The Uncut Stone, the Cut Stone and the Christian

The Uncut Stone, the Cut Stone and the Christian

Lecture Module 13

The Uncut Sone, the Cut Stone and the Christian

Kindly read all these passages before proceeding to the lecture

EXODUS 31 vs 18
Exodus 32
Exodus 34
Daniel 2
Matthew 16:13-20
Matthew 21:33-44
Isaiah 28:16
Romans 9:33
Jeremiah 31:33
2 Corinthians 3:3

The desire to know God was innate!
Eternity was programmed into our DNA
So was the consciousness of God
Every human being throughout every form of civilization 
had a leaning towards serving God

Biblically, before there was any form of organized religion
men served and worshipped God or gods!

Adam did, Cain and Abel did, The Ammonites did, The Egyptians 
did, Amalekites did, Babylonians did etc

God was not a fabrication of any culture! God was at the centre
of every culture

Since Man had a desire to worship and please God and had devised
many means to do so through idolatry, sorcery and other means

It only makes sense That if there is a God, that God would
by Himself (Please note this BY HIMSELF) reveal to man 
how to worship him

Hitherto, man had been the one trying to device a means to God
But if we will really know God it had to be by His own
divine revelation without the Hand of man or any input by man
it had to be ALL GOD 

In Exodus 20:25, Deuteronomy 27:5, Joshua 8:31, God instructed
that if at any time the children of Israel will build an altar
to him, it must be an altar of uncut stones! (Meaning no human
hand must chisel or shape it! It must be as God made it! Natural)

Moses was given this opportunity when God gave him the ten commandments
it was ALL GOD and there was no hand of man in it Exodus 31:18

But then he got angry with the Israelites and broke the stone
tablets (He broke the stones not cut by human hands)

In Exodus 34, God told Him to return to the mountain but this
time he was told to cut stones (By himself) similar to the
ones he broke so that God can write on them
(Thus the second stone was a stone cut by human hand)

Even though God wrote on this stone and it was presented to Israel
it gave Moses the room to amend the law at will!

(Mark 10:5, Matthew 19:8 Jesus stated that Moses wrote
a law for Israelites because of the hardness of their hearts
even though the law was contrary to God's will)

Deuteronomy 7:3 No Israelite must marry a stranger 
but in Numbers 12, Moses himself married a Cushite woman!

Hebrews 7:19 stated clearly that the law made nothing perfect!

Hebrews 8:7 stated clearly that if the (First covenant) law had 
been faultless then there would be no reason to seek a second!

Why was the law not perfect?
Because it had the hand of man (input of man) in it!
Thus people can easily choose which part to enforce, which part to 
ignore and which part to subject to personal interpretation

As at the time Daniel was interpreting the vision of the
Babylonian King in Daniel 2, the law had already been in effect for
many generations
Why then was Daniel talking about another stone not cut with hand?
Why was Jeremiah who was a prophet to kings and A son of a priest
(Guardians and keepers of the law of Moses)
talking about a time when the law shall be written upon the human

The human heart is the stone not cut with human hand!
The Holy Spirit is the writer of the law

Remember 1 Peter 2:4-8, Hebrews 13:15 called us living stones

The Kingdom that shall have no end is the church
Made up of these individuals called Believers
It will not be a building or a tribe or a nation
It will not be a temple that can be burnt down
It will not have guardians or enforcers like the
Pharisees, Sadducees, Sanhedrins, priests, Levites
who can be biased, self-righteous and ultimately

(Levites have been scattered in Israel forever! This is 
why they cannot continue in their normal judaisical 
worships because there are no more Levites and 
there is also no temple)

But when believers are scattered they didn't die off!
They continued to grow ACTS 8:4


Because under the new covenant, the Holy Spirit is the
focus! Not the law!
By dwelling in the heart of the believer, the believer
becomes a living tabernacle and a living testament
of the reality of God!
That was why believers were called epistles!
Like "walking Christ Kind" who the world see and are 
convicted of sin and drawn to the love of God!

I know people who lost a loved one who was very dear to them.
They mourn the dead and sometimes feel like dying with the
But at the end of the day they bury the dead and they move on!
This is the reality of life

I have never seen anybody who loved his dead relative 
or spouse so much that he says "Cut out my own heart
and put the heart of the dead person in it, so that
I can keep His or heart inside of me and by so doing 
keep him or her alive by default"!

I have never seen anybody who loved his dead relative or spouse
so much that he says "Take out my brain and put his or her brain 
in my head so that I can be thinking with his or her brain while I
retain my own body! I want to do this a tribute to him or her!"

We bury the dead and we move on!

Today's church seemed to want to keep the heart 
of Judaism in the body of Christ! 
Judaism is dead!
The Kingdom of His own "dear son" is the Kingdom we belong to!
Jesus didn't give us the law
He gave us the Holy Spirit (John 14, 15, 16) and Power (Acts 1 and 2)
Why are we so fixated on the heart of a corpse
or the brain of a corpse?
The Law is dead
The first covenant gave way to the second!
We have a new eternal high priest!
But it seems Jesus is not sufficient!

I have heard the argument from many quarters
Jesus said Love the Lord your God and love your neighbour
How is that sufficient to guide a society?

To those who ask this question, I boldly reply
Countries have constitutions and laws guiding them
Jesus told us to give unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar
Obey the laws of the land you live in
Why do you need religious laws?

On Divorce
If the law of the country you live in has a provision for divorce
and remarriage and you are a believer, you will answer to the Holy
Spirit for your decisions! You will be held accountable by the
Holy Spirit if you go contrary to what he wrote on your heart
to do regarding your marriage! Remember this!

Regardless of the circumstances of your marriage, your faults
and virtues! Remember the standard of God and His Lordship!
It will be a pity if you take such things lightly as you
make up your mind to divorce

NO man will be able to judge you fairly but the judgement of the
Holy Spirit is absolute!

Make sure He is in your decision! Make sure you have exhausted every
alternative. Make sure you can stand before the judgement seat of Christ
and give a good account of your stewardship as regards your marriage

On Remarriage

Please remarry!
Make sure you have learnt from your mistakes 
Make sure you have worked on yourself and your faults
Make sure you are ready and willing to do much better
Make sure the person you want to marry has full disclosure
Do not hide anything or lie
Make sure the Holy Spirit is involved
Do not sleep around
Do not ruin other homes and marriages because you have an 
hyperactive sex drive
Do not destroy somebody else's marriage
Don't sleep with someone else's spouse
Don't infect the world with a virus of bitterness and hurt
If you have a suitor who is well transparent and 
found to be suitable
kindly remarry
If you choose to remain single, kindly stay so and be celibate
Do not remain single only to be seeking sexual satisfaction
from strange sources
If you have the custody of the children, no matter how evil the
your ex is, please do not plant seeds of anger, malice and bitterness in
the heart of the children
Do not tell them it is better to be single than to be married
Be honest
Let the children know you made a mistake and help them to learn
and grow never to repeat that mistake as they make their life choices 

On Homosexuality
Apostle Paul in his letter to the Church in the book of Romans
explained to us that Homosexuality is not natural
It is a learned behaviour 
It is demonic and it can be cured by the power of the Holy Spirit
We love all of God's creatures
We preach Christ to all
We deal with all with wisdom so that we do not become a partaker or a 
victim of their evil
We pray for all
We judge no one but ourselves and our own hearts
We have the power to cast out unclean spirits and we will exercise it
We do not wish anybody evil
We do not rejoice over the death or misfortune of anybody
In our words, deeds and attitudes, we do not drive anyone to suicide
We heal all who are oppressed by the enemy
We are Christlike in all our conducts


This is a lecture Module of the Pneuma School of the

Supernatural and Bible College!


Lecture delivered by : Gbenga Samuel-Wemimo