Making Melodies

Making Melodies

My oil
My perfume oil
In my alabaster box

I must go 
To anoint the one who loves me so 

My love I give 
Because he first loved me

My tears mixed with oil
I rub my oil, tears and hair on his feet 

I am forgiven
Restored to right standing with the Father

My oil
My perfume oil
The best of my best
Kept for the richest of my clients
Kept to dazzle and mesmerize
Kept to keep the attention, and retain 
the expectation
My wonder oil of self confidence
That helps me work the deep seams 
and broken lines
The oil that helps me cope with the 
heaves and sighs of heaviness
My perfume oil in my alabaster box

It was all I had 
My instrument of trade
When I heard Jesus was around
I had heard of the wonders of his power, 
the glory of His presence, the joy of his 
touch and the graciousness of his heart
I needed to see him
I don't know why
I needed to touch him
I needed to puncture this growing air in my chest
It is choking me
I am dying
I am losing consciousness
I need to breathe
I am drowning in my own cesspool
I need air
I need the lifeguard
I am fainting

I had to see him
But what would I say I wanted
The crowd was so much
He was in a house I wouldn't dare enter 
during the day
The owner knows me too well
But our business is secret and in the dark
What would I say I was coming into 
his house to do

Then I ran to get my perfume oil
It was my gate pass
I would tell the bouncers I had a gift 
for Jesus
I will tell the bouncers I came to 
present my yearly offering
Surely religious leaders attract great gifts
It was the best I had to offer

So off I went
Into my safe
I took the alabaster box and ran to Jesus
I told the bouncers my lie
They fell for it
The oil was too precious to turn away
Even though I didn't matter to them
The oil did!
Money did!
Money made a way for me
I stepped into the hall and saw him
I couldn't pretend anymore
His sight was healing
I felt the guilt lifting
My heart melted
Tears flowed like never before
I felt he touched me and took away all 
the pains and rejections
I felt renewed
I felt whole 

When I got to Him
I knelt and opened my box
I brought out my oil
I could feel life flowing in me
It was flowing from my heart
It was flowing from my breasts
It was flowing from my chest
I just felt light all over
I started pouring and rubbing
I drenched him in my tears
I cleaned the tears with my hair
I rubbed His feet with my life filled oil
He was life and I was dead
He made me live 
He was real and I was fading away
He made me live again
He was spirit and I was senses
I was a shadow and he is life
Somehow I am life too!
Glory to God!

I couldn't hear anything
I couldn't see anything
All I saw was Him!
I had touched God and I lived!
I was forgiven
The heavy heart was gone
The drowning waters were gone
The shame, the insecurity, the rejection, 
the hate! 
It's all gone!
Christ is my validation!
He accepted me with joy
He changed me
Nothing else counts
Christ in me

The Change

My heart was filled with despair 
My soul hungered for release 
My feeble body was bound 
The darkness threatened to overwhelm me
I saw no hope of relief 

And then I looked up and beheld his face 
I beheld his glory, the glory as of the 
only begotten of the Father
Full of grace and truth

He called my name and made me his own
I rose from the ashes to new life with him 
Free from sin, free from guilt, free from shame 
Free to live, free to give 

Oh, the joy!!The flooding of light 
The peace that fills my heart 
I am saved! I am loved, I am forgiven

Would you like to know him? 

Olufunto Phillips 
14 April 2020