 
who believe because Jesus had 
promised that He would send Him 
to us and He did as recorded in the 
Book of John.

Over the months He has become 
my anchor, my strength, my everything. 
Nothing compares to knowing Him, 
fellowshipping with Him, feeling His 

I have seen Him show up in many 
dimensions, dimensions which I 
cannot describe with words. 

Knowing Him is revelation, it is 
light into my soul. 
Everyday He prunes me, removes 
the barnacles from my cluttered heart.

Even when I want to feel helpless 
and discouraged, He gently tugs at 
my heart and reminds me "Beloved, 
I will never leave you nor forsake you".

With Him we speak without speaking, 
we communicate with utterances and 
groaning which He understands and 
communicates to our hearts.

With Him, He embraces with and 
without a physical touch.  
With Him He comforts with or 
without speaking.

He has put a melody in my heart 
which makes me smile and sometimes 
song out loud in public places. 

Daily He makes my heart more 
tender and fills it up with peace 
and beauty which only Him can give.

I may not be where I ought to be now, 
I am definitely a work in progress but 
I do not know how I would have 
made it this far if I did not encounter 
Him in this manner in this year 2020.

He has made my steps surer, I now 
walk with blessed assurance. 
He makes me experience pneuma 
and daily my reality is being 

He is one thing and He is everything. 
He has indeed captivated my soul and 
thought me to fly without wings.

I love You Holy Spirit.

Thank You Ada, for opening my eyes 
to the reality of the person of the Holy Spirit.
Thank you Bro Gbenga for shinning 
your light and opening the path for us 
to follow.

PS: Are you a believer? 
Do you know Him? 
Your walk as a believer isn't complete 
without Him. 
You can reach out to me if you want 
to know more.