The Switch

The Switch

She counted the day she met her friend one of the best days if her life

She had been walking around campus in pursuit of signatures for her course form when a lady approached her with a bottle of water.

‘You need a drink’ she said and she did

They became friends.

They sat for exams and her friend had a GPA of 4.85

She barely made 3.2,

She studied more

Her friend even taught her some studying skills

  1. The Link Method, The Story Method
  2. The Loci Method, The Peg System
  3. Draw a Mind Map, Memory Palace
  4. At the end of the session, her friend had 4.5 CGPA
  5. She barely improved


Awards night came

Her friend was named ‘Miss Brains’

Her friend won 9 awards

Everybody clapped, she cheered

Her parents got on her case

Your friend got all the As while you got to clap

Are you Rasputin? Asked her father

So you are Aluwe and she is Bello? Quipped her mother


Guys started saying hello

But mostly to her friend

Her friend got to go to all the shows and award nights

She sometimes tag along, the extra wheel

Classmates sometimes gossip about it

The campus magazine nicknamed her ‘The Chaperone’

They said she gave her friend the DUFF effect



Her friend started a relationship

It blossomed

Suddenly she has more time to herself

Her grades improved tremendously

It was as if a dark cloud lifted

She got her groove

She sneaked into 3.7 CGPA

Had All A’s


She was totally out of the shadows

She and her friend are on second class upper

She has other friends and relationship offers

The sun was finally on her side

Her friend came to her room

Her friend: Is it true that you are using my star?

She: What!

Her friend: I thought you are a godly person, i didnt know you are a diabolical witch

She: ????

Her friend: You that could barely make a C in GES 101. You are now clocking A’s in 4 unit courses, you give speeches, win awards and you want me to believe it is ordinary? No wonder you keep avoiding me? Is it my hair or my clothes you took to make the juju? Tell me? Do you think i am afraid of you?

She was too shocked to speak

Her friend screamed until everybody heard

Called her all sorts of names

She felt the ground should swallow her up

They graduated

She got a good job

Two years later, her friend contacted her on LinkedIn

She is yet to get a job, things are tight, could she please inform her if they have an opening in her office or anywhere else?

They have an opening and she was in charge of recruitment

She considered it

She employed someone else